Best First Kiss

A girl is going to her grandparent's house in London over the summer, and along the way, she meets someone very special. PLEASE READ AND LIKE AND FAV. AND COMMENT!!


1. Surprise

"Oh my gosh! That was THE worst plane ride EVER!", I told Kimi as we went up to the door of my grandma's house. "Actually, it wasn't that bad for me." Me: "Well, hopefully Grandma will let us get some sleep before we do ANY activities." Kimi: "Yeah, hopefully." Just as I was about to knock, Grandma opened the door and TRIED to yell, "Girls! You're here early!" Me: "Early?"
But I just walked in, took off my shoes, and hugged her. "Grandma, I have the worst jet lag EVER! Could I please take a teensy tiny nap?" "Oh, of course dear! You know where everything is!" "Thanks so much Grandma!" I hugged her and ran upstairs, that was the softest bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was fast asleep.

A few hours later, I opened my eyes to find that I hadn't even bothered to take off my jacket or shoes. I got up and looked at the clock. 5:00 A.M I probably had enough time to take a shower. I stripped all my clothes and turned the water to lukewarm, stepped in, and let everything float away. As soon as I got out and dressed, I decided to make breakfast. I made eggs and bacon and rolls and sausages. At 7:00 I heard someone coming from one of the bedrooms on first floor. It was Grandma. She told me she had a surprise, and to get Kimi dressed and ready in 30 mins. I went upstairs, and pulled off the covers. "I WANT TO SEE YOU READY AND DRESSED IN 20 MINUTES!" She immediately got up, got dressed and ran out the door in exactly 20 minutes. I was actually surprised. We went out to the car and my grandma drive us to my favourite cupcake store, when we got there, we sat down and I started looking at the menu, just as I was about to say my order someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and could not believe who was standing in front of me! It was Harry Styles! I had had a crush on him since kindergarten, and then he went onto the XFactor and became a part of One Direction. My mouth dropped open. "Hi.", I said surprised. "Hello!" He said, cheerfully. "Can I talk to you?" "Umm, sure?" We walked over to the door and stood there for a minute. "I don't know if this is okay or not, but, here goes." He said as he was leaning in. His lips touched mine and instantly sparks flew. It almost felt, familiar? It felt like it had been just a second. I wish it hadn't have ended. "Woah." I said as we pulled away. "Was that a good or bad woah?", he said, sounding concerned. "Great." I said smiling. Grandma had already gotten in the car so we got in and she dropped me off at my hotel. Before I got out I wrote down something on a piece of paper, kissed Harry one more time, and slipped it in his jacket pocket. "Bye, Harry!" "Bye bumpkin!" I laughed. "I'm not awkward!" "Whatever you say!" Harry said with a smile. I walked in my hotel room to find the most horrifying thing EVER!
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