I love you more than you think<3

A girl is about end her life.. But then a beautiful 18 year old boy saves her<3


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

**Akila's POV**

"Have a great day, sweetie." My dad said when he dropped me off. Yeah right, I thought. I dragged

my bag off all my school stuff and shoved it in my locker. Last year, a girl named Lissy, was next to

me but she left cause her mom got a new job somewhere else out of the country. Lissy was usually

nice to me, I wished she was still my locker buddy. I wonder who it was going to be. I grabbed my

math stuff, and quickly walked towards the math room, which was all the across the school. As I

walked past, all the little groups talking, started laughing and started pointing and whispering

towards me.

My usual first day I thought. I wished something good would happen this year. Tears blurred my

vision, and I waked even faster. I didn't know where I was going I just needed to get away from

here. I ran through the swarms of people still laughing at me. BAM! All my stuff fell. I quickly

picked up all my stuff, trying to get away before the person I ran into could say anything .

"I-I'm s-sorry." I mumbled in a shaky voice, still picking up everything. A large hand landed on

my shoulder and the person said "It's ok love." In a deep comforting British accent. He leaned

down and helped me pick up the rest of the papers. I looked up and saw, dark chocolate curly hair,

and gorgeous emerald green eyes. I'd never seen him before. But he was so beautiful.

Those dimples. That lopsided grin. I must've been staring for to long cause his hand moved

from my shoulder to the front if my face and waved up and down. I blinked and I realized he was

holding out the papers he had picked up for me. I grabbed them from him and mumbled a quiet

thank you. I turned around and tried to walk away because I knew I would never have a chance so why even

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