Twist & Turn

"You know you learn from history
To love and trust yourself to see
It's never black and white it seems
There'll be a shade of gray between." here is my story... ©


1. Chapter 1 - Back In Junior School Years


I stomped up to the two meanies Rachael and Molly, Rachael's daddy was the principle and Molly mommy and daddy just had lots of money.

They were being mean to the new boy, his name was Henry... Harry?

Harry/Henry Barbie.


"You shouldn't be doing that." I said bravely as I stood in front of the bullies with my hands on my hips my brown hair flying everywhere.

 I was going for a superwoman look...

Rachael looked at me lazily and stopped pushing Harry off the red slide and turned around, pushing her flawless blonde hair over one shoulder with a flick of her wrist and said, "Go away you idiot."

Everyone had gasped back then, those good old days when idiot was as crude as language could get.


I felt my cheeks flush which encouraged Molly to butt in and say, "Yeah, go back to your friends. Oh wait, that's right you don't have any."


I watched Rachael smirk and anger bubbled inside my tiny body and I rushed up to Molly and pushed with my entire mite and watched her trip and fall. I puffed my chest out in triumph and then turned to Rachael who took one look at me and said, "I'm telling my Daddy!"


"Fine, you stupid fucktard." I said angrily.

Back then my parents fought a lot so I picked up ... A bit of crude language.


Rachael’s face made an 'o' shape and everyone made an 'ooooo' noise. I walked over to Harry and grabbed his hand and helped him up, dragging to my special area under a tree. Harry looked at me with fear in his eyes.


"Relax mister sheep sir. I won't hurt you." I said slowly raising my eyebrow.


"You're a meanie. I don't want to be your friend." Harry had muttered and scurried away from me. I looked down and my eyes stung with tears.

...back then that hurt. I mean hello, I just saved him from bullies and he calls me a meanie... Dumb kid.



When the bell rang signaling the end of lunch everyone scurried to line up. I stumbled up and shuffled over, swiping my brown hair out of my eyes and lining towards the end with no partner.

I was that one kid who was the loner. And I was a fucking bad ass mofo. They should've been dying to be my friend, can picture myself on a high tower blowing kisses to them as they cheered.... Got a bit carried away.


Everyone walked inside as fast as they could it was art after all. I shuffled behind and sat at a table by myself and rested my elbows on the table and placed the chin on my knuckles as I watched all the happy kids. My eyes rested on sheep who was sitting at a table by himself and had his tongue stuck out in concentration as he glued a dragon he drawn earlier onto a piece of black paper.

I'd been so occupied by Harry I didn't notice Mr. Keith.

That’s Angel dear Rachael's father


Rachael and Molly walk up to me. Mr. Keith cleared his throat catching not only mine but everyone else's attention.


"Shelly, may I talk to you please?" Mr. Keith said calmly


I swallowed and nodded stiffly. I got up from my tiny seat and shuffled to a corner of the room with Rachael, Molly and Mr. Keith behind me. I faced Mr. Keith as he knelt to down so he can look into my eyes.

Mr. Keith was a very intimidating man back in his days. He's had his time. Now he just needs to GTFO.


"Shelly, this isn't the first time I've had to talk to you about language and behavior." Mr. Keith said sternly


I looked down and nodded my eyes burning again.


"It's your third strike Shell; I've got to call your Mother now."


I shook my head quickly and pleaded, "Please don't sir, Mommy will kill me!"


"I'm sorry hon, but I've given you enough chances."


As he said that my body shook with sobs and I cried ugly, snotty tears, my vision blurry. I looked down wiping my eyes roughly. Mr. Keith and the two girls walked off and I stayed in the corner my body shaking. I was terrified; my mommy would kill me though.

I was a nightmare child, so I wasn't even kidding. I might've as well said R.I.P Shelly Ander.


I shuffled from the corner and sat at my table, everyone was whispering to each other, some laughing at my state. Out of the corner of my vision I saw something sit beside me. I looked up at saw Harry looking at me pity fully. I sighed and looked back down.


"You're strange. But crying makes people think you're silly." Harry muttered. I looked at Harry shock written on my face. Harry looked at me straight faced and said, "It's going to be my job to look after you so you don't have to look after me."




And ever since then we'd been friends. That day had been one of the worst and one of the best days of my 7 years of existence. I was thankful for this Harry character that’d walked into my life and spun it around suddenly.

He'd given me that happiness I craved.


*Cues Awwww*


:/ now you've gotta hear about my less flawless period of my life... High School.




Someone bring me some hot chocolate and marshmallows then we can start.


First Story.. I hope you like it  ^.^  Love youz to the moon and beyond...... xx

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