Love of the Sea (Liam Payne Fanfic)

The ocean has always been Cleo's love, but when she finds someone who she loves even more... she knows it's a huge risk. You see, Cleo isn't exactly normal. She's... different to say the least. Part fish to be more exact. Yes... Cleo is a mermaid, and Liam is in the biggest boy band in the world, he has everyone drooling over him, so why does he fall in love with her? Can she trust him with her secret? Or will he totally betray her? All these questions buzz through Cleo's head... and she knows that this changes her life.


7. Change my Mind

Louis's POV


Harry came back and said that Cleo refused to come out of MY room. I have things in there that she shouldn't see. We wait until finally Liam and Cleo stepped out of the hallway. "Sorry 'bout that..." Cleo shyly sits back down, and Liam, clearly dazed, slowly comes and sits down as well. What went on in my room? "No Love, it's fine... are you dried off enough?" asks Harry, clearly surprised that there's not a single drop of water on her. "Yeah, and it's not your fault." Cleo answers. "Are you like afraid of water or something?" asks Liam. "Are you like afraid of spoons or something?" Cleo says, mocking him. I burst out laughing... but then I realize that it wasn't even that funny. Zayn- and all the other guys- stare at me as if I'm crazy... they should know by now that I am.


Cleo's POV


It's getting dark out. The moon is probably fully in the sky by now... and I still have to get home. As soon as we're finished with dinner, I announce that I have to leave. Liam grabs my shoulder right before I walk out the door and leans in close, he whispers in my ear, "Meet me at that old dock at noon tomorrow?" I don't know what to say... Should I trust him? No I can't... I shake my head no, and he looks really surprised. He slips outside and closes the door behind us. The cool breeze sends a shiver down my spine. "Are you sure? I really wanna see you again..." He trails off. "Look, I'm sorry but I can't."


Liam's POV


"I can't..." That's all she says before she slips out into the night, away from me.


It's nearing noon... Nearing the time that I was supposed to meet Cleo. Why did she say no? I don't care. Without thinking at all, I slip on some sunglasses and set out for the dock. I walk barefoot on the sand and it reminds me of when I first saw Cleo, she was barefoot and so beautiful... I shake my head, trying to forget about her, and slip into the opening to the dock. I sit down, swinging my legs over the edge. If you get past the appearence, this place really is wonderful. It's calming waters just let you float away and soak up all the stillness. I smile and let the soft ocean breeze trickle over my face. I'm really gonna miss this place...


Cleo's POV


I've changed my mind. I trust Liam and want to meet him at the dock! But he's probably not there, and I lost my only chance to see him again. I grab my bag and decide to go to the dock, even if he wasn't there, I could go for a nice swim. People shove past me like I'm not even there, I tackle the sea of people every time I'm stupid and want to go outside around lunch time, because by then... it's rush hour on the beach. I bump around and finally get to where the "water's calmer" because on the outskirts of the main beach attraction is where no one wants to go... and just past that is the dock. I quicken my pace and reach the opening, holding my breath, I round the corner and he's sitting right there on the edge, just like when we first met.


Liam's POV


"I thought we decided not to meet here." it's a voice behind me, and I turn to see Cleo smiling. I smile back, shifting my body and pat the wood beside me. "Well, I just wanted a place to think." "About what exactly?" I look up at her as she nears me to sit down. "You." I answer. She laughs as if to say "what a flirt". "I gusee you changed your mind." I say. she shrugs. "Guess so." she sits down beside me and I wrap my arm firmly around her. And we sit silently...

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