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"You know you learn from history
To love and trust yourself to see
It's never black and white it seems
There'll be a shade of gray between." here is my story... ©


4. Chapter 4 - Relationship Mending Cupcakes?



I walked up the stairs leading to the front of the school and saw Zayn waiting for me, I smiled at him and we made our way through the hallway, I noticed that we were getting A LOT of strange looks our way.

Zayn whispered into my ear, “Don’t worry about the looks, just keep walking.”

I nodded as we strolled to food technology and stood next to each other behind one of the benches and watched Harry and Louis stroll in laughing away. I looked down and frowned.

Well, this is a great way to start the day.  

I looked back up and saw Harry walk up to me frowning. That’s when I realized we were usually always partners, I face palmed and Zayn looked me at with a puzzled look.

I looked at him apologetically and placed my hand on his shoulder and said quietly into his ear, “I’m usually Curly’s partner, you don’t mind if we work together do you?”

I looked at Zayn hopefully, he sighed and nodded, patting me lightly on the back and walked to a spare table.  Harry shuffled over and stood beside me, I looked down, not daring to look him in the eye.

Our …chubby?  Scratch that, she’s fat as fuck. Teacher, Mrs. Tyre waddled, yes waddled. In and stood behind her desk and narrowed her beady eyes, scrutinizing each of us individually before saying, “Today we shall be making cupcakes, healthy, junky, up to you. Please don’t burn yourselves this time please Zayn.”

I looked over to Zayn who was a deep red and looked at me sheepishly; I grinned at him then turned around and pulled a serious face as I looked at Harry who was looking down fiddling with his fingers.

“What’re we making Sheep sir?” I said as I crossed my arms.

Harry looked at me out of the corner of his eye and said, “We make something awesome and random?”

I grinned and nodded, he knew me too well. Harry gave out a girlish giggle and I let out a snort and covered my mouth and we laughed together.

All is forgiven I guess.


We hurried to the supplied fridge and ingredients and grabbed a handful of cups, bowls and spoons along with random things. We half skipped half ran back to our bench laughing about everything and anything.

Harry dumped a large glass mixing bowl onto the bench and put his navy apron on and quickly preheated the oven then turned back to the bowl and held his hand out to me and said, “Flour.”

I handed him the flour and watched him opened it and pour some of it into the bowl.







“Mix- actually you can do this bit.” Harry said looking at me with a smile, I grinned back and pulled the bowl in my direction.

I plugged in the electric mixers and placed it in the bowl, turning up the speed slowly, grinning as I mixed all the ingredients together. I looked at Harry evilly as an idea came to me.

“Pass me the blue food coloring will ya?”

Harry grinned and poured at least a quarter into it, turning the mixture a bright blue. 
I stopped mixing and slowly pulled the mixers out as I turned it off. Harry pulled out the cupcake tin and cupcake cases that were multicolored, some solid colours, some with patterns. He put at least 16 solid covers in the tin, there was 2 of each colour: yellow, orange, red, pink, green, black, grey and purple... I poured a fair amount of the bright mixture into the cases then turned to the oven and opened it and let Harry place the tin inside.

“I say we leave them in for about 10-15 minutes?” Harry suggested, I looked at him and smiled, nodding.

I sat down on a bar stool and wiped my hands on my apron and looked at Harry who looked at me then sat.

“How’ve you been since yesterday?” I said giving him a weak smile.

“Good I suppose, Louis, the guy I walked in with, he’s heaps nice.” Harry said looking around for Louis.

I sighed quietly and frowned then said, “Why don’t you go find him and I’ll watch the cupcakes.”

Harry gave me a grateful smile and jumped up and wondered off. I sighed again and walked over to where Zayn was and sat down and watched him cook.

He looked up at me and I laughed and said, “You got flour on your nose.”

Zayn went cross eyed as he tried looking at it. I smiled and reached up and wiped it off. Zayn looked at me and smiled, it was then I realized how close we were and coughed awkwardly and sat back down.

“What kind of cupcakes are you making?” I said casually, trying to start up a conversation.

“Vanilla, I’m not very talented. How about you?”

I paused and thought about what it was I was making exactly then replied, “A chocolate, caramel, jam cupcake. They’re blue.”

“Sounds interesting, you’ll have to save me one.” Zayn said light heartedly.

I smiled and said cheekily, “Only if you get me on of yours.”


I smiled and patted him on the back and walked back to my bench and saw Harry still wasn’t there. I frowned and knelt in front of the oven and watched the cupcakes rise.


Eventually after 10 minutes Harry still hadn’t returned so I took the cupcakes out and let them cool, I walked over to Zayn who was waiting for his cupcakes to cook fully, I poked him lightly and he jumped then looked at me.

“Do you want to help me ice my cupcakes?” I said hopefully

“Yeah, sure.” Zayn and I walked back to the bench and I pulled out 8 small bowls.

“Got enough bowls there?” Zayn laughed.

I smiled sheepishly and said, “I’m making them different colors.”

I pulled out all of the food coloring: yellow, green, blue, red. And some icing sugar and milk. I poured some icing sugar and milk into each bowl and poured in yellow in one bowl, green in another, red, blue and red – purple, all the colours – black, well brown, little bit of blue and green – grayish?, small amount of red – pink and red and yellow.

Zayn and I mixed 4 bowls each and I stepped back when we were down and grinned in triumph, these cupcakes would be badass.

"I hate to kill the mojo you got going here but I got to get back to my cupcakes, so have fun icing them." Zayn said smiling as he stepped back. I smiled gratefully and gave him a one armed hug and let him walk away.

I walked to the supply cupboard and pulled out a spoon and knife. I walked back and pulled out two plates that were under the bench and placed the spoon and knife down and gently pulled out the cupcakes and placed one of each colour of each plate. I pulled the pink icing towards me and the two cupcakes with the pink covers and started icing and so forth with the others.

When I’d finished I cleaned up and pulled out a large container and placed my parting of the cupcakes into it. I pulled out a piece of scrap paper from my bag and a pen and wrote a quick note to Harry about the cupcakes and what not.

When I was done I slid it slightly under the plate and picked up my bag and slid it on and picked up my container and walked over to Zayn who was packing up, I waited patiently and then when he was done we walked out.








Zayn and I were rounding the corner towards the cafeteria laughing about a joke Zayn had said about Mrs. And I ran smack bang into Louis.

"Shit, sorry." Louis mumbled and helped me up.

I gave him a sheepish smile then turned to Zayn who was looking ahead, he mouth a gap with a hurt expression on his face; I turned the direction he was looking.

I dropped the container and didn't even notice as the black cupcake rolled along the ground and stopped short of their feet.

So much for Relationship Mending Cupcakes...




Love youz to the moon and beyond. x

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