Love of the Sea (Liam Payne Fanfic)

The ocean has always been Cleo's love, but when she finds someone who she loves even more... she knows it's a huge risk. You see, Cleo isn't exactly normal. She's... different to say the least. Part fish to be more exact. Yes... Cleo is a mermaid, and Liam is in the biggest boy band in the world, he has everyone drooling over him, so why does he fall in love with her? Can she trust him with her secret? Or will he totally betray her? All these questions buzz through Cleo's head... and she knows that this changes her life.


14. Summer Love

LAST CHAPTER!! Sorry everyone, it's kinda a sad ending...



Liam's POV


I'm swimming with a mermaid. That's all I can think, a mermaid. She makes me feel so magical. She's just so unbelievably amazing, and I want to stay with her forever... But I can't. I'm leaving today, in like four hours. The thought makes me so sad. I pull myself underwater and open my eyes to see Cleo, she grabs me and pulls me in close. Her lips crash into mine and bubbles rise up to the surface. Her lips feel even softer underwater when they touch mine. She's so perfect. After a couple seconds I kiss back and we're there underwater, connected as one. After a couple more seconds, I have to pull away and get some air. I swim up to the surface and she follows.


Cleo's POV


It felt so right. Kissing underwater. I'm never gonna leave Liam. Ever.


Liam's POV


I guess now's the time to tell her. I pull myself up onto the dock and Cleo follows. She dries herself off and sits beside me on the edge. "Cleo..." I begin, but I don't think l can do it... "I uh... need to tell you something..." My voice trails off. She scoots closer to me. Three hours. That's all I have left with her. Just three. "Cleo, you know I won't be staying here forever..." She laughs as if to say "Of course, you're a big boy band." She probab,y thinks I still have a month or something. "I'm leaving. T-" I can't stop now. "Today." That's it. It's over. I said it and can't take it back. "What?" Her voice cracks and tears swim in her eyes. "Why didn't you tell m-?" She can't finish it, tears begin to steram out of her eyes. I pull her in close and we sit together in silence. I bring my lips down onto hers, but it doesn't feel the same. No fireworks set off. It's a sad kiss. It's a goodbye kiss.

Another hour gone.

I have to leave.


Cleo's POV


He's gone. Forever. He was my summer love.


Liam's POV


She was my summer love.


Cleo's POV


I sit on Bellas bed and try not to cry. We head out and go swimming, but it just reminds me that the last time I went swimming here, Liam found me. If l was on land, I'd be crying. The colorful, magical coral doesn't calm me anymore. An uneasy feeling overcomes me and I have to leave.

Third full moon tonight. Bella insists that I stay at her house again and I don't object. I can't bear to be alone, knowing that last night, I was with Liam. Just last night, and I won't be able to see him again. Bellas alarm goes off, and It's Moonrise. I sit in her room, trying to keep my back turned to the window, but I realise that if I let reality slip away tonight, I'll be happy. I'll forget about him for atleast one night. I need that happy feeling right now.




I turn to the window and see the moon. Reality slips away. My expression goes blank.

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