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"You know you learn from history
To love and trust yourself to see
It's never black and white it seems
There'll be a shade of gray between." here is my story... ©


12. Chapter 12 -Contentment


I was walking back to my house when Harry started running after me, shouting my name. I stopped and sighed, spinning around.

"Jesus woman, stopped finally." Harry huffed, catching his breath.

"Harry, you can't talk to me!" I whispered sternly.

"What, why?" Harry said his eyebrows scrunched together.

"Because Molly will tell everyone about Dad!" I said angrily.

Harry frowned at me, "How the fuck would she find that out, what kind of fucked up joke is that Shell."

"Harry I'm serious." I pleaded, stepping towards him.

He stepped back and muttered, "I didn't realize you'd stoop so low, fuck." 

"Harry." I pleaded again.

Harry quickly looked around then whispered, "Your house 5 minutes." 

Then looked at me in disgust and walked over to Rachael's car. I gaped after him.

Wait... What just happened?

I sighed and pursed my lips and turned on my heel and walked the remaining way to the house.


When I was out the front I walked inside and to the kitchen and the closer I got I heard two voices talking. I froze for a few seconds waiting to see who it was then a heard a girly giggle and rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen and smiled at Harry who was talking to my mum happily.

I plopped my bag down on the counter and smiled as I watched them talk. Harry looked at me and smiled excusing himself and walking over. I smiled back and we walked to my room.

To have sex obviously.

Harry pushed open my bedroom door laughing at something my mother said then stopping short when he noticed all the pictures on the wall were gone.

...Le sigh, how'd I get myself into this?

Harry walked further into my room and looked around.

I walked in slowly, swallowing thickly.

He looked at me with hurt in his eyes, "Where are all the pictures?"

I didn't reply and scratched awkwardly at my neck.

"Where are all the pictures?" Harry repeated looking at me desperately.

I got onto my knees and crawled under my bed and pulled out a small box and stayed sitting and looked at Harry who slowly say across from me. I sighed and opened the box, revealing the torn up pictures.

"Why'd you do this?" Harry said, confused looking at me questionably.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe because my best friend was being a douche." I said sarcastically.

Harry looked down in shame and looked at the pictures.

I sighed and poured out all the pictures and said, "Want to help me put them back together?"

Harry nodded and I pulled out the sticky tape from under my bed and we got to sticking all the memories back together.




Harry and I ran up the stairs to my bedroom trying to muffle our laughter, it was almost 11pm and he was still over but I didn't mind, we'd bonded more than we had in this past week or so. 

Anne had been fine with Harry staying this late because she recon Harry and I needed to bond more, mum had gone out around 8 to do who knows what but then come back an hour later annoyed and with a massive headache and asked Harry and I to keep things down.

We shuffled/ran to my bedroom and collapsed on the floor laughing. I sighed happily and looked at the fixed newly fixed pictures that covered one of the walls. Harry and I had spent hours on the pictures, some pieces still missing; one of the pieces being Harry's head on more than 1 occasion.

Harry looked and me and smiled and sat up and took a handful of popcorn that was sitting on my bed and ate some then looked at me and motioned me to open my mouth, which I did hesitantly and watched in amusement as Harry poked his tongue out of his mouth in concentration as he tried to get the pieces of popcorn into my mouth.

When he finally did I chewed on it slowly then said, "Did you know that Louis broke up with Rachael?" 

Harry nodded and said, "Yeah, he was bubbling after he did.

I laughed and agreed then sighed and added, "He's a good guy."

"Yeah." Harry said looking at me as he leant against my bed.

I looked at him and smiled, continuing to lie on the ground. Harry picked up the popcorn and lay down beside me. I took a handful of popcorn and chucked it into the air and tried to get it to land in my mouth.


We sat like that for a while, in comfortable silence when Harry faced me and said, “I miss when things used to be like this.”

I looked at him and nodded then smiled sadly, “Things were for a bit, we just got to try and stop fighting.”

Harry smiled and said, “We just have to make sure we try really hard.”

“Will do.” I mumbled as I shuffled closer to Harry and rested my head on his chest.

I felt Harry’s body vibrate as he laughed quietly.

“What?” I said looking at him, confused.

“Remember that?” Harry said pointing to a picture above my bed that we both agreed was one of our best memories.


We ended up spending a majority of the night laughing about old memories and throwing popcorn around the room, it was like old times.

It was nice.

Goddamn, this chapter is short -__-" 
I'll be starting Chapter 13 ASAP. promise

Love youz to the moon and beyond. xx

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