Lovers Shield.

Jordyn and Kennedy have always dreamed of meeting their favorite boyband one direction. On Jordyns 16 birthday she and her sister get tickets and backstage passes to meet the boys! They are so exited! 1D asks the girls to come to their house. Three members of the band have fallen for the girls Liam gets his girl but Niall and Harry are fighting for the same one. Who will Kennedy choose? will she go for Horan or Styles? Read this and you will find out! Hope you like it! Please, no haters!


4. My First Kiss Went a Little...Like This...

 (After they ate at Nando's) Jordyns (POV) it was a good thing that mom and dad didnt expect us home untill tomorrow because by the time we were all dont eating it was like 10:30 p.m. I can tell you Niall Horan could eat anything! He was like a goat! Literally! Whatevs he was a growing man who needs to eat when he wants to. We were all sitting outside of Nando's when Louis came up with the crazy but awesome idea of us going to their house for the night! 
"well okay." Kennedy answered with the biggest grin. Kennedys (POV) WE WERE STAYING AT ONE DIRECTIONS HOUSE! Only like one of a million get this chance! The night was warm only with a small wind chill. So we decided to walk to their house. Nialls (POV) it was acctually kind of chilly but nice. I handed my jacket to Kennedy. 
"here love, put this on. You look cold." i smiled at her. She looked up at me and we seemed to keep our eyes locked on eachothers. I really had a thing for this girl and i could tell. Someone else was falling head over heels for her. I was willing to put up the fight to win her over.
"oh! Thanks, yeah it is a bit chilly tonight." she responded taking my jacket willingly. I put my arm around her and pulled her closer to me to keep her warmer. She just smiled, blushed a little, and looked down. 
"awwee look at the cute love birds," Louis Zayn and Jordyn laughed. Liam started making kissing noises and Harry just looked down turning red with anger. I knew i would get this girl. Harrys (POV) we started walking back home where i was planning to walk beside Kennedy and get to know her better. That went out the door! Niall just had to notice she was cold before i did! He was winning this girl. I am gonna keep my head high and still try. Thats what a gentle man that really cared about a girl would do. Jordyns (POV) the walk to 1D's house was long but fun! Me and Liam talked the whole way mostly about Kennedy an Niall. They were so cute together! Me and Liam got to know eachother really well. We both like alot of things! The same type of music, the same foods and drinks and alot more! I realized that the more i talked to him the more i fell for him and that was going to be a problem considering that after tonight this amazing dream would be over. Back to reality. I tried not to think about that though. I thought about the  fun night i had to spend with this amazing boy band! We got to their house and...i wasnt suprised at all at how it looked. Well i was a little suprised. It was huge! But casual nothing fancey. Nothing was pure gold or anything. It was nice! And cozy. We had a "grand tour" of where everything was and where the bathrooms were. Louis insisted that we wasted 5 minutes to look around the house. I loved his sense of humour. Louis's (POV) i had to show our guests the grand tour of our house! Every one came. Niall had his arm wrapped around Kennedy and Jordyn and Liam were walking beside eachother talking. I was showing out everything as if it were on display like at a museum. Jordyn and Kennedy laughed at how i expressed everything. But Harry wasnt his normal self. I knew he liked Kennedy and he tried everything to talk to her! But Niall was being stubborn so i decided to talk to the guy and cheer him up. I let Liam show the rest of the house while i fell back to talk to Harry. 
"whats up love? Tell lou whats wrong." i said stroking his hair.
"i think Kennedy is falling for Niall...not me." he said his words filled with pain. 
"well Hazza, you see theres a thing that i think you should try its called being 'gay'..." 
"oh lou! You are full of it!" he laughed smiling. 
"just dont let it bother you. Kay love?" i put my arms on his shoulders and looked deep into his eyes. 
"okay Lou thanks." he said with a smile. Harrys (POV) Louis made me feel a little better with his joke but not that much better. 
"Liam darling...lets show our guests the den and play a game!" Louis shouted dancing off breaking Niall and Kennedy apart. Kennedys (POV) the tour we had of the house was amazing! I payed absolutely no attention to what Louis...and partially Liam were saying i just kept my eyes locked on Niall. He kept me in his arm the whole time! I was blushing like crazy but it was a dream come true! Any other 18 year old girl would love to be in Niall Horans arms for...what seemed like forever. I seemed to glance back at Harry who was way behind us. he was looking at me. he was talking to Louis so i decided not to bother him to come up beside us. Jordyns (POV) we decided to play a game in the den we all sat down in a circle on the rug.
"so, what game are we gonna play?" Harry asked not taking his eyes off of Niall. 
"how about...would you rather, dare?" Zayn responded. 
"how on earth do you play that?!" kennedy and i exclaimed.
"well its easy," Liam said
" someone asks a would you rather question." Zayn explained
" and which ever thing you would rather do, is your dare. I'll start," he finished. 
"Liam, would you rather kiss me or Jordyn?" he asked. I blushed at the question. I wonder if he'll pick me. I hope he does. Liams (POV) of course he would ask that! 
"I would rather..." Jordyn seemed eager to know that i was going to say. "i would rather kiss Jordyn." i said proudly. Jordyn blushed like crazy but smiled.  Zayn on the other hand frowned and said
"i see how it is," he joked getting up and punching me. 
"okay so now what? Does Liam have to kiss Jordyn now? Or what?" Kennedy was confused so i just showed her what i had to do next. I leaned towards Jordyn. I could smell her sweet,  minty breath. We both closed our eyes and..Jordyns (POV)...kissed...omg i was kissing Liam Payne! My dream! Fireworks went off inside of me and millions of butterflies seemed to just be released out of a chest! It was amazing! Liams (POV) her lips were as soft as a babys skin. Fireworks danced inside of me. And millions of butterflies fluttered in the dancing fireworks. We broke apart after 5 seconds that seemed like 5 minutes. The amazing feeling was still in my head i would never forget that kiss. It was special. 
Kennedys (POV) seeing my little sister kiss the guy of her dreams was quite a sight Niall told me that Liam likes Jordyn too. I was so happy for her and i hoped that i would get the kiss of my dreams tonight. 
"okay. Its Harrys turn to ask someone now, the game goes clockwise." Zayn said patting Liam on the back. 
"okay lets see," he started to scan the circle. I had a feeling that he would ask me a question, from the way he kept his eyes on me.
"kennedy.." he said. Just what i thought.
"would you rather kiss one person in this room or kiss every person in this room...exept your sister of course." he chuckled. 
"i would rather...kiss all of you. I hate to leave people out!" i said. So i went around the room kissing all the 1D boys on the lips for like 3 seconds each. I got to Harry and smiled i leaned in and kissed him. His kiss felt...different...special...even better than Nialls. The 3 seconds were over and i smiled at him. He seemed happy. I moved on and soon enough i was done my dare. Nialls (POV) Kennedys answer to her dare wasnt what i expected but it was amazing when she kissed me!!  It was a spectacular moment! Probably the best 3 seconds of my life! Harrys (POV) i was full of gratitude when kennedy chose to kiss all of us not just Niall...well i think that she would have probably chose Niall if she chose one of us. It was a special moment. Jordyns (POV) well...Kennedy got her wish...sort of. She kissed Niall but she looked...i dont know...different when she got to Harry. A special moment for all of us! I got to kiss Liam and she got to...well...smooch Niall. 
"okay my turn!" Louis shouted. 
"one direction, would you rather fetch Lou his carrots or die because you didnt fetch Lou his carrots?" 
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