Newport Beach

~*~COMPLETED~*~ "Live life like you deserve it. You can't ever take it for granted." Coral Davies remarks after an encounter with a shark. But here's the twist: One Direction. Spending summer with One Direction at her grandma's house may seem like a dream, but that doesn't stop the drama. Coral and Louis' are growing together, but can they make it past Coral's incident and the drama?


11. Out of the Hospital

Some of you may have read the entry 'The Twitter Valentine'. You might recall when Louis stays in the room with Coral and asks her to be his. Well, I'm changing everything up. Valentine's Day has nothing to do with this. Also, the blurb has been changed because I don't want Coral's leg completely...gone. So... thought I'd let you know! Keep reading y'alls!

Coral's POV

"Oh, please tell me I can go!" I beg. I've been in the hospital for what's seemed like ages. The doctor smiles. "I'm pleased to announce you can leave. But please remember your leg is still quite fragile after the surgery. Remember to be careful." The doctor instructs. I nod, eager to get out. He has Grandma fill out some paper work, as Mom and Dad went back to work two days ago. I look over at a solemn Louis. His eyes are red and puffy, he looks tired and weak, as the others. But Louis seems more hurt. The doctor and Grandma leave, and Grandpa walks over to my bedside. "I'll be taking Ryder home. I'll see you around lunch." Grandpa kisses my forehead, then takes Ryder home. "Bye Ryder!" Everyone waves her off. "Bye!" Ryd replies. Liam's phone buzzes. "Uh, lads? We have some news..." Liam looks at the text. Louis doesn't move from his spot on the chair, but Niall and Harry rush over to Liam. Zayn sits by Louis. Liam clears his throat.

"From: Pauly

Boys, I am pleased to let you know that you will be staying in California's Newport for the summer. Tour has been cancelled due to the extravaganza you've been through. Don't you worry, the fans are very supportive of Coral, but we all know the haters. Please text me back so we can arrange a stay. oo."

Niall and Harry are jumping around. I couldn't help but feel a bit giddy myself. I look at Zayn, who's face has lit up as much as Liam's. But then I look at Louis. His smile is contagious. "What does 'oo' mean?" I ask. Louis giggles,"Paul doesn't say 'xx' as in kiss kiss. He says 'oo' as in hug hug." "Well. Welcome to Newport." I chuckle.


I couldn't help but feel awkward with a huge scar in my leg. I hopped into the shower, feeling refreshed as ever. I lather my skin and hair with citrus, and I get out making sure my leg is okay. I walk over to the closet, snatching olive shorts and my flowing Salad Fingers shirt. I spritz perfume all over my outfit, and I complete it with a gold heart necklace. I lay down on my bed, logging onto my twitter. My notifications are blown up. "Holy chocolate!" I exclaim. For the fun of it, I take a picture of my huge scar to see what happens.

@Coralreef_1D - My scar from surgery. Beware of sharks, please guys! #Coral'sWordsOfWisdom

I link the picture to it, and I tweet it. That sent everyone off. Girls were retweeting it, setting off my trend... It was quite funny actually. I looked at some of the tweets.

@I.Love.You - I will! Feel better love! #Coral'sWordsOfWisdom

@Mini_Malik -  Deffo! :( Feel better! #Coral'sWordsOfWisdom

You know how in EVERY fan fiction out there, there's always the one tweet that catches their eye? Yeah. Happened to me.

@Ship_1D_ - I think you and Louis should get together. Feel better! #Coral'sWordsOfWisdom #Loral

Not a bad idea. Haha. I grinned as I shut off my laptop, and I pulled out my phone. I began to play a couple rounds of Angry Birds when I got a text from Louis. I groaned at his contact name.

From: Sexy Louis

Can we meet up? The boys and I? You can bring along Ryder. xx

I typed back quickly saying sure. Just then, I got a text from my friend Averi who loves next door to me at home. I guess you could say my 'group' consists of me, Louise, and Averi. But Louise is in London... Just. Never mind.

From: My Averi Bug

CORAL. You darn girl getting almost eaten by a shark! I'm in Newport now. Wanna meet up?

Aw, poop. I text Louis.

To: Sexy Louis

Can I bring along a friend? Ryder's not coming.

From: Sexy Louis


THEN, I text Averi back.

To: My Averi Bug

Mind hanging out with me and some friends?

Averi texts back a yes. Bam. Done. I'm not texting anyone else. Haha. Lies. I quickly put my hair in a messy bun, and I shove my feet into my white vans. I grab my purse and my phone, and I skip downstairs. Grandpa greets me with a smile. "You have a couple friends in the front room. They were the ones at the hospital." He ushers me to the room. Grandma is offering them candy. "No ma'am, we're fine." Niall excuses the five. I quietly walk in, but Louis notices me. "Coral! Okay, let's go!" He stands up and runs out the door. "Eager child?" Grandma asks. I nod. "Very. Zayn, get Louis and tell him we have to wait for my friend Averi." Zayn nods and skips after Louis. Louis sulks in. I giggle sitting next to him. "Aw, LouBear we'll go in a minute." I say. He pouts before nodding slowly.

I see a shadow walk up to the door. "AVE!" I squeal, hugging her tight. "OMG girl. Are you okay?" She inspects my leg. "Yeah, how are you?" Averi pulls me away from the others. "What the crap are One Direction doing here?" She asks. "Oh, my friends." "Do I look okay?" Averi straightens her denim shirt and peach capris. "Yes. C'mon." I pull her inside. "Oh, I love the Salad Fingers by the way." Averi smirks. I roll my eyes before introducing her to the boys.

"LEGGO!" Harry yells, and we head off to the nearest shopping center.

Okay. Next contest is Ryder's best friend. I already have two entries..... :) also, check out Salad Fingers. FO ME?! Puh-lease! You will not regret it! *cough* possibly *cough* And congrats to Averi (Togetherwithyou) for becoming the soon-to-be Styles girl! ;)


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