They don't Know

Tori is pop star Harry Styles from One direction younger sister. Ever since there mom died and harry became famous she had to live with her abusive step father. Harry doesn't know about this. But what happens when Tori and her best friend Lana leave to London?


1. Getting Away

Tori's P.O.V
I really wish mom was here or even still living. Ever since she left my brother Harry audition for the X factor and became a band with other four boys. He has been traveling the world ever since they came in third. I havn't seen him in 2 years. When harry left, my dad drank more and more and came very aubusive. He has even raped me 4 times "TORI COME HERE RIGHT NOW" my father yelled. Speak of the devil.
I became very worried. When i got to him i could smell the alcohol on his breath. " where did you go last nigh?" He asked " i w-went t-to Lana's house" i stuttered. Her parents died when she was younger and her uncle abuises her. He smacked me hard across the face. I was holding back the tears but i couldn't this time. He started to punch me and kick me as i fell to th floor. I was laying there still as he stoped and started to take my top off, but stoped when he heard the knock on the door. " you stay put." He walked away. This was my chance i ran to my room and got the bag i had gotten ready along time ago and with my $600 i had saved up. I went and opend my window. I heared him yell"Tori" it starteled me, i looked down and closed my eyes and jumped. I landed on my foot and i heard a snap and i fell to the ground but quickly got up and started to run as fast as i could with my foot. I heard his truck so i started to run through back yards and hid behind a bush. I was hiding here for at least a half an hour and i knew the coast was clear i started to walk( hobble) to Lanas house. I started to hear screaming from her house. I knew it was her i called her and went to knock and ran away. She knew that was the signal to come and run away. She did that and came. Running out shouting " TORI RUN, RUN,RUN!!" I did as she asked and started to run as fast as we could. We ran to the park and hid in the jungle gym. " so where are we going now" she askeed. I thought for a moment and said" lets go to london me and you both have at least $600 saved up so lets go" we waited about ten more minutes and called a cab to the airport. When we arrived at the airport we bought our tickets and waited about an hour for our plane to aboard.
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