Lovers Shield.

Jordyn and Kennedy have always dreamed of meeting their favorite boyband one direction. On Jordyns 16 birthday she and her sister get tickets and backstage passes to meet the boys! They are so exited! 1D asks the girls to come to their house. Three members of the band have fallen for the girls Liam gets his girl but Niall and Harry are fighting for the same one. Who will Kennedy choose? will she go for Horan or Styles? Read this and you will find out! Hope you like it! Please, no haters!


6. Little Things

Nialls (POV) Louis was the last to wake up...which took forever! We were all sitting there untill 2:00 p.m. Waiting For him to wake up. We all woke up at 8:30 a.m. So we waited And let Lou get his beauty sleep...he needed it. Kennedys (POV) out of all people i never expected Louis Tomlison to sleep to the time he did! The rest of us woke up at a decent time but Lou had to keep sleeping. Whatevs. We watched Grease again. It was kinda nice to be in between Niall and Harry. 
"oh! Look who decided to finally come out of hibernation!" Liam joked.  Louis was finally waking up! Or so we thought. He got up. Went..i dont know where, he like went in a circle then came back, lay down, and went right back to sleep. 
"Ugh thats it!" Zayn screamed. 
"i will be back!" he bounded off to the kitchen. Liam, Harry, and Niall seemed to know what Zayn was going to do. They moved all the blankets that were around Louis, then told us to sit on the couch. 5 minutes later They all came back from the kitchen with a big...and i mean BIG. Bucket of water. I suspected it was cold considering there when the boys breathed you could see it over top of the bucket. 
"one...two..." they counted swinging the bucket back and forth.
"THREE!!!!" we all screamed. The bucket dropped and Louis screamed,
"HARRY!!!!!" he jumped up into Harrys arms and we all burst out laughing! 
"ahh you gotta love Lou's cat-like reflexes." Zayn laughed.
"thats not funny!" Louis said with a childish voice putting on a pouty lip.
"not funny at all. Now you all need to clean up the mess...and get Me carrots. harry would you be a doll and fetch Lou Bear his carrots?" Lou said looking at Harry with puppy dog eyes.
"yes my darling i will be a doll and get you carrots." Harry dropped Louis.
Jordyns (POV) Harry dropped Louis. Just dropped him! Lou got up rubbing his but mouthing 'ouch' Liam laughed and turned to me and kennedy 
"so, what would these beautiful ladies like to do today?" he asked putting an arm around me. 
" doesnt really matter."
"yeah as long as we are with you boys we are as happy as can be." i added to kennedys response. 
"well why dont we start by eating?" Niall smiled at Kennedys question. "now your talkin'." he said. So we all got up and headed to the dining room. The chef had already made a big feast for us. Bacon, ham, french toast, pancakes, carrots, all kinds of fruit, bread, and a bunch of different yogurts.
"didnt the chef go a little overboard with the food?" i asked Liam. 
"haha, no hun have you seen Niall eat?" he joked giving me a kiss on my head. I my face went red because everyone was staring at me and Liam. Kennedys (POV) Did Liam just kiss Jordyn? Omg! Are they together?! I have to ask her! I coughed a little and looked at her. She answered with the same look. THEY WERE DATING! Such a cute couple. We all stopped looking at them it must have been awkward for Jordyn to have all those weird looks she never really had a boyfriend...atleast...not a famous one! I was happy for her. 
"well then," Zayn broke the silence. 
"have you loves decided on what you want to do in the remaining hours of the day?" he asked glaring at Louis who was shoving carrots into his mouth happily. 
"well not yet." i said blushing like crazy because all eyes were on me. 
"we just wanna hang out with you." Jordyn spoke up to stop the stare-at-kennedy contest. Jordyns (POV) i spoke up to stop the staring was freaking me out. 
"i would like to take this beautiful girl for a walk in the park." Liam said taking my hand. Harry whispered something to kennedy. She smiled and nodded eagerly. (after breakfast) we all headed back to the den. We were going to wait untill evening to do...what we were going to do. Everyone was doing sonething different. Harry and Kennedy kept their mouths shut at what they were going to do though. The time finally came to go on my stroll in the park with Liam. It was 5:16 p.m. and everyone was gone doing their thing but me, Liam, Harry and Kennedy. I still didnt know what they were up to. No one did. Niall seemed pretty upset because of it too. Kennedys (POV) it was finally that time. No one but Harry and i were in the house and i was so exited to for what he was going to show me! I sat on the couch pretending to be fixing up my nails. 
"lets go!" Harry screamed grabbing my hand pulling me towards his bedroom. 
"wow!" i exclaimed looking at his room. It was so big and colorful! I looked at his wardrobe. His underwear draw was open. I covered my mouth to muffle my laugh but a giggle came out. He looked at it and quickly stood infront of the drawers. 
"so," he said leaning back to close the open drawer. 
"you ready love?" he asked
"ready for what Harry?" i asked pretending to not know what he was going to do. I smiled. He knew i knew what he was gonna do. He patted the bed. I looked at him and sat down where he told me to. He grabbed his guitar sat on the floor and started with the lyrics to 1D's song, Little Things:
Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me, but bear this in mind that it was meant to be...
Jordyns (POV) Liam took my hand and we enterlaced our fingers. I just smiled and looked at the ground. 
"when you smile at the dround it aint hard to tell you dont knooooow you dont know your beautiful." He softly sang to me. He was so romantic. I loved it. It was really embarrasing though to be walking in the park with him. The looks we got were full of jealousy. There were millions of girls that could have been in this spot but Liam Payne chose me. 
Kennedys (POV) 
"And ive just let these little things slip out of my mouth. Cuz its you oh its you, its you they add up to. And im in love with you and all these little things i wont let these little things slip out of my mouth but if its true, its you its you they add up to. Im in love with you and all your little things."
Harry finished the song. At some point, i dont know when, he came and sat on the bed beside me. 
"so, how was that?" Harry asked when he finished.
"im speechless! It was amazing! I loved it Hazza!" i said hugging him. He didnt say anything so i slowly let go of him
"can i call you that?" i asked my cheeks turning red with embarrasment. I smiled and flipped my hair to one side. 
"the way that you flip your hair gets me over whelmed..." we hummed the rest of the course. 
"of course im fine with you calling me Hazza." we looked at eachother for a moment. He touched my cheek and pushed my hair behind my cheek. I blushed. Omg, was this like in the movies when two people who really love eachother they make the dramatic kiss?! I think this was that moment! only happens for people who really love eachother. I like i  love Harry? He stroked my hair, we leaned in and kissed. I dont know if your suppoesd to see fireworks and feel one million butterflies fluttering inside but that what i saw and felt. It was amazing..i think im in love with Harry Styles...not Niall Horan. How would Niall take that? Zayn told me that Niall likes  me..wait no LOVES me.Never thought i would be having to choose between people especially one direction! Which direction should i go?   

Hey guys! I hope you like it so far. ALL RIGHTS GO TO ONE DIRECTION FOR THE LYRICS TO THE SONG LITTLE THINGS. Anyways, which direction do you think Kennedy will go? Styles or Horan? Read to find out! I will update ASAP! Comment. Like. Favorite! 
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