Newport Beach

~*~COMPLETED~*~ "Live life like you deserve it. You can't ever take it for granted." Coral Davies remarks after an encounter with a shark. But here's the twist: One Direction. Spending summer with One Direction at her grandma's house may seem like a dream, but that doesn't stop the drama. Coral and Louis' are growing together, but can they make it past Coral's incident and the drama?


1. The Twitter Valentine (1Shot41D)

Coral's POV

I log onto Twitter. I decide to DM my best friend, Louise, as she is in London visiting her brother.

@Coralreef_1D- Hey, Louise!

@Louis_Tomlinson- I believe it's spelled Louis, love.

I freeze. Does that say... Louis Tomlinson? I quickly type back.

@Coralreef_1D- Oh, sorry! I have a friend, Louise, and her account is Louise-Tompson! I'm following you, I must've got the two mixed up... Sorry!

@Louis_Tomlinson- Hey! It's fine! While I'm here what do you say about getting to know each other? I see you're a directioner?

After about an hour, I think Louis knows me quite well. I still can't believe I DM'ed him!

@Louis_Tomlinson-  I'm in California on tour. Live near there?

@Coralreef_1D- Ha ha, I live in Cali!

@Louis_Tomlinson- Where?

@Coralreef_1D- Newport

@Louis_Tomlinson- Aye, we pass through there! We're staying somewhere in Newport before we head to Nevada.

@Coralreef_1D- DM me tomorrow, we'll make plans!

@Louis_Tomlinson- Bye, love

I lay against my pillow. I scream. Louis Tomlinson and I are making plans!

The next day, Louis DM's me saying he's in Newport. We agree on meeting at the beach, at lifeguard tower 15. I put on Pandora, on the One Direction station. I rummage in my closet, and I pull out my teal bikini, that has orange polka dots on it. I throw on a pair of denim short-shorts, and a flowy white tank top. I grin as I put my blonde hair in a side braid. My blue green eyes seem to shine more vibrant today. My silver Haivianas sit in the corner, before I shove them on my feet. I grab my beach bag, as I put a towel and food inside. I grab my boogie board, Ray Baun sunglasses, phone and money, and I skip-walk to my white Bug. Hey, those are cool! After I park, I head to lifeguard tower 15. I see a group of boys throwing mud at each other. Is that... them? One with brown hair... oh that's Louis coming toward me.

"Hi! Are you Coral?" He asks.

"Coralreef_1D?" I smirk.

"GUYS! THIS IS CORAL!" Louis screams to the other boys. We have a great time hunting for sea shells, boogie boarding, and the boys even taught me how to surf! Life was all fun and games until... SPLASH! I scream. I can't feel my leg. It stings. I shout in fear as a leathery feel brushes against my foot. I struggle in the water. It's no longer green. It's red. "CORAL! It's okay..." I look over. Louis is rushing me out of the water. Out of the four hours I met the boys, they are already crying. Why? I moan as Louis comes out of the water. The wind brushes against my... My leg? It's.... gone. My kneecap and down is missing from my right leg. I feel faint. Louis grabs my hand.

"NO! Coral! Stay with us!" The world goes black. You know what's scary? I don't feel Louis's hand.

                                                                      * * *

BEEEP! BEEEP! I feel my eyes open. White room. Doctors. Friends and family surrounding my bed.

"She's awake!" My mom shouts with joy. Everyone's faces are stained with tears. "It's all our fault." I hear someone say. "What?" I ask. "Who was that?" "C'mon everyone, let's let them have time..." My dad ushers everyone out. Leaving me with those five boys. Harry and Niall break down. Zayn and Liam comfort them. I look at Louis.

"It's not your fault. These things are unexpected." I say. Tears form in his eyes.

"I-I..." He starts to cry. "Shh, Lou. It's really okay guys." "B-but your l-leg!" Harry stutters through tears. "I'll be fine!" "N-no!" Niall cries. "How long have I been out?" I ask. "A couple hours.... Surgery stuff." Zayn says calmly. Liam begins to whimper. "Uh... guys, let's, er.... go." Zayn says, tears forming in his eyes, as he pushes the boys out, leaving me with Louis.

"It's Valentine's day." Louis says. I'm a little shocked. We hung out on February 13... It's the 14th now? Wow... time flies.

"I know." I smile, pulling at the light blue hospital dress.  "And I want you to be mine." And with that, Louis crashes his lips into mine. His lips are soft and plush. He pulls away, smiling hugely.

That's how I became Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. Valentine's Day, 2013. In the hospital. He helps me walk with my one leg. He's always there when I need him.

He's my Twitter valentine. And I love him.

Hey directioner buddies! I don't expect to win, but I hope you like it! Thanks!

~R <3

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