How Far Will She Go?

Louis and Harry have struggled with the constant Gay rumors. Eleanor and Louis are on the edge, and not the edge of glory, the edge of pain and break up. Eleanor chooses to believe the gay rumors. How far will she go to trap Louis with her instead of being free? Is there more behind Louis and Eleanor than we all know?


11. I don't know how to say this...

(Louis' POV)

 "Louis can I talk to you?" Eleanor asked I step out of the bathroom

 "Sure what do you need?" I asked

 "I don't really know how to say this..." She said

"Come on Eleanor just say it." I said stepping towards her

 "I'm pregnant" she said my mouth dropped

"Again?" I asked bringing my brows together

 "No, when we went to get the abortion I backed out if it I couldn't do it. I couldn't kill this baby" she said

 "Eleanor-" I started but she cut me off

"Louis you don't have a say in this, in fact I don't give a shit what you think it's my body. Hell! It isn't even your sperm why do you care?!" She raised her voice at me

 "Because your my fucking girlfriend and you kept a baby you had cheating on me!" I snapped back

 "Still! Josh said to just tell the press it's yours" she said

"The press already knows its Josh's!" I snap at her.

"Whatever just tell them they're wrong! Just say it was a rumor and it is yours!" Se argued

 "I'm not saying that thing is mine!" I said scrunching up my nose in disgust

 "That thing? That thing! That's my baby you asshole!" She screamed

 "I don't give two shits about that baby, I would rather die than parent that thing!" I yelled she slapped me my face tingled I breathed out heavily

"Get out." I said

 "What?" She said

 "Get out!" I yelled

"What do you mean?" She asked

 "Get the fuck out of my house! Pack your shit and Get the fuck out!" I yelled

"You can't kick me out!" She said

"Wanna bet I fucking bought the house. It's in my name. Now get off my property before I have to remove you from it physically" I said.

"You wouldn't do that to me I'm pregnant" she said I raised my brows it wouldn't hurt the baby that's for sure. I picked her p and out her over my shoulder and carried her down he stairs I took her to the front door.

 "Wait my stuff I have to pack it" she said trying to get back in the house

"Come back later for it, if your still here in the next 15 seconds I will hit you, I don't wanna do it but you made me so fucking pissed off I don't know if I can contain myself." I said she looked at me in disbelie

"6,7-" I started when she turned and stumped down the stairs and onto the drive way til she reached the corner by the brick pillars and turned the corner when I couldn't see her anymore I slammed the door

"Fucking Bitch!" I yelled it echoed through the large house I went into my red track pants in search for my phone I reached the bottom of my pocket and my fingers wrapped around my white iPhone 4S I un-lock it and go throw my contacts and tap one "Hello?" The deep voice says

"Harry come over." I said

"On my way, is everything alright?" He asked

"I don't know come over. I need you." I said and hung up I went into the garage I brought boxes up for Eleanor's shit. The door bell rang I went to the intercom by the stairs I pressed the button

"Harry?" I said

 "Hey Lou, let me in?" I pressed the button which opened the gates and soon heard my door being opened and closed

 "In the master bedroom Harry!" I called I heard his converse hitting against the dark wooden stairs he came in to the room with I sigh he wa wearing a beanie but without the headband so his curls were sticking out of it. He wore pretty much the only color of jeans he ever wore. Black. He must own like 30 pairs of black jeans. His beanie was white and he was wearing his "Hipsta Please" shirt. And ofcourse those worn out white converse.

 "Are you moving?" He asked

"No. I kicked Eleanor out" I said throwing something inside a box that could and most likely was breakable.

"You what?! Management is going to go ape-shit!" He said

"What do you mean? They don't control my life." I said

"Yeah but they control whether or not your in the band. And if your out, I'm out." He said

"So we'll just fire them and get new management." I said shrugging and taking one of her sweaters off a hanger and folding it and putting it in the box. I turned to do the same again.

"You can't possibly think it's that easy." He said impatiently

 "Harry everything is going to be ok. Anyways it was pretty obvious to everyone me and Eleanor were get to break up I mean who stays with a girl who fucked your band's drummer got pregnant-" Harry cut me off

"Yeah but she aborted it." He said

"no she didn't." I said grabbing a bunch of clothes from her side and sitting down in the middle of boxes as Harry leaned against the doorway if the closet.

"What? She didn't do it?" He asked his brows coming together in confusion

"No, she told me this morning and told me that I shouldn't give a shit and all that and she actually slapped me!" I said roughly throwing one if her Jack Wills sweaters that Danielle had got her. I pulled out her drawer and saw them the Aztec leggings. I smirked I grabbed them and a couple things I got her like teddy bears and such

 "Come on Hazza" I said I walked to the back door and opened it and walked to the fire pit

"Your not going to burn all of that" Harry says

"Yeah I am." I said taking the pack of matches from the basket. I lot one and ignited the wood. I threw a teddy bear in first it ignited, I threw in some clothes I bought her I took out the little black box. I was going to purpose to her and then she got all fame whore I stuffed it back in my pocket I got better ideas. I threw in the rest if the stuff I held the ugly leggings her Mum got her.

"The grand finally" I said Harry smirked and shook his head I threw them in the fire they ignited nd burned up

"Good riddance you ugly things" I said

"Your so bad" Harry said meaning it fully.

"I know, well just let this burn out. Looks like a storm is coming anyways" I said Harry looked up we walked back in the house. I packed up a few more things of hers then I got hungry so did Harry we raced down to the kitchen we took out the stuff to make Mac & Cheese.


 We put our dirty dishes in the sink and sighed

 "What now?" Harry asked I smirked at him. We sat on my bed and started to play video games I turned off the Xbox. Harry looked at me

"What was that for?" He asked I sat up he copied my actions

"I wanna try something" I said looking at his lips, Harry looked nervous

 "Ok" he said I leaned in slowly giving Harry time to back out if he wasn't into it. He nudged closer

"Don't move." I said. He stayed still when lips came in contact with his the kiss started off slow then it got quicker. It was just getting good when the door bell sounded I pressed the intercom phone on the table

"Who is it?" I asked

"Eleanor" Her stupid voice came threw the mic.

"Coming." I said sighing I hung up the phone and walked down the hallway.

"One sec Haz stay here. this could get ugly.." I said

"No, I'm coming." He said rising up with me I nodded we walked down the hall I notice the rain pouring down I hoped Eleanor didn't have an umbrella.

I buzzed her in opening up the gate seconds later there was a knock at the door I opened it to see Eleanor soaked. I big feeling of smile pulling satisfaction came over me. I looked back at Harry leaning in the doorway he was covering his mouth trying to cover up the grin.

"What are you doing here?" Eleanor snapped at him

"Why do you care it's not like it's your house anymore..." Harry said I chuckled

"That's not funny Louis!" She yelled at me

"Actually it kinda is..." I said

"Whatever I have to go pack my things" She said

"Oh I did that for you.. it's all over there." I said pointing to the stack of 4 boxes. I started to walk away

"What? your not gunna help me?" She asked

"Why don't you call your baby daddy Josh to help you?" I asked she glared at me she picked up her first box Harry looked at me giving me that

"Be the better person." Look I groaned and picked up a box. The sun was still out but the rain was coming down I was pretty much soaked by the time I got to Eleanor's car she had left here when I kicked her out there was flashes of cameras. I looked down the drive to see Paps I groaned surely the fans, Managment and my family + friends will know about this in a matter of hours.



After all of Eleanor's stuff was packed and she was gone I waved to the paps smriking as I turned around I think they ntocied the No Words. bewtween me and Eleanor even the no hugging so she wasn't leaving to visit anyone she was leaving I was glad I finally did it. But there was a feeling that came over me.

This isn't over yet.


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