How Far Will She Go?

Louis and Harry have struggled with the constant Gay rumors. Eleanor and Louis are on the edge, and not the edge of glory, the edge of pain and break up. Eleanor chooses to believe the gay rumors. How far will she go to trap Louis with her instead of being free? Is there more behind Louis and Eleanor than we all know?


6. I Will Strangle You The Fuck Out

(Louis' POV)

I haven't talked to Eleanor for about 3 days that's how long it's been since her and Josh slept together. Again. But still everytime I see them I just want to hit them... The boys kinda know about the whole situation well I had to tell them they're my best friends the sucky thing is we had practice today and Josh was here. I finish dressing in my black chinos and out on my white vans and roll up the ankles of my pants and put on my white tshirt and black blazer with a white seam. I fix my quiff and walk down the hall I hear the commotion on the stage.
I walk near the entrance while I'm putting in my ear pieces I glance over at Josh, he give me a nod I just glare at him. I get one of my ear pieces in and keep walking.
"Here you go" a man with black tight curly hair says handing me my new mic with my skateboarder tattoo on it in white with my name on it. I sigh and thank him and walk out and join the boys' semi circle
"Hey Louis can I talk to you?" Josh says coming over to me my blood starts to heat up just at the sight of him he places his hand on my shoulder
"Sure, but first get your fucking hand off me" I said he nodded and put his hand nervously on his tie that wasn't tied like a proper tie. I glance back up at him he was a bit taller than me, I wasn't very happy with how my height turned out. Standing at 5'9 wasn't the best ever.
"I want you to know it wasn't my fault" he said
"Explain to me how it wasn't my fault came into your head as a good excuse for fucking my girlfriend please enlighten me in the theory" I said crossing my arms across my chest
"She led me on" he said
"That doesn't mean you fuck her!" I yell Sandy turns and looks at me I wave him off
"Relax Louis" he says angrily
"Relax? Relax! I swear Josh get the fuck away from me before I take that tie and strangle you the fuck out" I said he glared at me and gave me a light shove to my shoulders
"Bring it on Tommo" he says I hand my mic to Liam and take my ear pieces out and hand them to him as well I wait for him to ave the suspense and land a hard shove to his shoulders he stumbles back into the ground
"Get up Josh" I said tugging at his shirt he got up I took his shirt in my hands and landed a good hard punch on his face and he fell back again
"Are you done already Devine?" I said
"Louis eno-" Liam says
"Shush Liam I need this" I said clutching my fists everyone was staring Josh got up
"Can I tell you she is fantastic in bed" he says I shove him to the ground and straddle his lap grabbing his shirt with one hand and raising my other fist ready to punch him
"What did you say!" I yelled
"She's fantastic in bed!" He yelled I punched him in the nose and it started to bleed after a horrible crunching sound Josh landed a few good punches to me shoving me off I pushed him again that's when Zayn and Niall grabbed me holding me back. I was using all my strength to get to Josh who was being helped up by Sandy
I was about ready to snap when a pair of green orbs appeared infront of me accompanied by a pair of fluffy curls
"Louis calm down" he said
"I got this" he told the other lads who let go of me he took my shoulders in his hands and bowed his head a it to make eye contact with me.
"Hmm.?" Harry said he must have been talking to me
"What?" I said
"You need to calm down" he said I nodded
"He slept with my girlfriend he deserves it" I said
"Louis you broke his nose" he said I nodded
"Exactly" I said
"What's with the awkward silence?!" A female voice says my breath gets caught in my throat.

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