Twist & Turn

"You know you learn from history
To love and trust yourself to see
It's never black and white it seems
There'll be a shade of gray between." here is my story... ©


2. Chapter 2 - High School Years


Harry stared at me; eyes squinted as I picked at my Greek salad. I looked at him; eyebrow rose.

“What’re you looking at Curly sir?” I said as I stuffed salad into my mouth.

“There’s something different about you.” Harry mumbled.  

I dyed my hair, poor boy didn’t even notice.  


I rolled my eyes and tilted my head down letting my newly dyed hair fall into my face. I looked at Harry over my lashes.

“Are you wearing new make-up for something?”

I face palmed and went back to eating my salad; I munched on a piece of cheese and watched Harry.

Harry huffed and folded his arms against his chest and looked at me.

I laughed and said, “I dyed my hair asswipe.” Harry made an ‘o’ shape and nodded slowly. “You’re so slow.” I said smiling.

Harry rolled his eyes and stole some of my food. I smacked him with my palm and dragged my container of salad closer to me.

I turned my head around as I heard the cafeteria doors open. And in waltzed Rachael and Molly, Rachael's blonde hair was in sleek waves down her back; Molly scurried behind her, her brown hair was in thick layers up to her shoulders. I rolled my eyes as their helpless boyfriends Zayn and Louis scurried after them. 

I went back to my food and looked at Harry who was busy mentally undressing them.  

Sigh, boys will be boys.  


"Keep it in your pants Curly." I said with an amused smirk as I parted cheese from greens  

I looked up and parted my hair over one shoulder and watched Rachael, her hips jutting out left, right, left, right as she walked. She was pretty, and she knew that and used it to her advantage. I huffed and shoved more greens into my mouth.   

Harry looked at me his eyebrow raised as I chewed angrily.

“Is someone jealous?” Harry said grinning I shook my head vigorously and glared at Harry, Harry shrugged still grinning.

I pushed the remains of my salad over to Harry and rested my left elbow on the table and placed my cheek on my palm.

“My mom wants to know if you’re free to come over this afternoon.” Harry said with a mouthful of food.

I scrunched up my nose at Harry’s lack of table manners then shrugged and said, “Should be fine, knowing Dad he’s probably out at the pub off his face and Mom who knows where.”

Harry nodded, understanding and said, "Come by my place after school, we'll walk home."

I nodded then played with little bits of my hair.




When the bell had finally rung Harry and I parted ways, he to English, me to Spanish.

I sighed and walked in taking my seat beside Zayn; Molly's boyfriend.

He raised his eyebrow as he watched me sit.

"Please don't look at me like that Zayn." I muttered turning my eyes in his direction. "I sit here every fucking class, build the goddamn bridge already."

Zayn face consorted into a scowl and he turned away from me and faced ahead. 

Our Spanish teacher Ms. Robbo walked in and said cheerfully, "Buenas tardes, te haces de mierda!"

We all replied in dull voices.

"Por qué trabajar aquí." I heard her mutter, I laughed slightly and said, "Because you love us ma'am."

Ms looked at me and winked then said, "clase, por favor poner sus libros y los malos a hablar a cabo hasta la asignación viene!"

We'd heard those last couple of words WAAYY too much. Assignments... Great.

Everyone let out a sigh; I leaned over and got my book out of the bag behind my seat. And waited to hear the news on my upcoming partner.




You're kidding, you're fucking kidding! Why did Ms do this to me!  
No I didn't get Zayn as a partner; I got one of Rachael and Molly's slaves: Tina.

And so far all she's done is give me pissed off, dirty looks.





I sat on the steps outside of school waiting for Harry, it was almost 5. He'd been late before but this was beyond a joke. 

Here’s our friendship shining at its brightest.


I sighed and got up. I quietly made the long snail paced trail to Harry's house

When I'd finally got there and was sitting out the front waiting for Anne or Robin or someone to open the door for me. I pulled out my drink bottle from my bag and poured the water out on the pavement beside me, making my being here. I put it back and stood up...

Just as Harry squealed up near his house. Only, this wasn't Harry's car, no... This was Rachael's.

UPLOADED again today. i'm just bored :) Love youz to the moon and beyond c:

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