How Far Will She Go?

Louis and Harry have struggled with the constant Gay rumors. Eleanor and Louis are on the edge, and not the edge of glory, the edge of pain and break up. Eleanor chooses to believe the gay rumors. How far will she go to trap Louis with her instead of being free? Is there more behind Louis and Eleanor than we all know?


8. How Can I Ever Thank You

(Louis' POV)

I walked over to the rest of the boys followed by Niall
"Oh Louis you got a sleepy let me fix it" Harry says stepping forward trying to get something out of my eye I focused on his features his full pink lips his green eyes his chocolate curls. Could I possibly be gay for my best friend?....

-After Tour Rehearsals-

Me and Eleanor were driving home we hadn't said a thing to each other for a while. I just wanted to loose my shit on her but I held it back.
"Louis I-" she started
"I don't wanna hear it" I said cutting her off turning the corner. I turned on the radio hoping she'd get the clue to not talk to me "Titanium" was playing atleast I liked the song.
We pulled up and got out of the car I got out and opened Eleanor's door I may not like her but I still have to be a gentle men.
"Thank you" she says
"Yup" I said closing it behind her I locked the car.
When I stepped into the house I was greeted by our new house keeper Beth she was beautiful and she had a nice body big boobs, big bum like myself and nice long legs and curly brown hair. She was wearing that stupid maid costume Eleanor wants Cher to wear it saying it was "Oart if the job"
"Good after noon Mr. And Mrs. Tomlinson" she says I let out a loud obviously fake laugh and pointed to Eleanor
"Her my wife... Please" I said Beth nodded and slightly smiled she thought I was pretty funny I think she is way to young to be a house maid she was about 18 years old
"Beth can you-" Eleanor started to ask her something when I cut her off by loudly dropping my soe on the floor
"Beth can you help me with something?" I asked
"I was ju-" I cut off Eleanor for like the third time today
"Just come with me" I said she nodded and followed me leaving Eleanor in the foyer alone.
"What do you need to be done Mr Tomlinson?" She asked me
"Please just call me Louis" I sad
"Ok" she said
"I don't really need anything to be done I just wanted to piss off Eleanor" I said she giggled
"But you could give me a hand doing something" I said
"What?" She asked
"Taking a bath" I said winking at her
She blushed I heard e front door open and close again
"Eleanor?!" I called no answer
"She's gone now we can do what ever we want." I said winking again
"Well you can I just need to have a bath and I'll be right out ok?" I said she nodded I went into the bathroom and started to run my tub
"Here's your towels" she said
"Thank you" I said taking them


"Hey Beth?!" I called
"Coming" I heard her voice I was sitting in the bathroom with my towel wrapped around my waist and my hair dripping.
"Yes?" She says
"Would you like to do my hair?" I asked she looked excited
"Yes" she said
"Knock yourself out" I said handing her the gel.
"There!" She said as she finished it didn't look that bad actually
I leaned my head back
"How can I ever thank you" I said smiling
"In anyway I'm fine with it" she said
"I could take out the trash make the dinner" she kept listing
"Come here" I said she shyly walked infront off me the short maid dress. I took her hips and guppies her close to me I pulled her onto my lap her legs on either side of me her stomach just about pressed to mine
"I think I'll thank you like this" I said kissing her neck
"And this" I said kissing under her ear she let a moan out I smiled against her skin
She shuffled on my wait making me moan loudly. I kissed her strongly as she slipped her hands into my hair and pulled lightly I put my hands on her bum pulling her closer to me I reached up and let her curls loose out of the bun she was supposed to wear. My hand returned to her bum. I unzipped the back of her dress when we heard the front door open
"Louis?!" Eleanor called Beth got of of me fixing herself. I did the same but grabbed some clothes and Beth left so I could out them on. I walked out to see Eleanor she looked like a mix between Guilty, Scared, Helpless, Worried and a little tiny bit relived
"What is it?" I asked she started to cry and threw her arms around me hugging me I slowly put my hands on her back
"What happened?" I asked
"I-I I'm Pregnant...It's Josh's"
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