How Far Will She Go?

Louis and Harry have struggled with the constant Gay rumors. Eleanor and Louis are on the edge, and not the edge of glory, the edge of pain and break up. Eleanor chooses to believe the gay rumors. How far will she go to trap Louis with her instead of being free? Is there more behind Louis and Eleanor than we all know?


5. AGAIN?!

(Louis' POV)

2 weeks later

I walk in the front door and put my keys in the bowl on the table and walk in I set my bags of ood on the ouster I begin to unload when I start to hear moaning and sexual shouts and grunts
"What the fuck?" I ask myself was she seriously cheating on me again? I put the bag on carrots on the counter and walk up the stairs I push the door open violently and I feel like throwing up at the sight in front if me.
My mind felt like it was going to explode or blow up I covered my mouth and grabbed a decorative bowl and my lunch came out I spit after I looked up Eleanor still continued to slightly ride him. I wanted to puke again.
There under Eleanor between her legs, was Josh. She was cheating on me with him again!
"I'm in the fucking room Eleanor!" I yell they spring apart covering themselves up with a blanket
"Louis!" Eleanor yells surprised I look at Josh and glared at him
"How could you! Even after I saw you the first time!" I yelled he quickly pulled on his boxers and track pants, he slipped on his shirt I walked forward and took him by the collar of his shirt I threw him to the ground and put him in the full mount position and laid a punch to his face his nose started to bleed.
"Louis I'm sorry!" He yelled
"Sorry are you fucking kidding me?!" I yelled
"Get the fuck out before I beat the shit out of you" I said getting off of him
"I couldn't help it Loui-" I cut him off kicking him in the stomach
"I said, get the fuck out!" I yelled pointing to the door. He scrambled and left the house I turned to see Eleanor she was sitting on the edge of the bed the bed sheet wrapped around her
"Louis I-" I cut her off
"No shut up, are you serious? Your gonna cheat on me? Again!" I shout the last part
"Why do you care it's not like you give a fuck" she hissed I pushed her back and stood between her legs
" that's the problem Eleanor I do give a fuck weather I like it or not" I said we roughly connected lips she put her hands on the back of my neck our kiss was heated she wrapped her legs around my waist that's when I pushed away
"Don't get ahead if yourself Eleanor, and don't even try to think that I give to shits about you because I don't" I said and walked out of the room and down the steps I texted Harry

*Text Convo*

Louis: It happened again...
Harry: What happened?
Louis: Eleanor she fucked Josh again >:3
Harry: what?! K you seriously need to dump her, or leave what ever you need to do
Louis: Management wont let me
Harry: Fuck management! Oh shit... Josh just walked in...

(Harry's POV)

I sat on the couch in me and Josh's house when I got a text from Louis saying Josh and Eleanor had sex again I was just about ready to punch something.
Josh walked into the house I looked at him and then continued my text to Louis telling him Josh was here.

*Text Convo*

Louis: oh shit! I forgot you lived with him
Harry: yeah his nose looks pretty bashed did you hit him?
Louis: yeah serves him right.
Harry: he just went up to his room
Louis: I hope he cries... He's dead to me
Harry: Have you talked to Eleanor?
Louis: Fuck that if I go close to her I'll probably strangle her
Harry: yikes. Sorry you have to got through this Lou
Louis: it's not your fault Haz

I sighed and locked my phone I rested my head back in the arm of the couch, what the fuck is going on?
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