Lovers Shield.

Jordyn and Kennedy have always dreamed of meeting their favorite boyband one direction. On Jordyns 16 birthday she and her sister get tickets and backstage passes to meet the boys! They are so exited! 1D asks the girls to come to their house. Three members of the band have fallen for the girls Liam gets his girl but Niall and Harry are fighting for the same one. Who will Kennedy choose? will she go for Horan or Styles? Read this and you will find out! Hope you like it! Please, no haters!


7. This Love is a Battlefield

Kennedys (POV) desicions desicions! I cant decide! 
"whats wrong love?" jordyn started to sound like the boys. 
"umm? I think this visit has gotten you into a habbit." i laughed,
"ohhh. I know! I cant help it!" she exclaimed. 
"you should change that before we go back." before we go back. I repeated my words in my mind. Lets not think of that now. "Happy thoughts!" I murmered.
"what?" jordyn heared me. "oh nevermind" i said pacing back and forth thinking about who to love. Its so hard falling for two extremely talented, extremely hot, extremely generous, and exteremely good kissers and having to choose between them! Desicions desicions!
"well somethings up with you." my sister looked at me weird. I always thought she would be the one having to choose over boys. Not me!! Jordyns (POV) I came into the den and saw Kennedy pacing back and forth. She never paces! And when she does she is worried. 
"whats wrong love?" i asked her. 
"umm? I think this visit has gotten you into a habbit." she made fun of me. 
"oh. I know! I cant help it!" i exclaimed. It was the truth i couldnt help it. With the boys saying it every day in almost every second i got into the bad habbit. 
"happy thoughts." she just randomely said and smiled at me. We held stares for awhile hers was more of a love at first sight look and mine was like a "dude who the hell are you," kinda look
"what?" i finally asked breaking the awkward stares between us.
"oh nevermind," she quickly replied getting up to start pacing again. She looked heartbroken. I decided to talk to Louis about it he seemed to know what was going on he was always talking to her. 
"hey, Louis?" i asked knocking on his bedroom door. He was lying on his bed listening to "Little Talks," by Of Monsters and Men. 
I gave a little giggle when he jumped up.
"oh gosh! You scared the living christ out of me! What would you like love?"
"well do you know if theres something going on with Niall and Kennedy. She was just pacing and acting all weird." i started. 
"well love...its not just Niall and Kennedy, Harry is involved too..." he began telling me the story.
Louis' (POV) 
"and that is why she is pacing and acting all weird. She is stuck in between Hazza and Nialler." i finished the long story. Jordyn just blinked. Didnt say a thing. She nodded smiled, 
"thanks Lou," she thanked me leaving my room. 
"huh," i sighed, "well then," i restarted Little Talks and went back to chillaxing. 
"wait...something is missing..." i said to myself. I got up looked around the room and then stopped dead in my tracks.
"CARROTS!!!!!" i screamed. I raced to the kitchen. There Niall was sitting on the counter humming to himself. 
"so, you got yourself a beautiful girl." i said poking him. He just smiled and looked down. 
"and when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell.." i started
"you dont know your beautiful," we finished together. Zayn Harry and Liam came to see what all the yelling was about
"if only you saw what i can see you'd understand why i want you so desperately, right now im looking at you and i cant believe, you dont knoooow you dont know your beautifu..."
"uuuul, thats what makes you beautifuul!" Jordyn and Kennedy finished the song. 
"wow you two have beautiful voices!" Liam exclaimed. 
"...well mines still the sexiest." i pointed out. 
"Yes Lou!" everyone shouted. Kennedys (POV) Niall and Harry seemed tense. After we finished the song they both stepped towards me all i did was look at them. They both stopped, looked at eachother then backed up and started talking. I didnt know what was going on but i sure did know that i started it. Nialls (POV) 
"HARRY HOW COULD YOU!" I shouted. He was my best man and he had to blow me off like that! I was never going to speak to him again Kennedy was mine! 
"NIALL I DIDNT DO A THING!" he yelled back at me. 
"ooohhhhhhh. Really. Is that why we BOTH stepped to her? Why we BOTH had to kiss her. Why YOU took her to do something only god knows what?!" 
"i sang to her. Thats it i sang Little Things! Thats it thats all! Now stop accusing me of everything Niall!" 
"woah what is going on!?" Liam and Zayn pushed us away from eachother. I just glared at Harry. 
"mr. Horan here is accusing me of taking his girl!" 
" I am not!!" i screamed
We had stepped close to eachother again and we had all started yelling. Me, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis. I have never seen us fighting like this but i was so mad so i just yelled and cussed and ugh! I hate Harry!
" what are you boys doing?! Get off eachother NOW!" Kennedy screamed. I obeyed. So did the rest of us. Kennedys (POV)  They all stopped and just looked at the ground Liam was bleeding; Someone threw a punch and hit him. Jordyn took him to the bathroom to get that cleaned up. 
"i have never seen you guys act this way and surely i wont see it again right?!" i confronted. They nodded and i kept going on. 
"you boys know better! You never fight you are all best friends! Now...why are you fighting?" i asked them curiously. 
" me dont you?" Niall said stepping towards me. 
"i thought that kiss when we played would you rather, dare meant something. Like we were made for eachother you know?"
"thats how i felt when i sang to you and we kissed, i saw sparks and felt butterflies too." Harry stated glaring at Niall. 
"well the truth is, i dont like you two the way you like me you see, Niall when we kissed playing truth or dare...i didnt feel what you did, and Harry i did feel butterflies and see sparks just feels different now, okay? I do love one of you! To be honest." i confessed.
" who is it...?" Niall and Harry looked at me. 
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