I love you more than you think<3

A girl is about end her life.. But then a beautiful 18 year old boy saves her<3


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

**Akila's POV**

Before I could walk away a large hand grabbed my arm and turned me around.

I winced from the pain shooting up my arm."Where are you going?"

The boy said, his lips frowning. "Umm.. To my math class" I said grabbing my arm

away from him. He smiled, with dimples showing, and said "Well in that case, I'll just

follow you, cause my first class is math also."He smiled down at me, and I gave him

tiny little smile back. I hadn't smiled ever here, only tears and sadness. My arm was

still throbbing from when the boy had grabbed. There were scars all over my two arms,

and new scars formed every night. When we reached the math room, he whispered to me

and said "my names harry by the way". I whispered back smiling "I'm Akila". I walked

in the room and took my seat, in the front row where literally no one sat. Harry walked

in and the teacher made him introduce himself. "Well.. My names Harry Styles and

I'm a foreign exchange student from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire in England." Said

Harry. "Tell us more about yourself." The teacher said. "Well..I work in a bakery and

um I like the packers." He said nervously. "Ok then," the teacher replied "take any

seat that's empty." Gesturing at the desks in front of him. He took all his stuff walked

towards me. He slid into the seat next to me. He flashed me a grin, then went back

to what we were doing on the board. I couldn't concentrate the whole class, my eyes

couldn't help staring at him. Those beautiful pink lips, I could just imagine kissing them.

The way his whole face lit up when he saw me. But then reality kicked back in. I realized

it would probably never happen. I've never even kissed a guy, while everyone else in the room

had probably already lost their virginity.
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