Problems Solved.

Life is beautiful. But for Ally Richmond it wasn't. She had been bullied her whole life at home and at school. She had been pushed around. She tried suicide once but was caught. Never did she think she would find true love when she put a Youtube video. Her heros come to take her. Will she find love with these 5 cute and cheesy boys? Will her story change the heart of these 5? Find out now.


2. We need to find her. Harry POV

I sat in my room. Today has been a boring day. I just wanted to rest. I decided I couldn't stay in bed forever. I could if I wanted too. But I had the feeling something was wrong. I called Liam and Niall and told them to come over. They said they were on their way. I got up and went into the living room with my laptop. Niall had a key to my door. They both walked in. "Hey man what's up?" Niall said patting my back. I looked down. "Somethings wrong!" I said standing up. I was mad that I didn't know what it was. "What is it mate?" Liam said concerned. "I feel like something or someone out their needs me!! I just don't know who." I said sitting back down. "Maybe its me!! IM HUNGRY!" Niall said walking to the kitchen. "No Niall. Its someone else." I said walking to the kitchen. I picked up some bread,ham,cheese, and mustard and made Niall a sandwich. He grabbed it with happiness as I sat back on the couch. "You know." Liam said looking at me. "What?" I said. "Someone is in pain now." Liam said. "I know Liam! And I need to help them!!" I said. "Maybe Hazza. Maybe." Liam said. Niall came pack with his half eaten sandwich and plumped down next to me making the couch lower. "Why don't we look online? Facebook,twitter, and Youtube." Niall said grabbing my laptop. I nodded and logged on to my Facebook. "Nope". I said looking through News Feed. I logged off and went on Twitter. "Nope." I said. "Now Youtube." I said searching it inside the search bar in Google. I went to Top Videos and seen a girl. She had ginger hair and pale skin. She also had green eyes and cherry red lips. She was lovely. I clicked on the video that said "My Story. By Ally Richmond." I watched the video for the first 2 minutes of her explaining her life. The bullying, the hate, trying suicide. "Is this her?" Liam said. "Shh! Lemme watch this!" I said listening to her cutting story. "She was 8." I said pausing the video with tears in my eyes. How could she do this to herself? Well bullying can be a bitch. I seen when the video was uploaded and I seen todays date. August 7th 2012. I looked at Niall who was staring at the screen and Liam with tears in his eyes as well. Her house inside looked like somewhere. OH MY GOD. MY OLD HOUSE. I seen the scribbles Gemma did a few years ago. "Whats wrong Harry?" Liam said wiping his eyes. I stared at her face crying. "Her. Thats her." I said. "Are you sure Hazza??" Niall said getting up. "Positive." I said. I stood up and went into my room, closed the door and lay there.  What if she was dead? From cutting or from her horrible parents? I started crying my eyes out thinking that girl really needs me. "She needs someone to love her." I said. "And I think thats me." I ran downstairs and grabbed Niall's hand with sandwich crumbs on it. "Grab your coat" I said throwing his coat at him. "Why? Where are we going?" He said walking out. I slammed the door in anger. "We gotta find her." I said putting the keys in the ignition. "Who!?" Niall said putting his seatbelt on. "Ally." I said hitting the gas with power.

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