Problems Solved.

Life is beautiful. But for Ally Richmond it wasn't. She had been bullied her whole life at home and at school. She had been pushed around. She tried suicide once but was caught. Never did she think she would find true love when she put a Youtube video. Her heros come to take her. Will she find love with these 5 cute and cheesy boys? Will her story change the heart of these 5? Find out now.


1. Coming home from school. Ally POV

4:15. The time that Im on the bus coming home. I sat on the soggy grey bus seat looking out my window. All I could see were raindrops. I felt sad for the people who had to walk home in the rain. I looked to my left and seen my little red backpack. I stood up and seen everyone laughing or having fun. Yeah. They were all friends. Me? I had a friend. If imaginary friends count. I sat back down and looked behind me. The emergency exit. That means I was at the back of the bus. Like everyday. No one wanted to sit by me. Good, because I didn't want to sit by them either. I sighed and took out my phone. A cheep little IPhone 3. Believe me I want the new one probably as much as you do. Everyone teased me about it. Eh. You get used to it. I looked back outside my window and wiped the steam from the engine from inside. This block was mine. I sighed and stood up. "Ew Its Allison!!" One girl said. "More like ugly-son." a boy said. I ignored them and kept walking. Paper and pencils were hitting me. Sometimes left over lunch. I got out of the bus and walked to my house. I grabbed the key from my wrinkly pockets in my jeans and stuck it in the keyhole. I looked inside and seen my parents watching Tv and my brother in the kitchen. Like Normal Tuesdays. My brother, Cory, looked at me and pushed me a little with a sandwich in his hands. I walked right past them and went upstairs. I took my hair out of the 2 ugly braids and took my sweater off. I hung up my sweater on the rack right outside my door. I lay on my bed. I looked at the time and saw 4:30. I still had time. I went inside the bathroom and seen a pill jar. Probably from 3 years ago. I thought long and hard and threw them in the sink. I got caught before. "Your perfect to me." I mouthed. I always wanted someone to say that to me. And no. I never had a best friend. Nor a boyfriend. I changed school 4 times. Why? Bullying. Names they called me? Fat. Slut. Whore. Bitch. Etc. I took my laptop and scrolled down my Facebook wall. All I seen were pictures of beautiful girls trying to show off their boobs. I saw that I had a new message from someone named Leah Colton. "KILL YOURSELF! YOUR UGLY AND NO ONE LIKES YOU!!" I looked at the screen for awhile as my eyes filled with tears. I clicked on her profile and saw a beautiful blonde. Her eyes were sky blue and she was skinny. She wore a blue shirt with some skinny jeans with a snapback. She had 200 friends when I only had 50. I thought about what she said. I tried once before but failed when my mother caught me. I started cutting when I was 8. Yes. 8. I still had some scars but not much. I went into my closet on the top shelf and found a video camera. I took it down and placed it on a stand on my desk. I set it all up turning it on, recording etc. I took a deep breath and hit record. "Hi. My name is Ally Richmond. Im currently 17 years old. I live here in London with my parents and my brother, Cory. I go to South High school and I am a Junior. So here's my story. 9 years ago is when it all started. I was 8 and in the 3rd grade. People were calling me fat,ugly,and anything else you could think of. I was sick of it. One day I came home. My parents started to boss me around. I started being a slave for them. I did everything I was told. If I didn't I would get a beating. I hated it. So when I was 8 I started cutting." I showed my wrists. I could hear the gasps already even though no one seen this yet. I put my sleeve back on my pale arm and went on. "I was still getting bullied. Even worst now. Yeah I know Juniors can be mean. Not this mean. I started being pushed around and called names. Slut. Whore. Bitch. Once I even tried killing myself until I was caught. I am making this video to get the word out. Maybe one day I will kill myself. You might never see me again. This pain is bad. It gets worst everyday. For you people out there who are bullies. Maybe you are right. Maybe I am a slut. A whore. And an ugly bitch. So, bye." I said as I shut the camera down. I uploaded it to Youtube and went to bed. 

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