A Deadly Destiny

When I was five, I fired my first gun. When I was seven I couldn't miss a target. When I turned twelve I killed my first mark, ever since then I have been a secret, nobody even knows who I am. Now I'm seventeen and I don't mind the kill anymore they are just faces without names. Now I have been given a new target, problem is that he is like me, a trained killer. Will I be able to do what I've been trained to?


1. How I became, well, me...

My mother died in childbirth, I was never given a name. My birth certificate says Baby Girl in the name slot.

I was given back to my government because my mother was a captured MI6 agent. I now live in England. I speak thirty two languages, can shoot an apple from three hundred yards. I only wear shoes when absolutely necessary, and even then I move quieter than the wind.

I have lived my life to train, I was excited for my first mission. My target: a mob boss; the amount of blood had made me nauseous at the time, but now it is a part of my every day life. I have never participated in that ridiculous practice of teens where they cut them selves because they are "emotional". Not that I criticize them but that seriously does not look healthy, I had a friend in MI6 who's daughter had bled to death because she couldn't stop the bleeding and she had just wanted to make sure she could still feel something, how childish.

I know more than any other seventeen year old, my existence is top secret. When my government wants somebody taken out of the picture, they call me.

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