Problems Solved.

Life is beautiful. But for Ally Richmond it wasn't. She had been bullied her whole life at home and at school. She had been pushed around. She tried suicide once but was caught. Never did she think she would find true love when she put a Youtube video. Her heros come to take her. Will she find love with these 5 cute and cheesy boys? Will her story change the heart of these 5? Find out now.


4. My new home. Harry POV

The hit was pretty bad. And it hurt like hell. Me and the boys took Ally away from her horrible house. That made me feel a little better knowing she was okay. "So whats your name darling?" Zayn said. "Um Im Ally." she said. "Ally! I love that name!" Liam said jumping a little. "He he thanks." She said getting cheesy. "No problem. Im Louis." Louis said holding out his hand but driving at the same time. Ally took it and shook it. "Im Liam." Liam said doing the same thing. Zayn too. "So where are we going? Hotel?" Ally said getting up a little bit. "Nope. Your living with us!!" Louis said. "Guys honestly I cant!" She said hesitating. "Yes Ally! You cant just stay at a hotel!" Liam said. "Wow. Thanks." Ally said hugging me a little bit. I knew I should have never done this but I needed to. I lifted her sleeve to find scars. "Ally.." I said with tears. "Oh that." She said also in tears. "Why do you do this?" I said holding it. I could feel her shake as she told me her story. I was already dropping tears. When we got out of the car she wiped my tears. "Don't cry Harry. Im fine." She said dropping tears. I wiped those away as Ally blushed a little. We all walked in and I showed Layla to her room. "Welcome to Casa de La Styles!!!!!" I said holding out my hands. "You know spanish?" she asked me. "Yeah I took it my freshman year." I said being a little cheesy. "You are so adorable." She said whispering. I blushed a little. "So this is my bed?" She said. I walked over to her and sat on the bed. "Yup." I said. "Then lets do something." She said pushing me on the bed. "Oh like what?" I said with a smirk. She pulled a pillow from behind. "Pillow fight." She said hitting me. "Ow!" I said grabbing a pillow. I hit her in the arm. "Oh now its on!" She said hitting me in the head. "Later!" I said putting the pillow down. "Fine!" She said. We all walked downstairs. "Hungry?" I said. "Yeah a little." She said. It was only 12 and I doubt she ate anything. "Cereal?" I said laughing. She giggled. Her giggling was the cutest. Sounded like an angel. "Sure." She said. She sat at the table waiting for her corn flakes. She started texting. "YIKES!" I said grabbing her phone? "What happened?" She said concerned. "Your phone! Its so...old." I said whispering the word 'old'. "I know I got it a year ago!" She said laughing a bit. "Well you need a new phone!" I said throwing her old IPhone on the table. "Ugh I don't want to leave..." She said moaning. "I wish you could moan for me." Louis said walking in laughing. "You dirty bastard." I said laughing at Louis. "Can I eat my corn flakes in peace please?" She said with the spoon to her face. Liam walked in. "AHHHHH!!!!" He screamed backing away from her. "What??" She said looking all over her body. "Th-the-sp-sp-" Liam said trying to talk. "THE SPOON!!!!!" Niall said snatching the spoon out of Ally's hands. "AHH!" She said. "Here. Try a fork." Liam said handing her a fork. She picked up the fork and started scoping her cereal. "This just doesn't work." She said dropping the fork and drinking everything out of the bowl. Niall stared at her in awe just like me and Louis. "I NEVER SEEN A GIRL EAT LIKE THAT!! IM SO PROUD!!" Niall said hugging her. "Damn!!!!" Louis said staring at the bowl with nothing in it. Niall was still holding her but he lifted her up. "Put me down!!" she said laughing. I looked at my watch and seen 12:15. "Come on guys lets go upstairs." I said calling all the boys. Ally followed and we all went to Ally's room. "Whoa why in my room?" She said sitting on the bed. "Thats the room we chose." I said holding Ally's hand. "Fine then, but I get the beanbag!" She said. "Fine!" I pushed  her on the beanbag. "Alright." She said fixing her hair. "Well lets get to know each other better!!" Zayn said. "Lets play...would you rather..." Ally said. "Okay I go first." Liam said. "Niall, would you rather not eat for 5 days or have No Nando's for 5 days?" Liam said. All of us stared at Niall who was in the air writing something. "No Nando's for 5 days." He said whispering. We all gasped as Niall nodded like he was flirting. "Okay Ally!!" Louis said. "Louis!" Ally said chanting back. "Would you rather..." He didn't finish. "Lets play Kiss,Marry,Date,Sex buddy, and Baby daddy!!" Zayn said. "Alright!" Ally said. She seemed to know this game. "I don't know how to play." Liam said sadly. "You have to choose 1 person for ever category." Zayn said. "Alright Ill go first." Louis said. We all looked at him as he spoke. "I would kiss Ally,Marry Niall, Date Zayn, My baby daddy would be Liam, and my sex buddy would be HARRY!!!!" He said. We all started laughing as Liam went next. "I would kiss Harry, Marry Zayn, Date Louis, Sex buddy Ally, and my baby daddy would be Niall." he said. Ally blushed as Liam said she would be her sex buddy. "We all took our turn. Now Ally!!!" I said looking at Ally who was scared. "Well then.." She said. We all stared at her waiting for her. "Got it. I would kiss Liam,Marry Niall, Date Louis, and my baby daddy would be Zayn, Sex buddy? Of corse. Harry." she said. "Oo Harry got a sex buddy!!" Niall said hugging me. "Yep. Anytime, anywhere." Ally said laughing. She teased. I wanted Ally. She was such a teaser. "Nuh uh! We knew each other for 40 minutes!" She said. "Not even a hour and you already want her!!" Niall said. "I know" I said winking at her. "Oh you play so dirty!!" She said hugging me. "Welcome to your new home Ally." Louis said holding her hand. 

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