Love At First Site

This is a movella about a girl named Jamie. She has five best friends Erica, Kami, Kristi, and Victoria. Jamie and Erica went to a One Direction concert and met the boys. Jamie and her friend met One DIrection at a concert and her and each of her friend fall in Love with on of the boys. What will Happen after they find out Jamie cuts. What will happen when they find out Erica is.... Read to see what happens next


3. Leaving the Hospital

I woke up in a white room and then I remembered I was in the hospital. The first face i saw was Niall, then the boys and the girls. They were all talking to Niall but Niall was just sitting the watching me. " *cough* creep *cough*." I said directing it to Niall. " shes back." yelled Victoria. "yes i'm back but can i leave this hell hole." "Jamie you not suppose to curse you only 13."Liam said. I replied back  "and your point is I have been cursing since I can remember." " Whatever can we leave?" ask louis with all his sassiness. "Yes" said harry. THey had gotten me checked out of the Hospital and we headed home.

"I'm Hungry." I Randomly said. "Your always hungry" said Victoria. "Yes I am" I say proudly. We went to Nando's. I ate way more than Niall. "Get some son" I laughed at my stupid remark. Niall and the rest of the lads just looked at me with shocked expressions and the girls laughed. "Jamie had always been able to eat" Kami came out randomly. I looked over at Harry who was just staring at her. "OHHHH looks like someone has a crush!!" I pointed to harry and ran away. I saw Harry chasing after me. I wasn't a very good runner but I was a good fighter. "Come at me bro" I said to Harry and which he did. I was thinking and was about to kick him when Niall picked me up and threw me over his shoulder with no problem at all. "Let me down you pig" I yell at him. He laughed "Oh... I'm the pig" He said talking about the amount of food I had eaten earlier. 

"Fine but please put me down babe" I say as sexy as I can. "No princess no matter how much you tease me you are not getting down" He laughs at me. "Oh yes I am" With thats said I bit him. He dropped me to the ground and I took off in a sprint. "I like you playing hard to get babe but you can't hide forever" I heard him yell from the other side of the car. He started to walk around the car. I started to walk to but i fell into something not something someone. And that someone was Harry. "Please Harry I can manage to get you a date with Kami if you let me go" "to late mate I'm already dating your best friend" "Harry Please I'll do anything you want" "Love your to young for what I want" harry said with a smirk. "ewwwwww NIALL HELP " I yelled at the top of my lungs " HARRY'S HURTING ME". With that said soon came all of the girls and the lads around the corner. "Harry let go of my Princess Now" Harry Let me go and I ran over to Erica. She was the most protective over us. I could tell she was pissed of. "Harry if you every lay another finger on her I will personally rip you balls off" I laughed at her comment Harry just stared daggers at me. With That happening we finally went home

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