I love you more than you think<3

A girl is about end her life.. But then a beautiful 18 year old boy saves her<3


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

**Akila's POV**

There was a blade in front of me, but I managed to resist because of the fact that this

first day in a loooooong time where something good has finally happened. BEEP!

My phone went off. It was a text from Harry. It was also the first time I got text from

someone that's not my dad or mom or sister. From Harry Styles: 'Heyyy beautifulll xx (:'

it said. 'Hi Harry(:' I typed back smiling. The first time a boy, that wasn't my dad,

had ever called me beautiful. 'Vas happenin' he replied back. 'Nm watching tv hbu?'

'Writing lyrics for a new song' Harry replied

'you sing?'

'Ya' he said.

'Thats awesome! Can I hear you sing sometime?'

'Maybe,just maybe x'

'Yay! (:' I typed back smiling.

Did I tell you that that me and Harry coincidently had the same exact classes except for 2nd

hour? And I found out my locker buddy for this year... Harry! I was really really happy.

I wondered if it was more than a coincidence though.

The next morning I woke up, actually excited to go to school. I picked out a really cute

crop top and galaxy leggings and my vans. I tried to ignore enormous thighs and

my ugly stomach as I put them on. As a request from Harry I wore no makeup. I looked so

different, and uglier than ever but Harry had asked and so his wish was granted. When I

walked down my stairs, my mum noticed I had no makeup on, and said "Oh my god

Akila it's been forever since you wore no makeup. Baby you look beautiful without all that

crap on your face." "Thanks mum", I replied, hugging her. My mum dropped me off at school

about ten minutes before it started. I sat down and started reading. I heard people laughing

but I tried not to think about it. I was still reading when felt a warm body sit next to me.

"Akila?" He said. "Yeah?" I mumbled not looking up from my book. "You truly do look

gorgeous without makeup on" he whispered. I looked up and saw a beautiful pair green eyes staring

at me. I laughed and replied "haha you are so funny." "I'm not kidding. Do you see me laughing?"

"Umm no" "Exactly. I'm telling the truth. You are truly breathtakingly beautiful" he whispered.

I decided not to argue any further even though I knew that he wasn't telling the truth.

"Aww thanks harry" I said hugging him.
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