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This is a movella about a girl named Jamie. She has five best friends Erica, Kami, Kristi, and Victoria. Jamie and Erica went to a One Direction concert and met the boys. Jamie and her friend met One DIrection at a concert and her and each of her friend fall in Love with on of the boys. What will Happen after they find out Jamie cuts. What will happen when they find out Erica is.... Read to see what happens next


1. The Concert (and more)

My friend and I were going to our first One Direction concert. We were so excited. Our parents bought them for us for my 13th birthday and he 19th. I wasn't a skinny as the other girls or near as pretty. We had also gotten backstage passes. We were the only ones who got them because they were only selling two tickets. My mom bought them right when they had heard about them. 

My friend and I were brought to some waiting room. THere were two couches, I sat on one and she sat on the other. We were talking trying to calm our nerves. " Erica I'm nervous." I told her while stuttering. She felt the same why I did. We were both EXTREMELY NERVOUS. We were also tired. We laid down on the couches we were on. We woke up being splashed by Ice Cold water. I woke up and hit the first person I saw. I recognized that face anywhere it was Louis. Erica just sat there like someone was being murdered right in front of us. I accidentally hit Louis in the balls. He fell to the floor in pain. All of us sat there and laughed. Next thing I know is I am being dog piled. I could barely breathe. I knocked them off into the floor. Me and Erica just laughed. My favorite was Niall and her favorite was Louis. They invited us to go back to the flat. I had to ask my mom and she of corse said yes. I ran back over to the group. I stopped because I heard Niall whispering. I couldn't but I could here everyone else going awwww.     " He is growing up so fast" Louis said while fake crying." " Shut up Louis." Niall said while hitting Louis in the arm.

We got there around 12:00. we decided we were going to watch movies. Liam,Harry,and Zayn all sat on the couch. Louis and Niall raced to the love seat and jumped on it. I went over to Niall and jumped on him. Erica did the same to Louis. I guess Niall didm;t mind because he grabbed my waist. They all give him a cheeky grin. I saw him blushing. We were in the middle of our movie when Louis and Erica were wrestling in the middle of the floor. We watched Don't be Afraid of the Dark. I hated scary movies. When ever something scary came on a would hide my face in his chest. He would blush and they other guys would smile. 

Everyone was really hungry so I decided to go see what they had to cook, nothing they had nothing to cook and nothing to cook with. I looked at them with a pouty face. "Whats wrong" Zayn asked. I told them we were going shopping tomorrow we were going out to eat. WHen were going there i recognized it. It was Nando's. "Ever eat here before?" Niall asked. I just shook my head. They drug me in. They sit me by Niall. I got the wall seat in one of the booths. I was only 13 he was about to turn 20. That is seven years difference. 

We were ordering food. I didn't know anything about here so Niall ordered for me. I didn't eat but I did thank him for the meal. They all looked at me funny. Erica was the only one who new. I had an eating condition. I couldn't eat in front of people I didn't know. Erica looked at me with pleading eyes do I ate a little bit and she smiled. Her and Niall went over bye the door to talk. I heard what they were saying. " Why won't she eat?" "She has an eating disorder she can't eat in fornt of people we have tried to help her but can't." "oh" was all he choked out. I felt really bad. 

We left and went back to the flat.  We started playing truth or dare. WE all got in a circle and got a bottle. Louis spun first and it landed on me. " truth or dare Jamie" " truth" " okay how was your first kiss" "well the truth is I have never had my first kiss" I felt embarrassed. I swore I heard Louis say " you will soon will soon." I did have times when I heard something. 

Louis went around asking everyone, it was Niall's turn. "truth or dare mate?" I wanted hime to chose truth but no he choose dare. "dare."  " I dare you to give Jamie a kiss." I started choking on air. Niall came beside me and pecked my lips. I turned a bright ted as everyone was wolf whistling. 

Louis just shouted "NO" " no what do you mean no?" I asked him " this is how you kiss" He grabbed Erica's face and started making out with her. "EWWWW" I didn't mean to say it but it came out.  

Niall came over to me and we started making out. We were making out for about 2 minutes. " you can't ruin a 13 year old innocence Niall!" Liam yelled at us. I yelled back " how do you if I am so innocent I said I never kissed anyone never said I was a virgin!!" They were all shocked by what I had said. They all just looked at me with big eyes especially Erica. I started laughing and everyone just glared at me.  

" truth or dare Louis?" I asked " well since I'm not a pussy dare!" " okay you and Erica have to play seven minutes in heaven!" THey left and didn't come back for what seemed like forever but you could hear there moans. 

Everyone was really tired so we left and went to sleep. I went to Niall's room and fell asleep with his arm around me.

I woke up next to Niall with his eyes on me. It was really sweet I started to laugh remembering about Erica and Louis. We went down the hall to see all of there clothes everywhere. I busted out laughing waking both of them up.

We had to leave before our mom's woke up. I went and got Erica and we were about to leave but Niall stopped me. " Hey babe it was nice hanging out do you think I can get your number?" i just replied by taking his phone and putting my number in it. Erica and I left. That was the best night of my life.

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