My Best Friends Brother

Rebecca Halas and Katie Mills have been best friends since the third grade when Rebecca moved from America to England. Rebecca and Katie knew everything about each other...or so they thought. When Rebecca finds out a huge secret that Katie has been keeping, they'll become closer than ever, and Rebecca will fall hard for an unexpected guest.


1. We Find Out The Truth

Rebecca P.O.V.

"How much longer do you think you're gonna be?" I asked Katie. She was in my bathroom, putting on makeup and getting ready for a party we're going to.

"Just a few more minutes!" she yelled back.

I was ready, so i decided to go socializing via internet. I'm a huge One Direction fan, you should know. I was in this 1D chat room when I saw something interesting.

Mrs. Niall Horan: Who is the girl in this pic with Louis! http://imgres89&tx=83&ty=141&biw=1366&bih

I clicked on the link and saw something I SO didn't expect to see. "KATIE! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HUGGING LOUIS TOMLINSON OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE!?" I screamed. 

"Shit!" I heard her say. She ran out of the bathroom and bent down next to me and looked at my computer screen. "What?" She was rubbing her left eye and had a mascara brush in her hand. I'm guessing me screaming bloody Mary made her stab herself in the eye with her mascara brush. My bad.

"Look!" I said, pointing to the screen. "What the actual fuck, Katie!"

She plopped down onto my bed and said, "I was hoping you wouldn't find out like this."

My eyes widened. "Omigod. Are you dating Louis Tomlinson?!"

She chuckled. "I think it'd be kinda weird if I was dating my brother."

My jaw dropped. "Your what!?"

"Yea...umm....Louis Tomlinson....he's my brother."

I have no words. "Holy crap! Why didn't you ever tell me? Why don't you have the same last name? WAIT! If he's your brother, and I practically live at your house, why haven't I seen him?.....WHAT?!" Okay, so I have a few words.

"I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to treat me differently. We don't have the same last name because I wanted to have my mom's surname so people wouldn't make the connection. And you don't see him because he's never home, and when he is, it's only for a short period of time and sometimes he doesn't even make it to the house."

I hopped off of my spinny chair and sat down next to Katie. "I would NEVER treat you differently!"

I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and hugged her. She chuckled and said, "Good, cause you're gonna meet him and the rest of One Direction tomorrow."

I froze. "Say what?"

"You heard me."

I screamed and started jumping up and down. "I can't believe it!!!"

Katie put her hands on my shoulders and held me down. "Okay, sweetie. Stop fangirling. We have a party to get to, remember?"

"Oh yea!" I grabbed my purse and car keys from my desk and we went out the door, laughing.

This is gonna be soooooo much fun!

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