My Best Friends Brother

Rebecca Halas and Katie Mills have been best friends since the third grade when Rebecca moved from America to England. Rebecca and Katie knew everything about each other...or so they thought. When Rebecca finds out a huge secret that Katie has been keeping, they'll become closer than ever, and Rebecca will fall hard for an unexpected guest.


4. We Get Bullied

The next morning I woke up and got ready for school. Katie texted me to come outside cause she was here. But not only was Katie here, so was Louis. Oh my damn.

"Umm...." I said, a little confused by his presence.

"Oh I'm gonna be going to school with you guys today," Louis said with a big grin.

"Why would you wanna go BACK to high school?" I asked raising my eyebrows as I climbed in the back seat.

"He wants to go see his old school and visit some of his old teachers," Katie said with an eye roll.

When we got to the school, we all went our separate ways and decided we'd all go out for lunch. I was walking into my first period, which was math (ugh) when someone pushed my shoulder forward and passed me coming into the classroom. It was none other than the almighty Mikayla Lantz.

"Watch where you're going, slut," she said, glaring at me. She threw her hair over her shoulder and made her way to the back of the room where the rest of her evil minions were.

Here's the thing, Mikayla isn't even that pretty. She's shaped like a freaking triangle and she has makeup caked on her face. The only reason she's so popular is cause she's easy. And she calls me the slut. Pft!

"You are not a murderer, you are not a murderer," I silently chanted to myself.

A minute later our teacher, Mr. Wells, comes in the room followed by Louis. Shit. This must be one of his old classes. Everyone went silent, stunned to have a celebrity in their midst. Mr. Wells said something to Louis, and he started scanning the room. When he saw me, he grinned and sat in the empty desk next to me.

"Hey, Becca," Louis said to me cheerfully.

I chuckled. "Hey, Lou."

"Okay everyone," Mr. Wells started, getting everyone's attention. "Today is a work day. The problems I want you to do are listed on the board and they are all in your book. Find a partner and begin."

Mikyala came bouncing over to Louis and batted her lashes. "Hey Louis do you wanna be my partner?" Ew gross.

"Oh no thanks," Louis said with a grin and looked over at me, "I already have a partner."

Mikayla scoffed. "Are you talking about Rebecca?" He nodded, still grinning like a retard. "Oh you don't want her, trust me."

"Why not?" He asked.

Mikayla giggled. "She's a stupid whore. And she's ugly." Oh so this bitch though.

Louis looked mad and was about to say something but I interrupted. I stood up out of my chair and started to yell. "Ya know what?! You're the whore here NOT me! You sleep with anything that has a fucking pulse!! I'm sick and tired of you shitting on me and making me out to be someone I'm not!"

"Rebecca!" Mr. Wells shouted. "Go to the principals office! Now!"

I got my books together and looked at mikayla and her clones. I glared at them and said, "Goodbye you factory reject dildos," and I left.

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