Lovers Shield.

Jordyn and Kennedy have always dreamed of meeting their favorite boyband one direction. On Jordyns 16 birthday she and her sister get tickets and backstage passes to meet the boys! They are so exited! 1D asks the girls to come to their house. Three members of the band have fallen for the girls Liam gets his girl but Niall and Harry are fighting for the same one. Who will Kennedy choose? will she go for Horan or Styles? Read this and you will find out! Hope you like it! Please, no haters!


8. Homeward Bound

"...L-Louis. I am in love with Lou."
"what now?" Louis dropped his carrots. 
"i am in love with Louis Tomlinson not Harry Styles or Niall Horan."
Their jaws dropped.
"WHAT?!" they exclaimed, not in a mean or rude way but...suprised. 
"He is his normal self around me. Not trying to be all cool and act like he means the world to me. And FIGHT after a little disscussion. C'mon guys this is not the 1D i grew up loving. You guys are acting childish!" my confession was made and everyones jaws were dropped open and eyes were staring. I started to feel unconfortable. 
"here love...i have been meaning to give you this," Louis walked to me and knelt down.  
"oh Lou its beautiful." i said holding my hand out. On my hand he placed...the biggest most beautiful carrot.
"oh Lou. You crack me up!" we all laughed. 
"well thats unusuall normally people propose their love with a wedding ring...not...a carrot." Liam said with a smirk. 
"well i think its beautiful, Lou, Thank" i said giving him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled and looked down. And we all broke into What Makes You Beautiful. (two days later) 
Jordyns (POV) "well then...i guess we will be going home now." i said smiling.
"now why is this lady smiling when she is leaving this guy?" Liam said with a smirk. 
I wrapped my arms around his neck.
"because i will be seeing him within the next month! We are going to be together forever!" i jumped up kissing him. He didnt kiss back. I let go. He looked around and smiled,
"We will be together for forever and one week." we laughed and he pulled me into a goodbye kiss. Kennedys (POV) i wiped the tears away from my eyes.
"why are you crying love?" Louis asked. I looked up. 
"you are the best friend i will ever meet. All of you are!" I hugged them and we had this big long group hug. It was kinda like a football huddle...only ten times better and alot more...squishy. Me and my sister jumped into our taxi and waved our goodbyes. 
"see you later alligators!" Zayn shouted. "in awhile crocodile" we responded. Slowly the taxi pulled away. And we were heading home. 
"look at what i put in the picture frame you gave me." it was a picture of all of us and the band we all looked so happy. 
"oh. Thats nice," i murmered looking out the window. 
"why are you crying sis?" we are gonna see them in like a month on tour! Arent you exited?" jordyn asked.
"im exited for that...and much much more." I cried hugging her thinking of the many things more to come.

Hey guys soooo how did you like it?! I hope you did! Im going to be coming out with a sequel soon...maybe tomorrow...i dont know some time! What should happen in it? Tell me what you think. Anyways yeah tell your friends, like, comment, FAVORITE!!! Thanks! Bye!
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