Problems Solved.

Life is beautiful. But for Ally Richmond it wasn't. She had been bullied her whole life at home and at school. She had been pushed around. She tried suicide once but was caught. Never did she think she would find true love when she put a Youtube video. Her heros come to take her. Will she find love with these 5 cute and cheesy boys? Will her story change the heart of these 5? Find out now.


5. Your perfect to me. Niall POV

She was beautiful. I was so happy we found her. We put her in a nice home so she wont get harmed by those evil parents again. "My back hurts." I said. "Was it from the push??" Louis said holding his back. "Maybe. Does your arm still hurt Harry??" I asked Harry. "A little." He answered back. "What happened?" Ally asked coming back in the room. She just came back from unpacking all her bags. "We are still in some pain." Harry said. "Oh no guys Im so sorry." She said with some sorrow in her eyes. "As long as we got you, we are perfect." I told her. She smiled a bit. "We need to take you guys to the the hospital." Liam said. "You too Ally." Harry said. "Oh no Im okay really." She said hesitating. "No. You lived with them and you probably have a broken something and you don't even know." Louis said grabbing her hand. We all jumped in the car and drove to the hospital. "We need a checkup for 3 people." Liam said. "Okay can you all share a room?" The nurse said as she punched things in her computer. "Why not?" Liam said smiling. "Dear god Liam." Zayn said doing a face palm. "Alright you 3 follow me." The nurse said pointing at us. We all walked to the elevator as she hit 6. We went up to the 6th floor. She took us into room 657. "Thanks." Ally said. She gave us robes to put on. There is only 1 bathroom and you guys need to strip head to toe and put these robes on." The nurse said. "Panties and Bra." The nurse said looking at Ally. She was staring at us. "Have a nice day!!" The nurse said leaving us. "Well then." Harry said. "The only fair thing is if we don't even use that bathroom!!" I said laughing. "Your right. YOLO!"Ally said. Ally took off her shirt. "OUCH!" Harry said. "What?" Ally said. We both looked at her stomach and arms that were covered with blood,bruises,and deep cuts. "That looks like it hurts." I said. "It does." She said. "You got those because of your parents?!" I said screaming at her. "Not just my parents. Also people at school." She said whispering. She looked at her stomach as she got tears forming in her eyes. "Hey, don't cry." I said going towards her lifting her chin. "I cant just stop crying! They bullied me!" she screamed a little. "Im sorry for yelling at you guys. I really am." She said starting to cry more. "Its okay Ally." Harry said. "Well we gotta change. Can you guys turn around??" She said spinning us around giggling. "NO." Harry said pouting. "YES." Ally said mocking Harry. We both turned around as she got dressed. "Okay Im done." She said turning back around. Me and Harry were still in our normal clothes. "We are in pain. We need help." Harry said with a smirk. "Fine then Ill help you." she said walking towards us. "Okay Niall first." She said walking closer to me. She lifted my shirt and threw the robe on me. "Done." She said walking away. "Nope. Pants." I teased her with. "Oh dear god." She said walking towards me. She went by my belt and un buckled it. "This is awkward." She said. "Close your eyes then!" I said. "Oh yeah maybe I should." She said closing her eyes. She pulled my belt off and then went to my pants and pulled them down. "Aren't you scared your gonna touch his woohoo?" Harry said laughing. "SHUT UP!" Ally said laughing. She went for my boxers. "Okay here it goes." She said grabbing them. She pulled them down and standing up fast. "Thanks darling." I said winking at her. "OKAY NOW ME!!" Harry said excited. "Fine." She said grabbing his shirt and ripping it off. "Feisty!" he said. "Your acting like Im gonna do you!" She said laughing and going down. "Can you?" Harry said with a wink. She pulled his pants and boxers down and came up quickly and pecked him on the cheek. She came over and did the same to me. The doctor came in and we all sat on our beds. "Okay so we are going to check Mr Horan first!?" The doctor said looking at us. Ally and Harry pointed to me as the doctor nodded and came to me. "So what happened?" the doctor said reading the papers. "I got pushed a little hard on the ground and now my back really hurts." I said pointing to my back. "Okay well let me have a look." The doctor said unzipping my back. "There is a really big bruise. Take these." The doctor said handing me some pills. "And your back will feel MUCH better!" He said moving back. "Okay Mr Styles?" He said walking towards Harry. "Im guessing your Mr Styles?" He said. "Yup." Harry said smiling. "Well what happened to be the problem?" the doctor said sitting on a stool thing next to him. "I twisted my arm." He said revealing a big blue bruise on his arm. "Oh okay well. It is very bruised. Im gonna go get something to put on this cut when Im done with the last patient. Okay. Ally Richmond?" The doctor said walking towards her. "I know darling. So what happened?" He said. "I got a bit of a problem. I have bruises and cuts all over my body." She said lifting up her robe a little. "Oh how about you go get some bra and undies and pants on so we can take a look." The doctor said. She went into the pile of clothes that were laying on the floor and went in the bathroom and changed. She came out blushing a little when she seen me and Harry staring at her. "Well you are going to need the same thing Harry is taking. How about I go get that?" the doctor said taking off his gloves and walking out. He came back 10 minutes later showing Ally and Harry how to put the cream on. We started to put all of our clothes on and Ally stared at her bruise. "Your perfect to me." I said grabbing Ally's chin and lifting it up. She smiled a little and we walked out of the hospital.

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