How Far Will She Go?

Louis and Harry have struggled with the constant Gay rumors. Eleanor and Louis are on the edge, and not the edge of glory, the edge of pain and break up. Eleanor chooses to believe the gay rumors. How far will she go to trap Louis with her instead of being free? Is there more behind Louis and Eleanor than we all know?


7. Need To Get Out Of Here

(Louis' POV)

Eleanor walks in with Perrie and Danielle at her side she sends a wink to Josh thinking no one saw it when I tried to charge forward Harry caught me
"No" he said.
Eleanor cameo over and tried to kiss me when I moved away and shuffled past her
"Ok so lets get this practice going!" I said clapping my hands the doors opened and the dancers came in Nicole sees me
"Lou!" She says and hugs me I glance over at Eleanor who is killing Nicole with her eyes I catch her eyes and glare at her she smirks and walks over to Josh. I look back at Nicole she stood at 5'6 which made her pretty short to me.
"Ready to get your dance on?!" She says shaking her hips making me smile
"Yeah that's do it" I said I looked over at the band they all prepared the girls sat at the walk way looking at us our dancers stood behind us. We opened up with "Up All Night" the beat started to play and we got into the performance our dancers doing a great job.
"Katy Perry's on replay she's on replay DJ got the floor to shake the floor to shake" Harry's sings after Loam starts it off.
At Zayn's solo he walks up further Veronica his dancer danced around him he sings into Perrie's eyes she smiles and blows him a kiss.


We had a break I was standing with Zayn and Harry when Eleanor came over
"Louis Josh told me to give this to you" she says nervously I sighed it was a tennis ball and it had the words "Fuck You" on it I glared at her
"Real fucking funny Eleanor do you know what I think of your joke?" I said I took the ball and whipped it into the chairs surely tomorrow t the show a fan was gunna find it.
I roughly took Eleanor's wrist and tugged her off the stage to the back area which I cleared
"Seriously El whats going on?" I said leaning against the wall
"I'm a bitch Louis I should have stopped a long time ago.." She said I brought my brows together in confusion
"What?" I said
"I've been mean to you for the last few months... And I'm sorry" she said I felt like the old Eleanor was back
"Apologie Accept-" I was about o finish when she smashed her lips to mine my back colliding with the wall behind me. I tried to push her by her waist this was the violent Eleanor. I managed to get her off of me and walked away. I walked back onto the stage I saw Harry and tugged him by his arm off the stage
"Um Lou" he says I walk out squinting at the sunlight fans scream at the sight of me and Harry Harry blocks the sun from his eyes
"I need to get out of here" I said he nodded we walked and got into my car driving off I drove back to me and El's house and locked the door so she couldn't get in. I just didnt wanna see her.
"Wanna with a movie?" Harry asked shrugging off his bomber jacket revealing his black blazer and white t-shirt. I did the same and took off the concert wear. Regretting not changing out of it but I was in a rush.
"Yeah sure" I said we walked into the living room and sat on the floor looking threw the plenty boxes of movies
"Love Actually?" He asked flashing the covers
"No, to many times we've seen that" I said
"Grease" I suggested
"No" Harry said smirking I pouted but put the disc case back Harry started pulling out a bin of movies when one spilt I rushed to help him
"Oh what about ths one-" we both looked up and our lips met we leaned away slightly Harry going beet read I felt myself blushing
We looked into each other's eyes we closed the small distance between us again pit lips coming in contact again Harry's bottom lip tapped between mine as we kissed there was no tongue it was just lips. I put a hand in his curls gently as the kiss got more heated Harry put his hand on my knee our foreheads touching. The ringing of Harry's pho e made us spring apart a light clicking sound from our lips un connecting.
He sighed and looked at the caller ID
"Liam" he said
"Hello?" Harry impatiently said into the phone. I watched as his lips moved when he spoke slighty red and puffy from the kiss his knee slowly slid off my knee so he could play with his bottom lip his Newley found habit.
He kept rolling his green orbs. He finally said bye and hung up we just awkwardly looked at each other waht had just happened between us was something serious. This may mean we were bisexual or even more. Intrested in the same gender. But no I still liked girls... A lot this was just a onetime thing.
"I'm hungry are you?" I said nervously getting up and walking out of the living room into the kitchen. Harry followed
"Louis?" He said
"Yeah?" I said getting a bowl out
"Is it going to be awkward between us?" I asked
"No of course not" I said nervously
"Louis look at me" Harry said grabbing my jaw and turning it to look at him my eyes connected with his my eyes landed down at Harry's lips but quickly went back to his eyes
"This is serious" Harry said quickly sealing a glance at my lips
"I know it is" I said Harry's hand was still on my jaw put his thumb and index fingers were holding my chin
"I don't want things to get awkward but.." He trailed off
"But...?" I nudged him forward
"I enjoyed kissing you" he said I nodded
"A lot" he added
"Yeah it felt pretty good" I said we leaned a little closer Harry's back to the island as we leaned closer. Suddenly our lips were connected and we kissed sloppy our heads tilted breath lost at our fast connect. I had my hands on the counter beside Harry and he had his on my rib cage there was sound at the door when me and Harry sprang apart gasping for air
"Louis let me in!" Eleanor said
"Coming!" I yelled
"Be right back' I said awkwardly to Harry, walking slowly towards the door regaining my breath. I un locked it and opened it.

"Louis wake up!" Niall yells my eyes slowly flutter open I look up to see Niall
"Come in you fell asleep during break were starting now." He says
"What wait what?" I said confused I look over at Harry but he's bust talking with Liam and Zayn. It was all a dream?!
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