Newport Beach

~*~COMPLETED~*~ "Live life like you deserve it. You can't ever take it for granted." Coral Davies remarks after an encounter with a shark. But here's the twist: One Direction. Spending summer with One Direction at her grandma's house may seem like a dream, but that doesn't stop the drama. Coral and Louis' are growing together, but can they make it past Coral's incident and the drama?


15. Pier Date for Two

Coral's POV

"I look horrible." I dramatically said. Louis told me he would pick me up and we would go to the pier. It took Ryder and I two hours to pick out my outfit. The pier is usually chilly, so we decided on my ripped jeans, tan uggs, and a turquoise sweater. We completed it with a star necklace. Averi did my hair in a bow bun (which surprisingly stayed) did light make up.

Officially. Ready.

I grabbed my leather bag and walked out to Louis' car when he arrived. I smiled as I slid into the passenger's seat. "Hiya, Lou!" I shut the car door. "Heyo, Coral!" I chuckled. Louis drove out of the neighborhood. I was deep in thought. What if I screw this up? This is Louis freaking Tomlinson taking me on a date. Ah, Coral, don't over-think this! You'll be fine! Not.

Louis invaded my mini argument when he jerked to a sudden stop. Well that was a fast ride. I looked over at him. His piercing blue eyes looked out at the harbor. I quickly looked away when Louis looked back at me. "Common, let's go." He grabbed my hand as we walked to the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The sun was barely setting, casting a light glow onto Louis' perfect face.

"It isn't much, I know." Louis half-smiled. "Nah, I really like it." The waves of the ocean lapped against the shore. "I brought us a little snack." Louis pulled out a big bag of pretzels. I chuckled. "Sometimes, you make no sense." I playfully punched his arm. He smirked before taking a handful of pretzels. I copied. "You know, I don't get how you survive the pain of a tattoo. I've always wanted one, but I'm so afraid of the pain." I shook my head. "We should get one together. I'll help you through the pain." Louis smiled. I laughed at his innocence. "I've always wanted an infinity sign." I lied down on the dock, facing the sky. Louis repeated my actions.

"Why's that?" He asked, his eyes on the pink and orange of the world above him. "I don't know. I guess it just means so much. Like everything has an end, but it's still there." I felt myself blush as Louis hand snatched mine. "That's true." He murmured under his breath. I looked at him. His beige sweater and burgundy capris. His perfect quiff. 

"Be mine?" I suddenly asked. I mentally slapped myself. "Yes."

Yes. Yes. YES.



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