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"You know you learn from history
To love and trust yourself to see
It's never black and white it seems
There'll be a shade of gray between." here is my story... ©


7. Chapter 7 - Be Your Hero


I shuffled out of Spanish; I'd spoken briefly to Zayn, and had a nice light chat with Tina. But they ignored me when Rachael came around. I hitched my bag higher and walked to P.E.

I hate p.e but then again, who doesn't.

I walked to the dressing room and changed into the school's sport uniform which consisted of red shorts and a shirt with or without the grey school track suit jacket. 

I pulled on the shorts and my black singlet top, pulling the grey jacket over. I quickly sprayed deodorant over myself.

I walked out of the dressing room just as Rachael and everyone walked in laughing loudly. I zipped up my jacket, slipping my hands in. I saw Harry out of the corner of my eye and we looked at each other for a few seconds before Louis put his arm around Harry and dragged him to the boy’s dressing room.

I sat down and a bench and silently chewed on my nail as I waited. When more than half the people had changed and were having conversations among themselves the p.e couch walked up to me.

"Ander, I need a favor." He said in his deep voice.

Typical coach, calling people by their last name.

"What is it?" I said looking up at him.

"I need your help with a new student." 

I looked at him and blinked, usually Rachael looked after the new students. I nodded and stood up.

"Where are they?" I said as I stuffed my hands into my jacket pocket.

"Just outside the reception, Louis is coming with you to help. So, as soon as Louis here you two can go."

I sighed, great. But nodded anyway.


Within a few minutes Louis came lazily jogging towards me.

"We better go get the new kid then." Louis said smiling.

Louis was usually nice to me so I guess I should be grateful that Molly or Rach... Or even Harry wasn't coming.

I nodded and we walked to the reception.

When we were about half way to the reception, a question was flowing around inside my brain and I was chewing my lip forcing it not to escape.

Louis looked at the curiously and said, "What's bothering you babes?" 

I looked up and looked at Louis for a few seconds and finally sighed and said, "How's Harry doing?"

Louis seemed surprised by my question and replied eventually, his eyebrow raised, "Why don't you ask him yourself?"

I rolled my eyes and said, "We aren't friends anymore."

Louis snickered and said, "You two better make up soon, barely know you or Harry but you guys seem pretty awesome, shoving aside everything Rach says and Harry deserves someone better than Molly, he's right place is next to you." Louis finished looking at me out of the corner of his eye.

I sighed and looked at Louis and said, "I'd try to talk to him but... we said something’s to each other."

"Leave it up to me." Louis said grinning.

I smiled at him gratefully and slipped out before I could stop it, "You deserve someone far better than Rachael." 

I covered my mouth with my hands quickly and Louis laughed and said, "You're probably right but I don't know, who else is there." 

I looked at Louis, giving him a reassuring half smile and patted him arm as we continued the rest of the trip.



Louis and I walked up the steps of the reception office, Louis held the door open for me and I smiled gratefully.

Such a gentlemen…

I walked inside and Louis followed behind, I walked up to the reception desk and rang the bell once. I turned around and faced Louis who was looking at some school pictures on the wall nearby.

“Dya reckon it’s a girl or guy?” I said absently, staring into space.

“I don’t know, either way I don’t really mind.” Louis mumbled back.

There was a cough from near us and I turned around and looked at Mr. Keith walk up to Louis and me.

“Good afternoon Tomlinson, Morning Shelly.” Mr. Keith said as he gave me a look of distaste.

I raised my eyebrow at Mr. Keith and nodded at him, Louis was a bit more respectful.

But fuck it; treat people the way you want to be treated.

A tall boy with short brown hair that was slightly wavy walking in, his hands deep in his pocket.

“Louis, Shelly. This is the new boy Liam Payne.”

I gave Liam my friendliest smile and Louis gave a small wave.

“He’s got everything done and ready so if you guys could take him to the gym. Shell, he’s in most of your classes so make sure you’re there to show him around.” Mr. Keith said sternly.

Louis and I nodded and Liam hitched his backpack higher and thanked Mr. Keith. All three of us walked out of the office and I sighed in relief.

“God I hate that man.” I muttered

Louis laughed and patted my arm lightheartedly.

“Excuse me here.” Liam said quietly, Louis and I looked at Liam questionably; I gave him a small smile. “Are you two dating?”

Louis and I both looked at each other and started laughing; I looked at Liam and shook my head with a smile.

“Just good friends then?” Liam said with a confused expression.

I frowned slightly and Louis paused for a few seconds and Liam’s frown grew.

“We’re—” I started but paused then Louis finished me off,

“We aren’t necessarily friends either but we talk every now and then.”

I nodded and Liam frowned but shrugged anyway, I slowed down to walk beside him.

“Have you talked to anyone besides us?” I said looking at Liam

“I’ve met the principles daughter, but she seems a bit up herself.”

Louis chuckled as he walked if front of us.

Liam gave me a confused look ands I whispered, “That’s Louis’ girlfriend.”

Liam covered his mouth with his hand, “Crap, sorry.”

Louis looked back and gave him a cheeky grin, “Don’t worry, I’ve been told that a lot.” Louis finished giving me a quick wink which I rolled my eyes at.

Liam laughed and we made small talk the rest of the way to the gym.


As we got to the door and Louis said, “Stick with me during gym but then you’ll have to find Shell there-” I rolled my eyes and did a little wave. “-And she’ll take you to your next class, then we have Lunch then 1 other class.”

Liam nodded and Louis continued, “I’ll try to sit with you two at Lunch but I can’t promise anything.” Louis finished as he opened the door and we walked in.

Liam looked at me and said smiling, “Who else are your friends, I might need to get to know them.”

I shrugged and said, “I don’t have any friends, just get to know Louis'.”

“That’s not true, you know Zayn and Harry.” Louis said with an eye roll.

I shrugged and averted both Louis and Liam’s eyes.

“I’m gonna go now, I’ll see you after gym.” I mumbled and walked off slipping my hands into my jumper pockets and went to go see what we were doing.




I quickly changed back into my clothes and sat outside the front of the changing room and waited for Liam. Not even a minute later he walked up to me and smiled. I smiled back and stood up, slipping my bag over my shoulder.

“Liam!” I hear Rachael’s high voice yell out.

“Keep walking bud.” I said, dragging Liam behind me.

“But you don’t even know what she wants.” Liam mumbled

I sighed and let go of Liam and he looked at me and I waved my hand, dismissing him. “Go and see what she wants. I’ll meet you at Lunch, unless she wants you to sit with her and her group.”

Liam gave me a small smile and walked over to Rachael I spun on my heel and walked to English.


I shuffled inside and picked up my notebook of Mr. Wales’s desk and took my seat, placing my bag beside me. I turned to the front page and looked at the comment Mr. wrote.


Shelly, why must you talk in riddles, ha-ha, I’m trying to understand you more!
            -Your teacher, Mr. Wales.


I looked at the comment for a few seconds and closed the book. I turned my head towards the door and watched Harry walk in. He looked at me and started walking over, my breath caught in my mouth as I watched him. He stood in front of my desk and scratched awkwardly at his neck. I looked at him expectantly.

Harry sighed and said, “I need to talk to you later okay?”

I looked at him for a few seconds then nodded. Harry gave me a small, tight smile then went and grabbed his notebook and sat down.

I watched everyone trail in and wondered what Harry wanted to talk about.


Once everyone was in Mr. Wales walked up to the board and wrote: 

I looked at our topic then opened the up to the front page and quickly wrote Caring in blue pen.

I turned over to the next free page and started writing.


A Memory I’ll never forget.

(Hey Mr. W, sorry about the riddles, it’s un-intentional.)

I’ve got a few good memories, but for the sake of some sort of privacy I’m just gonna dismiss names, I hope you don’t mind sir :)

During primary me and my friend went to the park and we were like wild apes, hyper on lollipops and creaming soda. My friend had jumped into mud and splattered it all over my new skirt. We were chasing each other around throwing mud at each other without a care in the world. But then he was tripped over by a mean person and he started crying and the person was making fun of him, I had done some inappropriate things back then…
The person had run off crying and I helped my friend up and then tried my hardest to make him laugh, which he did eventually.

One of the reasons this lame story is my favorite memory is at the end of that whole thing he had said:

“You are always the strong one Shell, maybe one day it’ll be me looking after you, not the other way around. I need to be your hero once in a while.”






I put my book on the pile in the center of Mr. Wales’ desk and started walking away when Mr. Wales said,

“What happened to your face Shelly?”

I consciously put my hand to my face and said, “I was just being a klutz and tripped over and hit my face on a coffee table.”

I looked at Mr. Wales who was looking at me with a serious look. I looked back at him, after all that was pretty much true.

He sighed and waved me away. I pushed my bag higher and walked out the door. I walked to the cafeteria and sat down at an empty table and took out my container of spaghetti bolognaise. I twirled my fork around some pieces of spaghetti and the chairs across from me screeched and I looked up into emerald eyes. I blinked and furrowed my brow then looked to see who else was there and saw that it was Louis, Harry and Liam. Louis gave me an enthusiastic smile and I face palmed.

“Sit yourself down hoes.” I mumbled as I stuffed spaghetti into my mouth.

“Wonderful manners as always.” Harry said happily.

I ignored Harry’s comment and smiled at Louis and Liam, “Glad you guys could join me.”

I looked over at Harry and his smile faltered. I pang of guilt hit me and I said cheekily to Harry, “Not like you can talk Sheep.”

Harry looked at me and grinned, I passed my container over to him so he could pick pieces out of it.

Liam looked between Harry and I and laughed. I looked at him and I could feel myself blushing. I rolled my eyes and poked my tongue out at Liam. Louis was watching me and grinned. I face palmed again and then grinned back at Louis.

I want to at least have a couple of friends for 1 day.




I sat outside of school, watching Harry and Louis wave at me and walk off laughing. I looked down and smiled, Liam was sitting next to me.

“Who’re you waiting for?” I said cheerfully looking at Liam.

“I can just walk home I’m waiting for you.”

I rolled my eyes and stood up, Liam laughed and stood up as well I held my arms out to him and gave him a quick hug and said,

“It was lovely to meet you Liam; I’ll talk to you tomorrow yeah?”


I pulled back and smiled and made the journey home.



I shuffled up the front door and unlocked it, stepping inside.

“Whose there!?” I heard my dad shout.

“Relax dad it’s just me.” I shouted back.

I sighed and walked to the kitchen and placed my bag down on the counter. I felt something grab my wrist and turn me around.

I looked up and saw my dad.

“Daddy… what’re you doing?” I tried to say as calmly as possible but my voice shook.

“You ruined your mother and my life, I hope you know that.” My dad said accusingly.

I looked at my dad’s chest not replying.

“Answer me!” My dad roared, shaking me angrily

“Yes, I know, I’m sorry!” I said as tears pricked at my eyes.

“You don’t deserve to be on this planet, you did nothing but make peoples life hell.”

I closed my eyes as Harry’s words from a couple days ago swam in my mind.

I felt something prick my arm and I opened my eyes and looked down and saw that there was a large knife which had pieced my skin.

I tried to push my dad away and he shouted,

“I’m doing everyone a favor, stop!”

He pushed me back and I hit my head against the counter and my vision blurred, I saw my dad bring the knife to my face and everything swirled and became black.


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