I Knew You Were Trouble - A Harry Styles Fanfic

What if that one unexpected meeting, would make much trouble in your life?

This story is about Cara Moore, a 19 year-old girl living her dream to become a fashion designer. She just had a break-up with her long distance boyfriend and apparently, she still hasn't moved on. How does this cranky and strange guy she'd meet outside the pastry shop would change her life? And what if she found out that it was no other than Harry Styles of One direction?


3. Back to College (first day of crap)


*Cara's POV*

It's Monday. Apparently, I woke up with my alarm, snoozing.

"Holy bitch!" I shouted as I jumped off my bed. It's 7:30 am. I have my first class at 8. Very great Cara, Very great. I went straight ahead in the bathroom and took a quick shower, got to brush my teeth and went out. I pulled off my shirt and pants in my closet. I blow-dried my hair for about 5 minutes and put my sneakers on. My phone suddenly started beeping. Maxie messaged me and it said:

"Hey babe! I'm here at the uni! Gonna go at my first class now! Cyaa later! P.S. please don't be late! Love ya! Xx"

I hurriedly ran down the stairs with my backpack on.

"Bye Mom!" I yelled as I went off and shut the door behind me.

I rode myself to the uni with my vintage beetle car which was given to me by my uncle, Simon. I named it Joey.

"Oh Joey please hurry the fuck up we need to get there as soon as possible." I said as I managed to get it on the way.

After 20 minutes, I arrived at the uni. Finally.

I ran at the hallway up to the second floor, where my English class will be.

ROOM 244.

I stopped. Breathless.

I knocked on the door and opened it. I saw our professor and my classmates. Gaaahhh.

"Good morning! and you are?" the lady asked, welcoming me with a big smile on her face.

"Go-good morning! I'm Cara Moore." I stuttered.

"You may now take your seat Ms. Moore so I can continue my lecture." She said as she turned to face the board.

I nodded and saw Patrick. He's one my closest friends apart from Maxie. We've been friends since 1st year of college and we both get along with each other. He gestured at me to sit beside him.

"Hey Cara. Nice to see you." He said, smiling at me.

"Me too. God I was late." I said, pulling my notes on.

"Obviously." He said, winking.

Our attention suddenly turned on our professor.

"Now, I need you to look for this poem." She said, facing us.

She wrote the title on the board. "If you forget me by Pablo Neruda."

Drew suddenly crossed my mind. "If he forgets me.." I thought.

"I want you all to have a copy of the poem as this will be tackled next meeting. Okay class?" She enunciated.

All answered yes in agreement. She's not the terror type, I guess. She didn't even get mad at me coming late at class. I mean, I didn't mean to but she's just so calm like the waves in our aquarium. And she's kinda nice and young and pretty. I like her.

"Patrick, what's her name?" I whispered, looking at the lady.

"Ms. Eva Roberts." He whispered back.

"She's pretty and kinda nice, huh?" I said.

"Yea. I clearly know 'cause she's gonna be my future Juliet." Patrick said, grinning at me.

"Ohhh snaaaaap!" I teased.


After half an hour, our class dismissed. Patrick and I went to our next class. We're block mates so we sure have the same classes. After our Math and IT class, we head off to the college cafeteria to look for Maxie.

"Cara! Patrick!" Maxie called, waving at us.

We went in her direction and sat on the table.

"Hi babies! How're your classes goin?" she asked.

"Just fine. I was late at our first class. Ugh." I said, face palmed.

"Haha. Yeah. She was like half an hour late. Poor gal tss." Patrick teased.

"Shuttup you starfish!" I teased back.

"You two stop now. Let's have our lunch." Maxie said. Sure she's hungry.

After lunch, we separate our ways to our next class.

"Cyaa later Maxie!" Patrick said as he gave her a flying kiss.

"I catched it!" Maxie replied.

They are meant to be. Awwww.

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