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"You know you learn from history
To love and trust yourself to see
It's never black and white it seems
There'll be a shade of gray between." here is my story... ©


13. Chapter 13 - The Almighty Sheep To The Rescue!



I woke up to Harry moving around underneath me, I yawned loudly and sat up. I rubbed my back and instantly regretted falling asleep on the hard ground.

Harry groaned beside me and muttered, "Why'd we fall asleep on the ground again?" 

I giggled and got up, stretching and looking around.

Harry got up slowly and yawned and looked at me out of the corner of his eye and said sadly, "I've got to get back to my house and get ready for school."

My eyes widened and I faced him and shook my head, "No! No. No. Don't. Please." I said stumbling over words.

Harry looked at me helplessly and then nodded, I gave him a grateful smile and picked up the empty popcorn bowl and wandered down to the kitchen and saw my mum sitting at the bench lazily drinking her coffee.

"You and Harry about to leave?"

I gnawed at my lip for a few seconds then gave her puppy eyes.

She sighed then waved me away. I smiled at her then skipped back to my room.

"What exactly do you have planned for today?" Harry asked as I stepped foot into my room.

"Just go with the flow I guess..." I looked at Harry and fidgeted with the jumper I was wearing.

Harry shrugged and laid on my bed his hands behind his head.

"You can go... You don't have to stay." I mumbled.

"No, its fine I want to spend the day with you." Harry said smiling.

I nodded and then grabbed his hand and hauled him up. He gave me a questioned look.

"Stay right there." I muttered then ran to my dresser and looked through it then pulled out a shirt Harry had left one time he stayed at the house

"I believe this is yours." I said holding it up and he grinned.

I tossed the shirt to him and then turned back around and chose a dress to wear today.

"I'll go eat something so you can get changed." I heard Harry call as he closed the door behind me.

I turned around and saw the shirt he'd be wearing earlier discarded on the floor. I shrugged and quickly changed into the black dress I’d chosen. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl, a spoon and some fruit loops and poured them into the bowl and sat on the bench and started eating, looking around for Harry.

"Sorry went to take a piss." Harry said looking at me sheepishly.

"It's fine." I said around a mouthful of cereal.

Harry scrunched up his then said, "Get me any?"

"Get them yourself." I said grinning.

Harry narrowed his eyes and walked over to the cereal and grabbed a spoon and bowl and some milk and poured himself some cereal then a small amount of milk.

He sat himself down next to me and said, "Where are we going to go first?" Harry said as she shoveled some cereal into his mouth.

"Movies and fool around?" I suggested.

Harry nodded excitedly next to me as he chewed.

I smiled at him and we hurried to finish off our food.






Harry and I giggled as we hopped off the bus and speed walked to the cinema and up the steps.

“What movie are we seeing?” Harry said as we slowed down and approached the guy behind the booth selling tickets.

“A chick flick?” I suggested looking at Harry out of the corner of my eye.

“What’s that one that recently came back out?” Harry mumbled as he looked down and chewed his lip in concentration.

“The blind side?” I said as I smirked at the large poster in front of us.

“Yeah! That one.” Harry said grinning.

I smirked and nodded and walked up the guy and smiled sweetly.

“How can I help you today?” He muttered in a bored tone.

I felt my smile turn into a scowl and I said, “Two tickets to the blind side.”

He took the money I handed him and he gave us two tickets and said, “Cinema 3.”

I nodded my head and pocketed my ticket and Harry and I made our way to the foot area and quickly bought a large popcorn, a packet of Maltesers and skittles and two large cokes. We grinned at each other then hurried into the cinema and took a seat at the very back in the center. Harry grinned at me evilly and we giggled as we watched people stroll into the theatre.






I squealed as Harry and I jumped up out of our seats as two bulky security guys came towards as.

…Yeah, someone reported us.

I grabbed my drink and Harry grabbed his and we left behind all the evidence and we walked/ran out of the cinema giggling. We ducked behind a large chair and smiled at each other.

Then a held my breath when I heard two pairs of heavy footsteps walk past us. I grabbed Harry’s hand and we left our drinks and ran down the cinema steps and around the corner into a super market.

Harry looked around with wide eyes and then grinned evilly at me, he was still holding my hand and dragged me over to where the toys where and picked up to megaphones. He looked at me his eyes bright.

He quietly switched them on and whispered to me, “Act like police.”

I nodded and took the megaphone off him and scurried down the lollies isle.

There was a loud crackling sound then I heard a muffled version of Harry’s voice say, “I’ve lost him. Over.”

I started giggling then composed myself and said as seriously as I could, “I’ve just seen him! Isle 7. Over.”

Then turned off my megaphone and scurried to Isle 7.

“I’m in isle 7, he’s not here. Over.”

I turned my megaphone on and opened my mouth to say something when a grumpy voice near me said angrily, “Oi! What do you like you’re doing?”

I squealed into the megaphone and said, “Abort mission!” and started running and turned the megaphone off and chucked it onto the ground and sprinted out the door.

Harry came running out a few minutes later and took one look at me and we fell to the ground in a fit of laughter.

Harry sat up eventually but I continued laughing and wiped a tear that’d escaped my eye, I calmed down and smiled sheepishly at Harry who just smiled and shook his head at me, we stood up eventually and sat down at a bench outside one of the major markets.

“What’re we going to do now?” I said as I turned my head to face Harry.

“A contest?” Harry suggested after a few seconds.

“What kind?” I said raising my eyebrow.

“Busking.” Harry said simply.

( singing on a corner to earn money [: )

“You’re on.” I said giggling.






It was dark out and Harry and I had spent the last hour buying candy with the money we’d earned. Harry had made fun of me as he had made far more money than I had, and now we were walking around aimlessly.

“We should do something cheeky.” I suggested as we walked through a deserted park.

“What, like sneak in somewhere?” Harry said looking at me with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“Well, um, I know a club we could sneak into…” Harry mumbled.

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow; he just shrugged and led the way.


Harry and I went behind the side of the club the muted sound of music thumping; I chewed my lip nervously as Harry pushed open the door that lead to the side of the bathroom hallway.


[Listen to this to help set mood ;] - ]


The music vibrated off any and everything and Harry looked at me and grinned and said loudly into my ear, “I can get us drinks, I know the bartender.”

I nodded and hoped the alcohol would help reduce the nerves.

Harry led me to the bar and nodded and the bartender who ducked away for a few seconds and sneakily passed Harry and I two beers. He passed one to me and I watched him take a swing, slightly wincing at the burn but then smiled at me, nudging me.

It’s not like I’ve never had beer, I’d stolen some from my dad… it’s just… I don’t know.

I closed my eyes and took a large swing and let the beer slide down my throat.

Harry and I stood nearby the bar till the blood rushing through my veins took over my common sense and the music was the only thing I was really paying attention to, I walked over to the dance floor and hastily pulled the hem of my dress down and allowed the beat of the music move my body.

I felt someone move behind me and place their hands on my waist and I placed my hands on theirs and we danced the music, I turned around and my partner revealed to be Harry.

I swallowed and said leant forward and whispered into his ear, “You’re the only one I have.”

Then moved back, my pulse thumping, the music over taking my hearing and I watched my eyes wander to his lips and watched him lick them, and I mimicked them, Harry held my chin and lightly stroked my cheek; I looked up from his lips to his emerald eyes that were twinkling, his face coming in and out of my vision as the lights flashed black and white. I watched his eyes wander from my down to my lips that were slightly a gap. 

Harry started leaning towards me and said into my ear, "Close your eyes."

I allowed my eyes to shutter close and listened to my drunken pulse then felt Harry's lips press against mine.


The dreams we had, the love we shared, 
This is what we're waiting for.


Chapter End Notes:

In the amont of time i have not been on i have written 2 chapters and will post both tonight. I AM SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT. <3 Love youz to the moon and beyond. xx

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