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"You know you learn from history
To love and trust yourself to see
It's never black and white it seems
There'll be a shade of gray between." here is my story... ©


5. Chapter 5 - Considering The Signs


Zayn and I stared star stuck at Harry and Molly who were busy sucking each other’s faces off with Rachael and her pose nearby with a triumphed look on her face.

I composed myself and hurriedly picked up the cupcakes I’d dropped. I looked over to Zayn who was looking down, I opened my mouth to speak but Zayn hurried away. I gaped after him as he rounded the corner.

Stuff you. Ya pussay.

I turned back and saw Harry looking at me with a horrified expression. I crept forward, looking down and picked up the black cupcakes at their feet. I quickly darting my eyes to Harry’s emerald eyes. I winced when I saw his pitiful expression. I put the cupcake in the container and hurried to find Zayn.



~(T u T)~


When I’d finally found him the bell ending lunch rang and we wondered quietly to Spanish, along the way I handed Zayn an orange cupcake and helped myself to a grey one. I shuffled inside finishing it off then sat next to Tina who rose her eyebrow at me.

“We’re partners don’t give me that look.”

Tina rolled her eyes and her lip twitched and I had to force myself not to smirk knowing the fact I’d just made her smile.

“Empezar.” Tina muttered

“Cómo estuvo tu día.” I said giving Tina a smile.

“Bueno bueno hasta ahora, supongo, sería mejor si usted me dio una magdalena.” Tina said with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes and replied, “Usted sólo había que pedir y se me te habría dado que uno uno de ellos.” “Kay fine, I’ll have one after class thanks.”

“Okay, what colour?”


I rolled my eyes and nodded.

“What’s on with you and curly?”

“…We’re just friends.” I said cautiously.

“You sure?”  Tina said as her eyebrow rose.

I looked down and chewed my lip then looked back up and nodded.

Tina pursed her lip then shrugged and looked down before speaking again, “You don’t mind if I chill with you and Bad Boy at lunch do you?”

I looked at her suspiciously then replied, “Yeah okay… just don’t make it a regular thing.”

Tina shrugged as the bell rang.




[I recommend listening to Andrew Belle – In My Veins.]



Zayn and Tina walked on ahead of me, munching on my cupcakes as we walked to the cafeteria, I shuffled behind them and watched them bond.

 It’s probably a sign. I’m just not meant to have friends.

I sighed and looked down and continued walking, taking tiny bites of my cupcake, I walked past the popular table and saw Harry sitting with them looking down at the table picking at his piece of pizza. I looked back down and walked to the lunch line and pulled out some money from my bag and bought a slice of chocolate cake and some red jelly. I walked back to the table where Zayn and Tina were in a deep conversation. I sat down and placed my bag down next to me and started eating a piece of the cake silently, half listening to Tina and Zayn’s conversation. I finished my cake and crossed my arms on the table and placed my head into the crook of my arm and closed my eyes.








SHELLY!” Someone shouted into my ear, causing me to jump.

I looked around and saw that everyone had left and I was the only one left in the cafeteria.

Wow. Jeez, what great Fr—wait… that’s right I don’t have any friends. Almost fooled myself there.

I sighed and rubbed my eyes and looked back up and saw bright green eyes looking into my eyes I jumped again and almost off the chair. I groaned and covered my face.

“Shell, come on, schools over.” I faintly heard Harry mumble.

“Why do you care about me all of a sudden?” I spat at him as I uncovered my eyes and angrily stood up and grabbed my bag.

Harry winced then said, “Of course I care about you.”

“Could’ve fooled me.” I muttered and turned on my heel and pulled my bag over my shoulder. I walked as quickly as I could out of the cafeteria and to the hallway, I could faintly hear Harry calling out to me.

I sighed and turned around causing Harry to almost knock me over.

“Go back to your friends.” I said venomously.

Harry’s face consorted into one of hurt for a couple of seconds.

Then he muttered bitterly, “Fine, you go back to being the bitchy loner who tried to protect everyone back in primary school. Honestly, I regret becoming your friend sometimes Shelly, I don’t even know why I bothered with you, you did nothing but bring haters and shit my way, and I neverwanted that. I always did wonder why I was your friend sometimes honestly, you were always a bitch. You were a mistake that was never meant to enter my life.”

Harry scrunched his nose up in disgust at me. My mouth hung open and tears pricked at my eyes as I watched my only friend stomp away from me.


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