Lovers Shield.

Jordyn and Kennedy have always dreamed of meeting their favorite boyband one direction. On Jordyns 16 birthday she and her sister get tickets and backstage passes to meet the boys! They are so exited! 1D asks the girls to come to their house. Three members of the band have fallen for the girls Liam gets his girl but Niall and Harry are fighting for the same one. Who will Kennedy choose? will she go for Horan or Styles? Read this and you will find out! Hope you like it! Please, no haters!


1. Her perfect, blonde, leprechaun

Jordyns (POV)  "oh my gosh! oh my gosh! oh my gosh!"
My first ever one direction concert was tonight at seven! My parents got me three tickets and back stage passes for me and my big sis.  I was so exited! 
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Soooooo much!! You guys are my favorite parents in the world!"
"hah! And your only ones," my mom chuckled. 
"right, so you have two hours to get ready i expect you to clean our room, the bathrooms, help your sister with her homework and...feed the fish" dad joked. I knew he was joking because my parents room was spick and span (mom was a clean freak)  we only had one bathroom, my sister, Kennedy, was like 2 grades ahead of me! No possible way i could do her homework! And...we didnt have a fish...i dont know where dad came up with that! 
"right dad! I love you." i walked over to him and gave him a kiss. I ran upstairs skipping them two by two. 
Jordyns Moms (POV) me and Jeremy gave Jordyn her birthday present and the expression on her face was unbearable! 
"oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" Jordyn said. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Soooooo much!! You guys are my favorite parents in the world!"
"hah! And your only ones," i chuckled. Jeremy tried fooling Jordyn but i dont think it worked out so well. 
"right, so you have two hours to get ready i expect you to clean our room, the bathrooms, help your sister with her homework and...feed the fish" he joked. 
"right dad! I love you." she said with a kiss and ran upstairs. I think she liked her present especially since she had backstage passes and could meet the 1D boys. I was exited for her but the band wasnt my favorite. Though i have to say Harrys British accent was quite adorable if i say so myself. Jordyns (POV) i decided to tell Kennedy the exiting news before i got ready. 
"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Kennedy screamed. She was in love with the 1D boys just as much as i was. 
"OMG! I finally get to meet. My..." 
"perfect blonde leprechaun." we finished together. She always called Niall her perfect blonde leprechaun because..well he was perfect, and Irish. I always thought it would be offencive to be called a leprechaun but thats just me. Niall might have a different opinion on being called a little greenish elf. 
"Oh! Your present! I almost forgot!" she exclaimed.
"well its understandable that you could forget your 16 year old sisters birthday when you just find out that you get to meet the boys of your dreams!" I joked with a grin. She handed me a medium sized box with one direction wrapping. I opened the card. And 50 bucks flew out. Wow i have to admit this present was awesome and i only opened the card! I read the card said 'thanks' then tore into the box. Inside was a one direction fan t-shirt, a one direction picture frame (great for tonight) and a necklace with that said 1D. 
"awwe thanks Kendal." i said, my words full of gratitude. 
"call me that one more time and ill be keepin it!" she said harrassed. She hated the nickname i gave her. I still used it though. Kennedys (POV) i was sitting on my bed reading my new magazine when my sister came in with the greatest news on earth! We are going to a 1D concert TONIGHT!!  "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" i screamed. "OMG! I finally get to meet. My..." 
"perfect blonde leprechaun." Jordyn finished with me. I always talked about Niall. She got annoyed with it considering she was more of the Liam type. Whatevs. I still get to meet my Niall tonight!!! Jordyns (POV) After i opened my present from Kennedy i decided to have a shower and get clean. I was so exited it was like fireworks were exploding inside of me! So much exitement! I had a shower and put on a little bit of mascara an eyeliner, not much though i wanted to look like my original self when i met the boys. I put on a white, sparkly, tank top and a black cartigan with white skinny jeans black flatts and my 1D necklace my sister got me. By the time i was done it was 5:35 p.m. I thought it was a pretty good timing considering the 5 minute wait for Kennedy and 10 minute drive to the Rexall place. We were finally ready.
"alright bye mom bye dad! We are off to the races!" I used humour i could tell they were worried letting their two precious girls out on their own to one of the buisiest places in Edmonton! 
" bye honey. Have fun. And be careful too!" she stroked my hair. "oh honey you are getting so big and grown up. You arent going to be my little girl anymore. Neither of you are," mom was tearing up so me and Kennedy both pulled her into a group hug. When we finished the tears and goodbyes we headed to the Rexall place. 
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