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"You know you learn from history
To love and trust yourself to see
It's never black and white it seems
There'll be a shade of gray between." here is my story... ©


8. Chapter 8 - Sing-Song Memories


"Jackson!" I heard a faint female voice say.


"--Our daughter!"


"Get out!"

"--loved you!"

"Things change."

Things clattered and smashed then went silent.

When I finally woke up I could taste copper in my mouth and my head was pounding, it was completely dark in the house and I was still lying on the floor of the kitchen. I got up slowly and shuffled to the bathroom. I opened the bathroom door and shuffled in and looked in the mirror, I gasped at the picture staring back.

I had a long gash that started from my forehead and stoop short of my eye, there was dry blood crusted down my face and onto my lip. I turn the hot water on and washed the blood from my skin. I frowned as I finished and looked at the mark.

I walked to the kitchen and pulled my phone from my bag and rang the number that was most used in my contacts.


I closed my eyes and sighed, "Don't give me that confused tone Curly, you know exactly who this is."

"...Oh hey, um, look, this isn't a good time."

I heard a faint voice in the background call Harry's name.

Tears came to my eyes and my voice shook, "Harry please. I need you right now."

There was a pregnant silent on the other line then a loud sigh.

"Be there in a few."

Then he hung up.

I sat on the couch staring ahead, the TV was on playing Aladdin but I wasn't really paying attention, the cut on my face had split and was dribbling blood down my face. I pressed the towel next to me back up to my face; the towel was stained red with blood.

The doorbell finally rang and I stood up and walked carefully to the front door. I bumped into a few things since I couldn't see out my left eye thanks to the towel. 

I opened up the door and brought my hand holding the towel to my side as Harry stood there taking in what he was seeing. His face filled with anger, sadness and confusion my eye blurred with tears and Harry quickly pulled me into a tight hug.



Harry sat on the couch next to me staring at the cut on my face. He gave out a heavy sigh and stood up taking the stained towel off me and walked away into another part of the house. I looked down and picked at the pieces of lint on the couch.

"What's struck this up again all of a sudden?" Harry said as he sat back down and lightly placed his hand on my chin and made me face him. 

I winced as he lightly dabbed at the cut with a damp cloth and replied, "Dad's convinced himself that I'm the reason mom and him have been fighting." 

Harry nodded and didn't say anymore but continued cleaning the cut. I watched Harry and then looked down at the couch.

"I didn't mean anything I said the other day." Harry muttered as he put the cloth down and looked at me.

"Yes you did, and I understand everything you said and I'm sorry for calling you here I just didn't know who else..." I mumbled still looking at the couch.

"I'm a terrible friend."

"No you're not you dumb shit."







"I love you."

"N-wait, what?" I said looking up at Harry.

"I love you and I'm sorry for leaving you, you're the only one who treated me right and I misused our friendship and took it for granted and you shouldn't be forgiving me like this." Harry mumbled and looked down as he finished.

I stared at Harry then quickly pulled him into a hug, resting my cheek on his shoulder. 

"You're a douche and I should've ditched you like you ditched me but you're the only one I have." I mumbled into his shoulder.

"Back at you... Well the last bit." Harry mumbled back as he rested his chin on the top of my head.

"I've been wondering this for a while...” I started.


"Do you still like singing?"

"Do you still like singing?"

"Well yes, but do you?"


"Then sing."

"Only if you sing as well." 



Harry cleared his throat and started singing in his raspy voice, "Hey darling, I hope you're good tonight and I know you don't feel right when I'm leaving..."

He coughed lightly then continued, "Yeah I want it but no I don't need it, tell me something sweet to get me by."

I smiled when I realized what song he was singing.

"Cause I can't come back home till they're singing. La la la la la la la. Till everyone is singing."

He looked and me and smiled and continued, "If you can wait till I get home then I swear to you that we can make this last, if you can wait till I get home. Then I swear come tomorrow this will be all in the past and it might be for the best..."

I then realized this was my cue and I smiled back at Harry and started singing, "Hey sweetie, well I need you here tonight and I know that you don't want to be leaving. And yeah you want but I can't help it I just feel complete when you're by my side but you can't come home to everyone is sing la la la la la la la..."



I got out of bed slowly and heard the clatter of pots and pans downstairs. I quickly changed into a black long sleeve short and denim shorts.

...cause I'm fucking superwoman remember.

I quickly walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I stared at the angry red cut on my face and blew out a shaky breath. 

I turned out of the bathroom and carefully walked to the kitchen. I could hear a quiet conversation going then a muffled deep laugh. 

I furrowed my eyebrows together as I turned the corner. 

It was a fuckin burglar. Lol. Jk. Jk.

"You're up finally." Harry said as he turned to me.

I didn't say anything and just stared at Molly who was behind him.

"Oh wow, what raped you?" Molly said with disgust.

I looked down and scratched at my wrist not bothering to reply.

Of course Harry would apologize then bring her here.

I carefully turned my head up so I could watch Harry.

And he was standing there awkwardly watching Molly. 

"I'm just gonna sleep today so... There's no point in staying here." I muttered as I looked up.

Harry stared at me for a few seconds then nodded. Molly jumped off the counter and waltzed out of the kitchen. Harry walked over to me with his arms open and I stayed where I was.

"Don’t you ever bring her here again." I said bitterly.

Harry looked down and lowered his arms and stood there a few seconds then finally walked quickly out of the room.

I rubbed my eyes roughly and sat heavily down on one of the brown chairs in the dining table.

This surely isn't healthy for me.


  Chapter End Notes: first of all WOO 269 READS   Third of all Most of this was written on my phone so it's like shit and probably got a shit load of spelling errors and crap. 
 ): I'm on my 3G but when I get wifi I'll edit this chapter and add awesome shiz.

Love youz to the moon and beyond. xx


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