Newport Beach

~*~COMPLETED~*~ "Live life like you deserve it. You can't ever take it for granted." Coral Davies remarks after an encounter with a shark. But here's the twist: One Direction. Spending summer with One Direction at her grandma's house may seem like a dream, but that doesn't stop the drama. Coral and Louis' are growing together, but can they make it past Coral's incident and the drama?


4. Summer News

Coral's POV

"LOUISEEE! NOOOO!" I scream into Louise's pillow. Louise is my best friend, and I was looking forward to spending summer vacation with her. But, no. Her brother invites her to LONDON and I will be here. In Anaheim, California. On break. Without Louise. WHAT KIND OF VACATION IS THAT?!

"Coral, I haven't seen Christian since he went to the uni! I WANT to see him. Stop making this so dramatic," Louise says, rummaging through her closet for clothes to pack. "Well, my best friend is going to London for two months, it's summer vacation, and I have no one to hang out with. Tell me how you feel." I pull out my phone, checking my Twitter.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Whoop whoop! Just came from Washington to... California! Next up, LA, San Francisco, and Sacramento! Hop to see you there! #excited #1DCali

"You know what would make me happy?" I sit up. "No?" Louise shoves vans into her suitcase. "To go to the One Direction concert in San Francisco. We don't live far." "Too bad their sold out." Louise points out. "Maybe I'll get lucky, and see them somewhere." I say. "Good luck with that, Mistress Dreams-a-lot." Louise jokes. "Whatever. I got to go, see you after break." "You aren't coming to the airport tomorrow?" Louise asks, confused. "Oh, Louise! Poor, helpless Louise! We're talking about Coral Davies here! Do you really think I would wake up at four to go to the airport for thirty minutes? I would if I could, but my eyes have a strange thing. If I don't wake up at eight, my eyes won't open." "Right. Well, see ya!" We hug one last time. Maybe, just maybe, I might see them.

                                                                             * * *

I woke up exactly at eight. Just like every morning. I stop my alarm, and I stretch, squeezing my eyes tight. I hop downstairs. Dad is cooking breakfast.

"Coral? I thought you'd be at the airport?" He asked, handing me a plate of chocolate chip pancakes. "Nah. I would be cranky all day, AND it's like a four hour drive." I explain, digging into my wonderful pancakes. "Ah. You must have lazy-itis." Dad jokes. "DA-AD!" I groan. Cheesy. That's one of the oldest jokes in the book! My little sister, Ryder, comes hopping in, her curly blonde hair flying behind her. She's thirteen, I'm seventeen. We're really close, so we know every possible secret about each other.

"Morning, Dad!" Ryder grabs a plate of three pancakes, two scoops of yogurt, an orange, and many, MANY strawberries. "Hm, Ryder? You going through a growth spurt?" I cheekily grin. "No. I didn't eat all day yesterday because I was too busy with One Direction stuff." She states, digging into her yogurt. She's a little bit more.... dedicated than most directioners... "Hey, Dad? Can I take Ryder out? Like, sister on sister thing?" I ask. "Sure. Bring me a frozen yogurt if you can. The usual." Dad walks upstairs, probably to wake up Mom. Mom never ever has been awake on time for breakfast. She's a heavy sleeper, that's for sure. "Okay, Ryd. Hurry up." I clear my spot and head to the bathroom. I step into the water, letting it flow over me. It's very relaxing, you know? I rinse my body with citrus body wash, and my hair with coconut vanilla shampoo and conditioner. I hop out, wrapping myself in a pink, fluffy towel. I run to my room, which is across from the bathroom. Hm... outfit for the day... I decide on a sheer, mint green button down shirt, white short-shorts, and my patterned black and white Toms. I quickly put it on, brushing my blonde hair into a ponytail.

Ryder comes barging in. "Ryd! What the-" "No time. Guess what?!" "Ugh, whaaaat?!" I begin to put mascara on. "Gram invited us to stay in Newport!" My family and I live in Anaheim, so Newport will definitely be amazing! "How long?" I ask, applying lip gloss. "THE WHOLE SUMMER VACATION!" Ryder jumps around the room, her aqua summer dress flowing around. "Nice!" I say. I love Gram and Grandpa, but they can be... protective.

"AND, ONE DIRECTION WILL BE, LIKE, NEAR US!" Ryder's curls fly around. "Right, Ryder. Right." I confirm, though knowing it's impossible. "I CAN'T HANDLE IT!" Ryder screeches. "Ryder Kay Davies! Shut your mouth, we are busy!" Mom yells from the top of the stairs. "Sorry!" Ryder blushes. "Are Mom and Dad okay with it?" I ask, facing Ryder with intent eyes. "Who knows? I'm going, I am NOT staying here while Anaheim gets crowded because of Disney. Plus, Mom and Dad will be working over due to that." Ryder sits on the edge of my bed. You see, my mom and dad work for Disney. In fact, my grandpa knew Walt Disney. Walt was looking for new workers, so my dad was forced to become an employee. My mom began working, and that's how my parents met. I nod,"C'mon, let's go." I hop up, grabbing my leather bag and iPhone. My case is from a worker at Disneyland, whom I see a lot. Her name is Ireland. Irene for short. She knows my love of Louis Tomlinson and carrots, so my case is a picture of Lou kissing a carrot. This is why I love Irene. She is amazing, doing anything possible to make her friends happy. I smile as Ryder and I head to the mall.

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