Love At First Site

This is a movella about a girl named Jamie. She has five best friends Erica, Kami, Kristi, and Victoria. Jamie and Erica went to a One Direction concert and met the boys. Jamie and her friend met One DIrection at a concert and her and each of her friend fall in Love with on of the boys. What will Happen after they find out Jamie cuts. What will happen when they find out Erica is.... Read to see what happens next


2. Hospital

"what do you mean come back to Texas I love it here" I yelled at my Mother "fine but you will never see me again Jamie." She shouted back. She left and never looked back. I felt like just laying down and dieing. I ran up to my room curled up in a ball and cried. Erica came running in after our mothers left. I saw her and ran into the bathroom. I got my razor and slashed 1,2,3,4 cuts. I fell down on the door and cried. I finally heard Erica Leave after about 30 minutes. I walked out of the bathroom and downstairs. I saw all of the boys there. All I remembered was falling to the floor.  

I opened my eyes I had no idea where I was. I saw Erica sitting right there with Kami, Kristi, and Victoria. I was so happy to see my friends but I couldn't talk.  I looked down and I had a pipe down my throat. I kept calm and Kami woke up first and she got the nurse. They came in and removed the pipe. I didn't get to leave yet I get to leave tomorrow. One thing crossed my mind. NIALL. I knew that after he found out that I cut he would leave. More of a reason to do it. The rest of the girls woke up and gave me a big hug. THe cool thing about us is we all love One Direction but we all like different people. Kami likes Harry Kristi likes Zayn Erica likes Louis Victoria likes Liam and I like Niall. That was all behind me now I know after he found out that I cut he would leave me. I heard the door open bringing me out of my thoughts. There stood the one person I thought Left. Niall. I was so pissed I just rolled my eyes at him. All of the girls seemed surprised that I did that but he left my when I needed him the most. " ummmmmm..... girls can you leave i need to talk to this Niall by myself." "umm yeah just don't hurt him." "no promises" the girls left the room and that left me and niall alone. I just wanted to kill him but I couldn't I loved him to much and i was in to much pain. Niall came over "Jamie why, why would you do that to your friends who love you. To me who loves you more than anyone ever could?" " Niall I know you don't care quit pretending." "Thats the thing Jamie I do care more than you will ever know!" "Whatever please just leave" "Jamie I am never leaving you no matter what I will never ever leave you!" 

With that said I feel asleep. 

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