A Deadly Destiny

When I was five, I fired my first gun. When I was seven I couldn't miss a target. When I turned twelve I killed my first mark, ever since then I have been a secret, nobody even knows who I am. Now I'm seventeen and I don't mind the kill anymore they are just faces without names. Now I have been given a new target, problem is that he is like me, a trained killer. Will I be able to do what I've been trained to?


2. The First Bullet


"Now you have got the idea," my trainer said as he watched me assemble a rifle. "We are going to make you the most talented kid in the world." I beamed at him, I was five; everything seemed perfect.

"Thank you sir, I've been practicing."

"We'll what do you say that we go down to the shooting range and see if you can fire it as well as put it together?" My trainer, Christopher, asked me. I gasped, I'd never been allowed to before although I had wanted to. He smiled and led the way to his SUV.

I loved his car. It was so big and filled with hidden compartments and weapons, and not to mention black. I love dark colors, they blend with the night so well.

When we got to the range I was holding in my excitement, there was no way I was going to ruin this by showing too much emotion. That was one of my lessons, how to keep your face calm and expressionless. I pulled in the squealing girl, and tried to let my 'sinister' (as Christopher says) out. We finally arrived and he smiled at my stony face and glimmering eyes, he knew how happy I was.

We were at the MI6 training facility, we walked for a bit to get to the firing range. The man at the desk glanced at the pair of us then did a double take and stared at me. I almost pulled out my badge but Christopher said, " I'm babysitting my niece so I thought she could maybe learn something while she is here instead of coloring in my office." He showed him his badge and the man behind the desk didn't argue, Christopher had too high of clearance for him to question his actions.

Christopher lead the way to a private booth and handed me my rifle. I took it, gently caressing the barrel. I stood with the end of the gun pointing down, it was bigger than me. Christopher chuckled slightly and showed me how to stand and aim. I took my stance, aimed the gun at the human shaped target, I had my finger on the trigger and I heard Christopher say, "Your gun is a part of you, it will become instinctual and you will always know what to do. Take a deep breath, and fire." I took the deep breath, held a second and fired.


I took a deep breath, and then I let the bullet go, right into the target's head. Blood flew, I almost relished the color.

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