I love you more than you think<3

A girl is about end her life.. But then a beautiful 18 year old boy saves her<3


1. Chapter 1

Hai! It's Akila (:. Hope you like this! Ily bby��. Follow my instagram @takemehomekevin plz..:)



**Akila's POV**

I love you more than you think (a one direction fanfic)

I couldn't take it anymore.

I hated my life so much.

But then an 18 year old boy changed everything.

I was never "normal". I was one of those weird nerdy girls that no one liked. When I was in

preschool there was a thing called circle up. When I sat down in the circle, the people next to me

would immediately scooch away. And that was only preschool. In elementary school things got

worse. I literally had to stand on the bus everyday because no one wanted to sit next to me. I cried

literally everyday. At lunch when I sat down at a table, they would either scooch away or even

move to a different table. I literally ate lunch everyday with tears blurring my already damaged

sight. It hurt. I would have no one to play with at recess. I would sit on the swings all alone wishing

I was that girl having so much fun playing tag or whatever game they were playing. Wishing I had

friends. Wishing I was perfect and popular. But I knew that would never happen.
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