Love of the Sea (Liam Payne Fanfic)

The ocean has always been Cleo's love, but when she finds someone who she loves even more... she knows it's a huge risk. You see, Cleo isn't exactly normal. She's... different to say the least. Part fish to be more exact. Yes... Cleo is a mermaid, and Liam is in the biggest boy band in the world, he has everyone drooling over him, so why does he fall in love with her? Can she trust him with her secret? Or will he totally betray her? All these questions buzz through Cleo's head... and she knows that this changes her life.


4. Heart Attack

Liam's POV


I lead her down the beach, staying far away from people, which seems fine with her. We don't talk, she's quiet. I keep stealing glances at her through the corner of my eye and smile. She's beautiful. The way she looks arounfd, the way she smiles when she catches me looking, the way she can make me laugh without really saying anything. It's unbelievable how different she is than everyone else. Her phone buzzes and she takes it out and stops deas in her tracks. She stares wide eyed at her phone. I keep walking for a second and turn around, I notice her phone has a One Direction phone case on it. I chuckle. "Something wrong?"


Cleo's POV


It's a text from Bella, "FIRST FULL MOON 2NITE. MOONRISE IN 2 HRS!" Okay, so a full moon seems like no big deal, right? Wrong. We don't turn into warewolves or anything like that, but... it affects us in a huge way. We have three nights of full moons, (yes, i know there's only one official full moon... to humans, but not to mermaids) and tonight is the first one. I have to be indoors and if I look at the full moon... you never know what'll happen. I totally forgot about it. I look up at Liam. I feel like I'm having a heart attack, even worse than when I found out I was going to meet One Direction, but I need to stay calm."Yeah, I'm fine." Liam steps beside me and looks at my screen, but I quickly lock it and shove it into my pocket. "Are we almost there?" I ask, desprite to change the subject. He just plays along. "Yeah, right up there." He answers, pointing to a huge beach house up ahead, painted light blue. "Wow... That's amazing!" He laughs at me and side steps closer to the waves, soaking the shore. He motions for me to come, but the waves spray his back, telling me that I can't go there, because one drop of water, and I pop a tail. "N-no thanks, I don't wanna get my feet wet." I say over the crashing waves. "Aww, come on!" Liam answers. I just laugh and shake my head no. As much as I'd absolutely 100% love playing in the waves with Liam, I know I can't... if only he knew why.


Liam's POV


She refuses to get in the water. Why? She's probably just ready to meet the rest of the guys, and I don't blame her, so I take her to the house. Before she goes in, she ties her messy- yet beautiful- hair into a tangled knot. I open the door and her eyes light up. We're in the front room, right next to the kitchen, a huge open space, sea shell themed. It's like paradice. She smiles so big, it makes me smile, I can't stop myself. "Liam, this is amazing!" she exclaims. I go to hug her, realizing that I haven't, because I hug every fan, but she stops me. Her hand in between us. "No, don't hug me." "Why?" "Because, then I'll be just another fan, and I don't wanna be that." I can agree with that. She's different. I respect her decision, shrugging it off, and lead her further in the house. We round the corner to the lounge, and there's the rest of them, doing who knows what? They all stop and look up, eyeing her and me. Harry gives me a look like, "Not another one, Liam!" But I ignore it and realize I should introduce them, but she takes charge instead, "Hey guys, I'm Cleo," I smile again because it's such a beautiful name. "You're not screaming..." Niall exclaims. "Oh, sorry, do you want me to scream?" With that, she takes in a deep breath and screams an ear piercing, high pitched scream it gives me a heart attack! I cringed at the sound, but we all start laughing, even her. "Sorry Niall, I couldn't resist."


Harry's POV


She's talking to us normally, and only screamed as a joke. What's up with her? Either way, I like it. Liam didn't bring the wrong girl this time. He stands in the doorway with her, gazing at her. He better not be fallin in love, we need to focus on the band. I start up a conversation and we were acting like a bunch of old friends. It felt good... talking to a normal person who talks back to us like we're normal, and not the biggest boy band in the world.

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