How Far Will She Go?

Louis and Harry have struggled with the constant Gay rumors. Eleanor and Louis are on the edge, and not the edge of glory, the edge of pain and break up. Eleanor chooses to believe the gay rumors. How far will she go to trap Louis with her instead of being free? Is there more behind Louis and Eleanor than we all know?


10. Are You Sure About This?

(Louis' POV)

"It's time Eleanor" I said as I he,per her out if the doctors chair. Fir e best if all of us she was aborting the baby.
"Can you come in?" She asked clutching my hand tightly me and Eleanor have grown closer kinda like friends but it was different.
"I'm gonna stay out here" I said letting my hand slip from hers she nodded I went back in the empty bedroom I went through my thoughts I opened up the tucked away file of my dream where I kissed Harry, I didn't know how to feel about it just yet. Could I possibly be gay for him? I don't know if he might feel the same way but I just wondered along the lines of every thing. I couldn't be gay. Bisexual? My mind asked me No I can't be Bi. I've never been interested in any boys before... Before Harry stumbled into my life in a green polo. That day on X-Factor in the bathroom when I waved to him in the that mirror I thought of him as handsome possibly an ultra ladies man. But when he smiled back at me I said Hi.


I flushed the toilet and went out of the bathroom stall I went to the sink next to a curly haired boy adoring his curls in the mirror. I finished washing my hands when I was staring at him. He looked up I waved and he smiled "Hi" I said
"Hello" he said
"So what-" we were cut of by the production crew coming in
"Talk to you later?" I said as we were being seperated
"Yeah sure" he said I smiled and he kindly returned it


"Louis, come on I'm ready" Eleanor says bringing back my attention she had a few papers in her hands probably information. I looked at my iPhone. 12:35 I sighed
"I've got band practice, do you wanna come?" I asked
"Maybe not it's not good for me to be near Josh" she said I nodded


"Louis, Louis!" All the paps yell as I walk along the security line.
"How do you feel about Eleanor's pregnancy from your drummer?!" One of their questions make me stop in my tracks I start a debate with myself about asking the person who said it to step forward but I keep looking towards the door
"Are you ok Louis?" A security guard asks me
"Yeah just fine" I said and kept walking I open the doors it appears Harry is running late. Great no one to talk to, but I can trust the other boys right?
"Hey Liam?" I said he turns his newly growing back of hawk appears from a crowded area he walks towards me.
"What is it Louis?" He says
"I just thought I could trust you the most" I said
"What's wrong?" He asked I let out a sigh

(Harry's POV)

I pull up in my black Volvo C-30 and parked it I took the keys out of the ignition and got out spinning the key ring around my finger grabbing my iPhone I looked up at the paps they were all snapping pictures I shook my head, didn't they have anything better to do?
I was walking down the security line
"Harry how do you feel about Eleanor's pregnancy?!" Some one calls I whip around and my eyes search the crowed
"Excuse me?" I said
"Eleanor's pregnancy from your drummer Josh Devine?" A girl that looked to be about in her 30s said
"She's pregnant?" I questioned her Louis must be loosing his shit. I search for his Porsche damn it he's here. I turn and rush into the building mostly a little mad Louis didn't tell me, what are best friends for?
I see him talking to Liam. I walk forward and grab his arm
"Excuse us" I said looking at Liam and dragging Louis away I took him off the stage
"She's pregnant?!" I said
"Don't worry about it" he said
"Don't worry about it?" I questioned raising my brows and crossing my arms across my chest
"She aborted it, there's nothing to worry about except for the fact Josh told every one" Louis says
"That little prick spilt the beans?" I asked
"Yeah..." Louis says I turn around and walk on to the stage
"Josh!" I call but he's to busy drumming I'm so full of anger Josh could have single handedly ruined ALL of our careers.
I step up onto the pedestal I tap him on the shoulder
"Harry what are you doing?!" Louis calls I ignore him Josh turns around I punch him in the broken nose he cries out in pain I push him off of his stool onto the floor he groans
"Are you fucking stupid?!" I yelled everyone stared
"You could have ruined all of our careers you dumb shit!" I yelled grabbing him by they shirt and pulling him up
"Harry calm down!" He yelled
"Shut up Josh" I said and gave him another shove and walked away
"Atleast use a condom you asshole!" I yelled back everyone stared at him I was glad I had this chance I took advantage of the stage like place of Josh's drum area
"Attention everyone" I said whistling with my fingers everyone looked at me
"Josh here got Eleanor pregnant" I said Josh sank in his seat
"He didn't even have enough respect to wear a condom." I said
"And he forced Eleanor to get an abortion" I added everyone started to whisper
"Lets vote in keeping Josh in the band shall we?" I said
"You can't do that Haz he's knows all the songs we have to keep him" Niall says I sigh and look at him again
"Just keep your dick in your pants" I said and jumped off the stand and walked towards Louis
"I can't believe you didn't tell me" I said.
"Harry don't be mad" he said
"I'm not mad" I said
"I'm sorry" he said
"It's fine Lou really..." I said I was kinda mad because he should have told me so I could have been there for him.
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