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"You know you learn from history
To love and trust yourself to see
It's never black and white it seems
There'll be a shade of gray between." here is my story... ©


15. Chapter 15 - Campfire Spies

It was a new day, I had new friends, and things were going splendid. Spiffing. Brilliant. Fantabulous. aside from
the fact that I kissed my 'best friend' (?) I don't even know what we are anymore... But, then the next day he tells me to
just get over it.
Well fuck you buddy, fuck you hard.
I closed the front door and locked it, slipping the key into my pocket and started making my way to the dreading place of
"Shell bell!" Someone shouted behind me.
I cringed and turned around and saw Leslie's blonde locks coming towards me.
Holy fish it's a wig. WOT!?
Leslie stopped in front of me and smiled, "Good morning my fine dandy friend."I rolled my eyes and said, "Hello."
She eyed me and said, "You okay, you don't look too good?"
I gave her a lopsided smile and said, "Lack ofsleep."
Leslie shrugged, accepting my excuse and we made our way.
I sat at our lunch table and listened to everyone talking excitedly about a campfire that was happening tonight.
"How do you know all this?" I mumbled as I spooned through my salad.
"Harry's going with Molly and he invited Louis then Lou invited us." Diana said with a smile as she shuffled a bit closer to
I nodded my head and said, "When does it start?"
"Around 5 apparently." Louis said as he grabbed a piece of carrot from my salad.
I couldn't be bothered to glare at him so I just stared expressionlessly at him which made him smile sheepishly.
I rolled my eyes as Leslie said, "More time to get ready!"
Diana nodded her head excitedly and they both looked at me expectantly.
"...what?" I asked cluelessly.
"We're going to your house to get ready." Leslie said as of it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"Oh." I said as my eyebrows scrunched up.
"I live near you so I'll text Diana the address and we'll meet up at yours around 4." Leslie said as she pulled out her phone
and typed away.
I sighed loudly accepting my fate.
I lay sprawled across my bed as Leslie and Diana went through my wardrobe looking for something I could wear.
"Just let me wear jeans and a shirt." I pleaded as I looked at them.
"No."Both girls said as they continued.
"Then a fancy shirt!?"

"But I'm not trying to impress anyone!"
"But you need to look good."
"No I don't! I need to look comfortable!"
"Fine, but don't say we didn't warn you." Leslie said tiredly as she plopped herself in the beanbag beside my bedroom
I shrugged and got up, pulling out my outfit.
Leslie parked her car near the campfire location and Diana and herself got out of the car gracefully. I sighed and opened
the car door and got out and shoveled my hands in my jean pockets, looking around.
There were fairy lights sown around trees, they were white fading in and out gently. The large fire hadn't been lit yet, but it
wasn't necessarily dark so I could see why.
I saw a large container filled with I've that had cans ofsoda and beer. I watched Leslie ad Diana walk over to the boys
and I followed along silently.
Louis put his arm around my shoulders as I approached.
"Glad you could make it." He said with a wink.
I smiled at him and we all made our way closer to the campfire, I could start to make out music and people dancing
Niall took Diana's hand and they went over and grabbed a drink. Leslie waved goodbye to us and went over to a group
of guys and Zayn and Liam wondered off to do something. Leaving Louis and I.
"Do you want a beer?" Louis asked as he started to pull away.
I shook my head, "A coke would be brilliant though."
Louis nodded and wondered off. I looked around and spotted Rachael's group, sitting around the campfire. Harry was
sitting next to Molly and they were laughing about something.
I stared at them until Louis lightly tapped my shoulder causing me to turn and face him; he gave me a pity filled smile and
passed me a coke.
"Thanks." I said with a smile.
"It's all good. I'm gonna go watch them light the fire you coming?" Louis asked smiling back at me.
I opened my coke and out of the corner of my eye saw Molly and Harry walking away. "I'll come soon."
Louis nodded and walked over to the fire.
I waited till everyone was surrounding the fire and started walking the direction Molly and Harry went.

Yes, I know, I shouldn't have followed them since they could've been doing anything but curiosity is hard to go
against okay.
I saw Harry and Polly at a nearby park and I scurried over and squatted down behind a bush close enough that I could
hear and see them.
Molly sat down on the swings and watched Harry who was walking around aimlessly.
"What did you want to talk about?" Harry said as he looked at Molly.
"You know how I warned you that our relationship was only for popularity?" Molly said as looked over at Harry.
Harry nodded, "Yeah, that was the agreement, I go out with you, ignore Shelly and you leave her alone."
...Well, this makes a lot of sense. Insert not-amused face here.
Molly continued not facing Harry, "And we agreed that we didn't have feelings for each other?"
Harry nodded.
"Well, I have to break up with you."
"What, why?"
"Because I broke that rule."
I sat there in silence.
Well, fuck me sideways. Molly - Harry's bully has a crush on him.
Harry smiled and Molly looked at him, "What're you smiling about?"
"Knew it'd happen eventually."
Molly rolled her eyes and stood up and started walking towards Harry.
"So, when we get back, we're no longer an item." Molly said as she stood in front of Harry.
Harry nodded and Molly continued, "But I'm still telling everyone about Shelly's dad."
Harry lost his smile and stated at Molly emotionlessly.
"Because, you need to be careful with what you tell the school bitch Harry Styles." Molly smirked and she walked off,
back to the campfire.

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