My Best Friends Brother

Rebecca Halas and Katie Mills have been best friends since the third grade when Rebecca moved from America to England. Rebecca and Katie knew everything about each other...or so they thought. When Rebecca finds out a huge secret that Katie has been keeping, they'll become closer than ever, and Rebecca will fall hard for an unexpected guest.


2. We Kill Mr. Tomlinson's Sanity

"Rebecca! Get your arse out of bed!" Katie said, jumping on my bed.

I groaned and said, "Noooo! Just a few more minutes!"

"Don't you wanna meet my brother today?"

I threw the covers off of me and got up. "What's my time frame?"

Katie looked at my digital clock. "Hmm…45 minutes. My parents want to take us out to breakfast. I told them you know and they're pretty happy about it."

"Great!" I said, running into my bathroom. I turned on the shower, did a strip tease, then got in.

I was conditioning when I hear Katie say from outside of the shower curtain, "Louis says he's excited to meet you."

I stuck my head out of the shower and stared at her. "Are fucking serious!?"

She grinned and nodded. "Yep. Now hurry up and get sexy!" Then she went back into my room.

When I went back to my room, Katie had gone downstairs and I was looking for something to wear. "Hmm…sexy….sexy….something sexy….." Finally I found something sexy. (

I finished getting ready and ran downstairs. "So what do ya think?" I twirled in front of Katie.

"I think…. I might have to keep my brother from jumping you. You look hot!" She grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door.

When we got to the small diner, we saw Katie's parents at one of the tables. "Hi mom, dad!" Katie said sitting across from her mom.

"Hi Jay…ummm…Mr. Tomlinson." You see, Mr. Tomlinson isn't my biggest fan. I'm not sure why. I think that he thinks I'm a bad influence on Katie. Well, maybe she's a bad influence on me! Okay, no. That's not true. I corrupted her, that's for sure.

"Hi sweetie," Jay said, smiling kindly at me. See! She likes me!

Mr. Tomlinson just grunted and looked at the menu un front of him. "Hey, where's Louis?" Katie asked.

"Oh he should be here any…" Jay stopped and looked behind Katie and I. "Oh! There he is!"

I turned around to see Louis Tomlinson. "Lou!" Katie squealed and ran up to Louis and pulled him into a hug.

"Hey Katie," Louis says, then looks at me over Katie's shoulder and smiles. "And you must be Rebecca." When Katie let go of him he walked over to me and pulled me into a hug. Holy crap. I'm hugging Louis Tomlinson. Of One Direction.

"Ummm…hi," I said, shakily.

He pulled back and smiled at me. Oh sweet Jesus! "So, Katie tells me you're a fan?"

Note: Kill Katie. "Ummm…..well….yea."

"That's cool."

Mr. Tomlinson grunted and said, "Can we please order! I'm hungry!" We sat down (Louis sitting next to me) and ordered our food. "Rebecca," Mr. Tomlinson said as we were waiting for our food. Uh oh. He never talks to me unless he's about to criticize me. "I heard Katie and Jay talking, and I heard them say that you weren't going to college."

Whoop there it is. "Oh. Well, I didn't say I wasn't going to college ever. I just want to wiat a little while. I really wanna travel the world. I think it'd be fun."

"That could also be a very cultural experience," Louis said, and I smiled at him gratefully.

"That might be true, but you need an education Rebecca. And a good one at that. Since I am the principal of the high school, I took the liberty of checking up on your grades. They are presentable, all except for that B- in phycology. Your report card should be coming out soon, hereby, I will be having a chat with your mother about your future."

Hereby? What are we, in court?

"With all do respect, Mr. Tomlinson, I don't believe that having one average grade will hurt me. And I've already talked to my mom about what I want to do and she thinks it's a good idea."

"Rebecca, are you crazy? This isn't a good plan." Jesus Christ Mr. T!

"Well, I don't hear voices in my head telling me to set things on fire… so I'll say no, I'm not crazy," I said standing up.

He chuckled and said, "That comment was hardly necessary, Rebecca."

"Dad.." Katie started, standing up as well, but was interrupted by her father.

"Katherine Marie Mills, sit down."

"Dad! Don't talk to Katie like that! And Rebecca isn't your daughter! You shouldn't talk to her like that either!" Louis said sternly.

"Excuse me?" Mr. Tomlinson said, shocked.

"Honey," Jay said, "I'm gonna have to agree with Louis."

Mr. Tomlinson stood up abruptly. "Does no one here agree with me!?" No one said anything. "Fine!" He got this crazy look in his eyes and threw his hands up. "I'm leaving!" He stormed out of the diner.

He finally cracked, and I felt mildly bad. "I should go," I said, grabbing my purse.

"Rebecca…" Louis said, but I was already out the door.

It's official. I've been embarrassed in front of Louis Tomlinson.

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