I love you more than you think<3

A girl is about end her life.. But then a beautiful 18 year old boy saves her<3


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

**Akila's POV**

�� Swagger jagger, swagger jagger, you should get some of your own, count that money get yo

game on, get yo game on, get yo, get yo game onnn ��, sang Cher Lloyd, telling me its time to get

up. Ugh, I groaned. I was too freaking tired. My dad HAD to have a party yesterday, on the night

before the first day of school. My summer was boring as usual, it was spent eating ,sleeping and

more sleeping. I let the song play for the rest of the 3 min., then lazily dragged my ass out of bed.

My eyes still half shut I brushed my teeth and combed out my long black hair. I opened my eyes

and realized I looked horrible. I washed all of the caked on makeup from the party yesterday.

Then I tried to decide what to wear today. I tried the "classy look" , with a dress and cute little

high heels. I looked in the mirror and realized it wasn't me at all. I peeled of the dress and went

for sporty look. Not me either. I tried a few other outfits before picking a cute tee and and black

leggings with warm fuzzy uggs to pull the whole look together. I smiled at myself in the mirror

satisfied. I was putting on eyeliner and mascara, when my dad walked in and said "Wow my little

girl growing up so fast. I mean look at you, if I were your age I would date you." "Daaad," I said

my cheeks turning red from embarrassment. He wrapped me in a huge hug and kissed the top of

my head and said "Don't what those mean popular girls say about you get into you. You stay

strong no matter what, I mean you are a cops daughter." He said lifting my chin up. I laughed and

hugged him back wishing I was as strong as him
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