How Far Will She Go?

Louis and Harry have struggled with the constant Gay rumors. Eleanor and Louis are on the edge, and not the edge of glory, the edge of pain and break up. Eleanor chooses to believe the gay rumors. How far will she go to trap Louis with her instead of being free? Is there more behind Louis and Eleanor than we all know?


1. Please Don't Do This

(Louis' POV)

"What should I wear Louis?" Eleanor asked me standing infront of the full length mirror in her bra and underwear putting things infront if herself, I adjusted my legs stretching out on the love seat ,y feet hanging off as I sighed
"I don't care Eleanor" I said adjusting the magazine I was reading at a good height above my face
"Well I have to look good infront of the paps" she said pulling in a pair of Aztec tights
"If your putting those on your not starting off to a good start" I said glancing over at her. She sighs
"My Mum got me these" she said looking at me in the reflection of the mirror
"That doesn't make them any less uglier" I said she glared at me
"Dick" she mumbled
"Twat" I muttered back flipping a page in my magazine, then I saw it, a " Haylor" article I was immediately engaged in the magazine leaning closer
I was half way through when the magazine was snatched from my hands and thrown across the room
"What the hell?" I said to an irritated looking Eleanor, she raised her brows
"Seriously? Who gives a flying fuck about Haylor" she said using sir quotes on the "Haylor" part.
"Whatever can you just hurry up and get ready?" I said that's when she swung her leg over my lap locking it at my side she sat down on my waist she put her hands on my chest, I sighed
"Come on Lou, lets just have some fun" she said
"No, we have to go" I said attempting to remove her trying to sit up she pushed down on my shoulders holding me down starting to grind my hips, an uncontrolled moan escapes my lips.
"See your enjoying it" she said trying to be seductive I flipped her over pinning her back against the couch our faces inches apart,
"Are you going to hurt me?" She asked I closed my eyes and quickly opened them again not letting her try anything.
"Why do you think I'd hurt you?" I asked frustrated
"I don't know" she said resting her forehead on mine I quickly removed myself from the couch and got up
"Eleanor stop playing games with me" I said
"Who says I'm playing games?" She asked
I glared my blue eyes at her and put my hands through my quiff and made a dramatic exit like the boss queen of sass I was slamming the door for good measure, I pulled out my phone and texted Harry
*Text convo*

Louis: Sorry I might be late Eleanor held me up, is everyone there? -__-
Harry: No, Liam isn't here yet surprisingly, but you might wanna hurry , are you and El fighting again? :3
Louis: Kinda but don't worry about it leaving now, I can't text and drive ;)
Harry: way to be a good citizen Lou :p
I locked my phone and got into my car I was just starting my car when Eleanor ran out wearing those ugly Aztec... Things.... A white shirt and a Carmel leather jacket and matching moccasins I sigh as she tells me to wait I find a beanie in the glove box and squeeze it half way over my quiff it matches my black trousers and pink/rainbow wool sweater I unlock the car and she slides in I speed up before she gets her seatbelt on I hold back a chuckle as she lurches backwards.


I walk into the studio Eleanor trying to clutch my hand when I ball it into a fist, we walk in the room I take a free seat next to Harry leaving Eleanor to sit beside Perrie across from me
10 minutes after I arrived Liam and Danielle come rushing in smiles on their faces, what makes you happy when your late?
"Ok now that he all here, shall we start?" The management member leading the meeting asks we agree.


After the meeting, Liam gets our attention
"I have something I'd like to say" Liam says we look at him fully engaged, we encourage him to keep going,
"Me and Danielle are going to be parents" he says Eleanor looks to be thinking, I sigh she looks over at me she raises her brows
"Fuck no" I mouth at her she rolls her eyes.
What the hell was she thinking! I'm not having a baby with her is she on drugs!
As we walk out Eleanor tells me she's going with Dani and Perrie to talk or whatever. I walk beside Harry
"How are things? Was it a bad argument this morning?" He asked
"No, but I'm just not feeling the way I used to about her" I said
"If you ever you know need anything just call me, I'll always pick up" he says
"Thanks Harry your a good friend" I said he nodded as I looked over at him his curls flopping over his ears.
"Thanks, your not that bad either" he joked I lightly pushed him he did the same to me.


"I'm just saying Louis we should have a baby" Eleanor says from applying her make up for the clubbing night we were having I was in the shower I had the glass door locked so she couldn't get in dont worry it's tinted in all the... Needed areas. I scrubbed my hair
"Eleanor there is no way I'm having a baby" I said
"Perrie told me her and Zayn have started trying, why can't we?" She asked I finished rinsing I looked at her
"We're an unstable couple bringing a baby in would just fuck it up more" I said
"Unstable my ass! We are very stable" she said I laughed put loud maybe over doing it but I wanted to get my pint across, we are NOT stable.
"Ok Louis you cans top now" she said I could feel her rolling her eyes I stuck my tongue out at her
She adjusted the towel around her. I turned off the water I flicked my hair around
"Can you pass me my towel please?" I asked her
"Yeah hold on" she said. She walked over and grabbed my towel I unlocked the door and she handed I to me but pulled me down onto the bathroom carpet and straddled me only the thin fabric of my towel between our naked private parts I was out of breath from shock as I looked up at her
"I can always force a baby out of you" she said leaning down our faces inches apart
"That would be rape" I said
"Not if you enjoy it" she said removing her towel her beaked breasts exposed to me I kept my eyes hers, she went to un tuck my towel I tried to get up but she pushed me back down onto the mat
"Eleanor please don't" I begged she ignored me she got my towel un tucked and began to try and get me hardened.
"Stop please" I begged she smashed her lips onto mine cutting me off a moan escaped my lips as she touched my sensitive spot she smiled against my lips knowing she was getting close to taking me over.
She removed her hands from my private part and positioned herself to break the wall I haven't wanted to break for a while.
"Eleanor please don't do this" I begged one more time. She smirked
"Sorry Louis, I don't think so" she said lowering herself onto me I gasped taking her wrists in my hands and gripping hard squeezing my eyes shut as she made herself a steady pace. A tear escaped my eye I wasn't ready to be a father, I didn't want to be a family with Eleanor.
She leaned down her bare stomach touching mine
"See your enjoying it" she said
"No I'm not!" I snapped at her trying to get up but her position gave her more power. We began to moan and make loud sexual noises while I balled my fists and squeezed my eyes shut, I was helpless and I couldn't do anything.
"Please stop" I asked her quietly
"Not until you climax giving me what I want"
"I'm not going to" I said coldly hoping to make her stop but she just did it harder and faster I bit my lower lip so hard it started to bleed a little I squeezed my eyes shut again.
Eleanor let out a loud gasp/moan when my climax finally came she slid off of me and wrapped her towel around herself and left she bathroom looking proud of herself I took the blanket from on the counter and covered myself up and rolled onto my side and cried softly. Was it possible to get raped by your own girlfriend?
I must be, because that's what just happened to me.
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