How Far Will She Go?

Louis and Harry have struggled with the constant Gay rumors. Eleanor and Louis are on the edge, and not the edge of glory, the edge of pain and break up. Eleanor chooses to believe the gay rumors. How far will she go to trap Louis with her instead of being free? Is there more behind Louis and Eleanor than we all know?


4. I've Never Felt So Relieved

(Louis' POV)

"Are you done yet?" I ask through the door
"Hold on" she said I sighed
She opened the door and handed me the test bit looking happy. I looked at the part negative! No baby she isn't pregnant. I've never felt so relieved in my entire life. I would like to have babies some day but Eleanor isn't the girl she used to me, I want to have babies with someone I love.

"I hope your happy Louis" she said
"How am I the bad guy?" I asked raising my brows in confusion
"Did you ever think maybe a baby could save us?!" She raised her voice at me.
"There is no US anymore Eleanor! You ruined that when you fucked Josh!" I yelled. Incase your wondering yes, Eleanor did fuck the drummer of my band. Like seriously?! I found her mid fuck with him in OUR bedroom. And at that time Josh had a girlfriend named Pearl. I wanted to break things off with El but management being the ass holes they are wouldn't let me. The boys don't know about Josh and Eleanor. Harry does though because he was with me when we found them.
We had come home from lunch and found Eleanor and Josh fucking on the bed.
"Don't even bring that up I know you have a thing for Nicole!" She yelled back Nicole was a dancer she was also my close friend.
"She's my friend Eleanor!" I yelled
"Yeah I bet you don't think of her like that when she's up on stage grinding up on your dick!" She yelled
"That's her fucking job Eleanor! What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I yelled
"Atleast Josh fucks me! Your useless you can't even pleasure me!" She yelled I sho Ed her against the wall and roughly put my hands on her hip bones holding them to the wall
"Ow Louis that hurts" she whined
"Is Josh rough with you?" I asked giving her a slight shove
"No he's gentle most of the time" she said I growled lightly out of anger
"Have you fucked him more than once?!" I yelled
"A bunch of times even lately because the only thing you use your dick for is going to the bathroom" she said palming me over my jeans I slapped her hand away
"Well except for the time you raped me you crazy bitch!" I snapped she pressed her lips to mine putting her hands on the back of my neck and one in my hair at the back of my head pushing my head to hers I tried to push away on her stomach but her grip was to tight. Her tongue bagged for entrance I resisted turning my head away she attacked my neck leaving love bites and bite marks I shoved her against the wall again
"Keep your cheating hands off of me!" I yelled wiping the back of my hand across my lips. I began to walk out of the room
"I love you Louis!" She yelled after me, I clenched my hands into fists I reached my hand came in contact with the black vase I took it and wiped it across the room, not at her. It shattered and I shook my head
"I don't love you" I said and turned and walked out.
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