Problems Solved.

Life is beautiful. But for Ally Richmond it wasn't. She had been bullied her whole life at home and at school. She had been pushed around. She tried suicide once but was caught. Never did she think she would find true love when she put a Youtube video. Her heros come to take her. Will she find love with these 5 cute and cheesy boys? Will her story change the heart of these 5? Find out now.


3. Thank you for taking me. Ally POV

I woke up in the morning in my bed. This warm bed. I just didn't want to leave. Today was Saturday so there was no school. I got up and jumped inside the steaming hot shower. The water dripping down my back felt like the warmness of the blanket on my bed. I got out and wrapped a pink towel around my dripping wet body. I got out of the bathroom and sat on my bed. I went to my dresser and picked out clothes. A junky blue teeshirt with some Aero sweats. I also threw on some purple vans and tied my hair in a messy bun. I threw some chap stick on and sat back on my bed. I lay on my pillow and started thinking. My phone started ringing. My ringtone was perfect. Donald Trump by Mac Miller. I loved it. I sang along and answered the phone. "Hello this is your doc-" I hung up. Doctors aren't supposed to be calling me. I went downstairs to find Cory getting ready for work and mom and dad sleeping on the couch. They had whisky bottles and smokers around them. In London we called them "Cancer Sticks.". Yeah no. I was part american so thats why I called them that. Cory left and I grabbed pancakes and ran back upstairs. I heard a knock on my window. "Hello? Ally?" I heard a voice say. "Who are you?!!?" I said grabbing a baseball bat from 2 years ago. "Don't worry. Im not going to hurt you. Im Harry." He said pointing to himself and smiling. "You seen the video didn't you?" I said holding back my tears. The 2 boys nodded in sorrow. "Oh Im Niall." The blonde boy spoke. Irish. Cute. And british. Cute. "Your story just breaks our hearts." Niall said holding tears. "Thanks for caring." I said. "ALLISON. YOU DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS YOU UGLY WHORE. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING TOO?!!?!?" My mom yelled. "Thats my mom." I said. My mom didn't say anything. "Your coming with us." Harry said taking my hand. "Wait! I cant just leave!" I said hesitating. "You have to. Trust me?" Harry said looking in my eyes. "Fine. Just let me pack?" I said. I went into my closet and grabbed 2 suitcases. "Give me one." Niall said. I handed him one as he went to grab some clothes. I liked that he didn't say 'Ew' at any of my bra's or panties. I went inside my bathroom and got all my things. Then I got my phone laptop and my blanket that my grandma made me and threw it all in my suitcase. "ALLY." My dad said busting down my door. I moved back hitting the wall as my dad came up to me. "WHO ARE THEY LITTLE BITCH? BETTER ANSWER ME OR YOU WILL PAY." My dad said with his finger in my face. "Don't you lay a finger on her." Harry said getting in my dads face. "Harry." I said scared for him. "Or what?" My dad said crossing his arms and clenching his fists. "She's your daughter. Your supposed to love her and care for her." Harry said. I was shocked about how much Harry cared for me. "Not when she is a little WHORE." My dad said yelling the word whore. I flenched when I heard whore. Not my favorite word. Even though I heard it all the time. "Thats my point. She is NOT A WHORE." Harry said pushing my dad. "Okay pretty boy." My dad said pushing him against the wall. My dad twisted Harry's arm and Harry screamed in pain. "HARRY!!!!"I said running towards him. Niall pulled me back and grabbed my dad away from Harry. Harry fell to the floor in pain with his face red with anger and his eyes with fear. "Im so sorry Harry." I whispered in his ear. "FUCK YOU LITTLE BITCH." My dad said getting closer to me. Niall grabbed him and my dad pushed Niall to the ground. "NO!!!!" 3 other boys said coming in. The boys grabbed my dad and pushed him to the floor. One boy lifted me, the one I hardly knew, and carried me downstairs as Niall ran with Harry with all my bags. We ran outside and the 2 other boys who were fighting my dad came out. They threw me inside a car. Harry and the black haired boy sat in the back with me. "Are you okay??" Harry said. "I should be asking you that!!!" I said holding him. He saved me. "Thank you guys for saving me." I said as they all smiled. 

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